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Curly Nikki

Henna Giveaway!!!!

By January 27th, 202170 Comments

Henna Giveaway!!!!
Tamika, a very gracious CurlyNikki reader, is donating 400g of Punjabi Prime henna to us! Although I considered keeping it for myself, I thought it would be much more noble, and less selfish of me to put it up for grabs, lol!

All you have to do is tell me whether you self-style and take care of all your hair needs (trims, coloring, straightening, etc), or if you see a stylist, and why?

Leave your comment below (be sure to post your name as well) before 7pm on March 8,2009. The two winners will be chosen randomly from a hat by muah πŸ˜€ Each curly winner will receive 200g- enough for one treatment (for most).

Later Gators,



  • Anonymous says:

    I'm a self-styler too. I have relaxed hair but for some reason my hair texture is changing and has developed more of a curl pattern when wet (my hair didn't do this before)but I see this as an added benefit to being able to get the curly/wavy look I've always wanted but could never get. I style my own hair mostly because stylists usually cut too much of hair or never cut it even. I've always been skilled at doing my own hair and take the time to care for it. I'm looking forward to doing the henna thing to get the healthy hair qualities from it and the "big hair". I'm been using temporary cellophane colors for additional shine and protection but they just don't last long enough & would like to use something more natural and healthier for my hair.

  • Coolata says:

    I am a self-styler. My last time I entered a salon was when I received a relaxer that was in 2/08. After receiving scalp burners along my hairline, I made the decision to go natural. My decision was heavily researched because my hair is thin and fragile. Thanks to you and others I BC myself on 1/2/09. My hair is healthier. I have been trying different products for fingerstyling my short curls. Henna is one product that I have not tried but keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway.

  • Anonymous says:

    I became a self-styler because I found that many stylists didn’t support my hair goals and were really concerned with simply styling my hair and not much more. I attempted seeing professionals more frequently early on, only to find it as a set-back for health and length retention. I have all the respect due and do not discredit professional stylists’ education and training simply because I have taken the time to educate myself about hair, however stylist or not, my hair is on my own head 365 days a year when I wake-up and go to bed at night. In it’s natural state it grows on it’s own, and what I do internally and externally regulates this. Therefore, I find it a little silly to NEED a stylist to maintain something that I should know better than anyone.
    Also, protective styles are how I have achieved bra-strap length hair-I might as well do those at home since my hair thrives off of regular moisturizing. Going to a stylist puts my focus on maintaining the style more than my regimen. So I go only on special occasions, and may allow a reasonable trim; I do all the rest in between.

    Ottrina B.
    Miami, Fl

  • MahaibaLuv says:

    Hey Nikki,

    Being a student (and we’re in a recession) it only makes sense for me to self style! Because of the wear and tear of winter winds, I wear twists and some sort of hat alot of the time. But sometimes it’s fun to just let it all hang out! When my ends look scraggly, I’ll twist my hair and snip the ends with a pair of shearing scissors πŸ™‚ Who needs a stylist when we have CurlyNikki??


  • Anonymous says:

    99.1% of the time I do my own hair because I find that letting a stylist do my hair is a waste of time. My hair is so soft that a style only lasts for 1 day. So why pay all of that money when I can do my own. I usually do everything except cut/color, but I am tinking about not getting anymore color in my hair and start using henna. I want my hair to become thicker and BLACKER! I think BLACK is SEXY!

    Chanel S.
    North Carolina

  • Unknown says:

    I am and have always been a self styler since I was little girl around the age of 12. Before that my older cousin would sometimes do my hair. Or I would go to my Uncle’s beauty salon to get a press and curl.

    I have done it all from braids (my fav) to color, trim and/or cut, flat iron (terrified of hot combs), relaxed (currently transitioning), weave (no glue), false pony tails. You name it I’ve pretty much done it.

    I prefer to do my own hair instead of going to a stylist for two reasons. The first being that I feel no one will take better care of my hair than me. The stylist has no attachment to my hair only the money in my pocket. It will only be the stylist that have a love and passion for hair that will care for another person’s hair as if it were their own and that’s hard to come by. My second reason is that I have a very sensitive scalp so a lot of tugging and pulling hurts especially in certain spots.

  • Anonymous says:


    I do my hair myself. I had a hairstylist but I went natural partly becuase I was getting too lazy to go to the salon so often. One salon visit often too up my whole day and when I was relaxed I never even considered getting relaxed myself with a box I bought a Wal mart. It didn’t even occur to me. And don’t even get me started on how long sew in weave costs.

    So going natural was actually a result of my not wanting to spend time at a hairstylist not becuase I wanted to go natural. I just sort of realized after awhile that not going to my hairstylist would mean I wouldn’t get anymore touchup and voila! I went natural. And then I realized I didn’t need a hairstylist and that too many black women are ignorant about their hair and depend too heavily on a hairstylist to make it healthy and they aren’t always doing things in your best interests becuase they aren’t even educated. Now that I am fully natural I might one day go back to a hairstylist but I am a little scared by comments of other naturals. The consensus seems to be that black hair salons don’t know how to do natural hair and will want to straighten it and if they do know what to do they charge a ridiculous amount of $$. No thanks.

  • KiNkYnEsT says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I have decided to no longer go to a stylist. I currently self style my hair because of the heat damage my hair has suffered. I did not know what I know now when I got my hair flat ironed on two occasions. I trim my own ends because stylists tend to take too much off.

  • Maria says:

    I’m enjoying all of these responses!

    I love my hair! I transitioned in 2007 and BC’d after 10 months and it was the best thing I ever did. I love everything hair – from buying products online, trying new styles, henna every 2 months, rollersetting, cutting my own hair, making my own concoctions, Indian powders, curly styles… I’m pretty much a mini salon. I do my hair in so many styles now that people do a double-take because they don’t recognize me right away LOL My obsession with hair has benefited my family since I do everyone’s hair for free. I’m so in love with my hair that I’m answering your question and I don’t even want the henna. I just want to have a free forum to tell everyone how awesome my hair is! LOL

  • Unknown says:

    In the past (2008) I’ve self-styled and visited a stylist. I self-styled because most of the hairstyles, that the stylist would do to my hair, I liked better when I actually did it myself. I also did my own hair because I could style anytime within the day. On the other hand, I went to a stylist when I needed a good end-clipping, wanted cornrows (I couldn’t cornrow my own hair), or simply didn’t feel like dealing with my hair.

    This year my resolution is to do my own hair…end-clipping, cornrows and all. It’s cheaper and I don’t have to worry about someone clipping off too much. Whatever happens to my hair is my own fault OR my own prosperity. There is know one else to blame OR pat on the back but myself.

  • MoZaic says:

    Hello this is MoZaic!! For the most part I self style unless I just feel like being pampered then I’ll go to the salon. The only thing I dont do at home is trim my hair I dont trust myself. If I cut my hair I’ll look like I had a fight with a alley cat LOL!! and that would not be cute honey!!

  • Jennae says:

    I haven’t been to a stylist in years (which also means I haven’t had a trim in years). It was just too hard for me to find a stylist I would trust with my hair. I am starting to transition, and I am doing a lot of research so I can learn how to better take care of my hair. Winning this would definitely be a step in the right direction πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki! Ashleigh here.. I have always styled my hair myself aside from special occasions (prom) and one or two trips to get my ends clipped..

    I initially started doing the maintenance myself because my mother had my hair relaxed when I was about 12 and then I was to take care of it myself. After all that time I got really good at it and began doing hair in my dorm and for other random friends. I did the big chop in October of 08 just because I was curious about my natural texture so I am starting from ground zero.

  • hairepy says:



  • Kourtney says:

    I self-style or at least I’m trying to. πŸ˜‰ Usually I go to the salon to get my hair trimmed, but I really want to do it for myself. I’ve never been the greatest with hair, but I’m trying to take care of me in every way, and my hair fits into that category.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do both, self style and go to the salon….Every 3 months I visit a salon. It’s so much more fun styling my hair myself, but it is really great when I get a new look from my Napptural Stylist!

    Thanks Nik,

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG! I would soooo love to get some henna.

    So I self style 99% of the time because I don’t really trust anyone but my mom and a hairdresser in ATL (I live in Hawaii now) with my hair. Also, I’m on a tight student budget so I can’t really afford frequent visits to a stylist.

    I do my own trims, twists/twist-outs, deep conditioners, protein treatments, etc. If I need a cut I go to my mom (she’s a cosmetologist). I’m currently transitioning back to natural and I love playing with my new growth. I can’t wait to cut the rest of these weak, texturized ends.

    All you have to do is tell me whether you self-style and take care of all your hair needs (trims, coloring, straightening, etc), or if you see a stylist, and why?

    Leave your comment below (be sure to post your name as well) before 7pm on March 8,2009. The two winners will be chosen randomly from a hat by muah πŸ˜€ Each curly winner will receive 200g- enough for one treatment (for most).

  • Stephanie says:

    I self style. Since I still have a TWA, it’s pretty wash-and-go ready. I only go to the stylist if I need a trim; I don’t trust myself with scissors!


  • Cherry says:

    I have been natural for over 10 years and than a few months ago after a BAD break up started to kill my hair (flat iron, blow dry, relaxer). Now that I’m going back to natural I am back at the salon for cuts (every couple of months) well trims. I’ve never cut my hair myself since I know I would cut till it was all gone.


    Thanks Nikki for the blog I finally realized what I was doing wrong with my hair (it never ‘fell’). I didn’t have enought moisture and was using the wrong products. If only I had found you before the hairphy (hair castrophy!).

  • Moi says:

    I self-style because a lot of times when I was growing up my mom and grandma would always tell me to NEVER let anyone at a beauty shop or any of my cousins do my hair. This was because my grandmother went through a bad experience with her hair because I guess the hair stylist hated her because her dad was native american and they *tried* to do it to my mom because “she’s a yella child”. It’s a shame, I know…

    Also, my mother was a cosmetologist so she’s great with doing my hair/taking care of skin when I need trimming or straightening. So, I really have no need to go to the beauty shop anyway, when I can get it done for free by a proffesional ;P

  • Anonymous says:

    ooohhh free HENNA??? YAY!!!lol

    When it comes to trimming, I let my hair dresser do it…I’m DEATHLY afraid of cutting my own hair, even though I love it more than any one else… Mainly because I’m still trying to learn how to identify split ends. Also I trust my hair dresser more than any other one else I’ve had in the past, because she patiently shows me what needs to be cut, and NEVER cuts more, so I never leave the salon surprised!

    As far as straightening, I do my own hair, UNLESS its time for a trim, then I leave the flat ironing and cutting to my hair dresser. However I do not let her wash or blow dry because I am afraid of the salon’s products, plus I like to put it a heat protector.

  • Abigail Sparrow says:

    My name is Taylor and I self style because 1) i dont trust other people to do my hair and 2) im on a budget and rather spend my money on food πŸ˜‰

  • LW says:

    self stying!

    I transitioned under a lace front. When I was finally comfortable with a little length I went to a local salon to get it pressed for the first time.

    The stylist and salon owner were less than happy they could not talk me into another relaxer.

    There arent many black salons in this part of the state so after I sat and waited, and waited at the shampoo bowl I left and decided I needed to learn to care for my new natural.


  • Tamandra says:

    I “self-style” because I am in college and BROKE! Also, I don’t have time to visit the salon frequently or to sit in a chair for hours on end.

  • Anonymous says:

    i self style mainly because stylists don’t have to wake up looking at my hair….its my hair not theirs….i would just DIE if something were to happen to my hair…its been such a journey and i couldn’t consider myself a helping hand to anyone thinking of going natural if i couldn’t handle it myself! the bible says a womans hair is her crowning glory so by taking the best care of it myself i am doing the best i can for my mind body and spirit….btw i henna’d yesterday and its SOOOOO SOFT and i did it ALL BY MYSELF!…………..MUAH! NEESE

  • joy.242 says:

    Hi Nikki. I’m definitely self-styled since I went natural (approx 3 yrs). Why? I guess it’s a trust issue. Even prior to taking care of my own hair, I felt like it wasn’t really in a stylist’s best interests to keep a client’s hair too healthy. I don’t know about anyone else; but I usually didn’t think about booking that appointment until my hair started looking and behaving badly (breaking, not holding a style, etc…).

    So, I figured if I was ever going to have my “dream hair” –which looks an awful lot like yours by the way–I would be the best person to get it there. I have a lot to learn about my particular hair but I’ve never been happier.


  • Maguette says:

    I take care of my hair myself because its the best way. No one to influence me to relaxe it or texturize it because its easier to handle. No one telling me I need to clip not one inch but two off my ends. While relaxed, I would go to the salon every 2 wks, faithfully. I would have to stretch out the hair styles, then be stuck with a ponytail until the next appointment. Since my BC in december, I’ve been taking care of it myself, trimming, hennaing, styling…everything, whenever I feel like it. If I feel like co-washing at 10pm, I can. I just took a break from braiding my hair to comment on your post. I love the fact that with each new style, I learn something about my hair. I’m playing with different products and styles and its all up to my discretion. Its a very liberating feeling. I can’t wait until I have the perfect routine down, until then, I’m enjoying this process.

  • Anonymous says:

    I self-style because I know that I’m the only person who really cares about my hair. I admit there are stylists out there who actually care about their clients hair, but they are hard to find and are still driven by money whereas I am not. I do everything for my hair, and I give it the loving it needs. I haven’t been to a stylist in almost three years, and I don’t plan on going back, especially when the best stylist for my hair is me.

  • c. janae says:

    I self-style. It is easy now because I only did the BC two months ago, but I know as it grows, self-styling will become more difficult. I self-style because it is cheaper and there is a greater sense of pride when people say “Who did your hair?” and you can say “Me!” I will be going to college soon and I know that going to a stylist will be a luxury. So I will learn to style it my self as it gets longer. On top of that, I haven’t found a natural hair salon anywhere near where I live.

  • Anonymous says:

    I forgot to add my name!


  • Anonymous says:

    All you have to do is tell me whether you self-style and take care of all your hair needs (trims, coloring, straightening, etc), or if you see a stylist, and why?

    I am self-styled and I have been for many years. I started relaxing 3x/year aprox. 5 years ago and that was the only time I went to a stylist. My father did not believe it made sense to pay someone for something I could do myself so he gave me money and I invested in products and styling tools (hair dryer, flat iron, blow dryer) and I became a pro at styling my own hair (which I may add is extremely THICK). I have no issue with hair stylists, I just just know I can give myself the same services for free.

    I have since then decided to transition and my last relaxer was March 17th, 2007. My transition has be fairly easy because I am so used to caring for my own hair and this month will make two years sine my last relaxer (I plan on transitioning for at least 2 more years until all the relaxed ends are gone). I keep it pretty simple and I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (I have been using this since I started my transition) to co wash one a week, I deep condition weekly by mixing my own concoctions and I trim once a year. I usually go months without using heat and I instead opt for braid outs, twist outs or I air dry in buns. Since winter has started I have straightened my hair about 4 times. My hair is waist length and this simple regimen has helped me retain my length. I would really love to try henna to thicken up my edges and strengthen my new growth.

    I love your blog!!!

  • Cholena Dyani says:

    I wash, deep condition, style, research healthy products and methods, etc. The only thing I do not do is trims. My sister does that for me. I started doing my hair myself because I couldn’t afford to have it done. The few times that I went to a salon to “pamper” myself, I was not pleased with the service. I felt like I treated my hair better than those whom I trusted it into the hands of. As a result, doing my hair has become a hobby, which I really enjoy. I set hair goals and take joy in reaching them on my own. My hair continues to flourish in my hands! After being natural for almost 3 years and taking care of my hair myself, I went to get a relaxer. The beautician was amazed at how thick, healthy and long my hair was, especially because I shared with her that I did it all myself. From relaxed to natural to now transitioning again, I trust no one with my hair!


  • Anonymous says:

    I self-style mostly because I get a certain fulfillment out of being able to take care of my hair without leaving it to the care of someone who could be less than prepared. It also gives me better control over what happens to my hair and how much it grows. There is never anything really left up to the Gods, if I’m the one doing the cutting, styling, etc! It protects not only my hair but my sanity!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey girl! Cool opportunity.

    Well, I do ALMOST everything on my own. I went from having other people do everything for me (style, cut, color etc.) to relying on myself. I thought it was important to do so since I had to learn how to deal and care for a hair texture (and length) I was not used to for such a long time.

    I would never learn to appreciate this God-given hair of mine if someone else’s hands were always in it. I knew God had equipped me to take care of the hair He chose for me so…why work against it, right?

    The only things I have never done was cut my own hair (I had bad experiences with this in the past lol…u don’t wanna know) and I have actually never HENNAed my hair before. I’ve been researching like a MAD WOMAN about it and I’m finally ready for the plunge…the plunge into the mucky, mud-like waters of the henna-rinse lol.

    Anywho, I pray your hand chooses ME from the hat hehehe!

    – SunRae84

  • Cholena Dyani says:

    I wash, deep condition, style, research healthy products and methods, etc. The only thing I do not do is trims. My sister does that for me. I started doing my hair myself because I couldn’t afford to have it done. The few times that I went to a salon to “pamper” myself, I was not pleased with the service. I felt like I treated my hair better than those whom I trusted it into the hands of. As a result, doing my hair has become a hobby, which I really enjoy. I set hair goals and take joy in reaching them on my own. My hair continues to flourish in my hands! After being natural for almost 3 years and taking care of my hair myself, I went to get a relaxer. The beautician was amazed at how thick, healthy and long my hair was, especially because I shared with her that I did it all myself. From relaxed to natural to now transitioning again, I trust no one with my hair!


  • A. says:

    I’ve always been a self styler. I’ve only gone to a salon 3 times in my life. The last time I went to a salon – I went to a Black Aveda salon in St. Louis, MO. They didn’t try to get me to relax and my hair was FIERCE for 2 weeks. I did, however, allow her to trim my hair – but she promised it would be a dusting and it REALLY WAS!!! My hair is better for that trim – it had been 7 months since my previous trim.

    When I had braids – someone else did them. But I haven’t had them since ’03.

    I have done color (which I swear off of now – although I use Henna and I’m thinking about a rinse), trims, relaxers, curly dos, etc.

    I don’t really trust people with my hair.

  • Avidreader says:

    Well I do everything myself except trims! I’ve be transitioning since October 08′, so only a few months, so I haven’t made the big chop yet either, I’ve just been trying to care of my hair and I’m learning a lot! I haven’t dyed my hair since I was a teenager, I would prefer to do my own dye though! I have been reading on your site about the Henna and would love to try it!

  • Unknown says:

    I definitely self style, and thought about this for awhile, I just locked my own hair and I have been researching for months on how to take care of natural hair. And i dont have the money to see stylist. So I keep things cheap and simple.

    -for conditioning, I have a homemade mixture made of neem oil( which really really stinks), west african shea butter, virgin coconut oil, olive oil and tea tree oil.
    -once a month i do an egg wash with one egg, natural mayo and honey and I do a vinegar rinse.
    -and for regular shampooing I use Dr. bronners magic soap….whic I need to buy some more of…but I got time since I am still in the beginning stages of locking.

    But my routine is simple, and going to the salon would complicate things I can just imagine asking the stylist a million questions and looking at the back of bottles…self styled is definitely better for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I self style. One of the major reasons I went natural was the ability to never have to walk into a salon again. I have nothing against salons and those who work there. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. It’s just that I save a lot of money by not going, money that is better spent on products that is better for my hair. Or money that I can spend on something else I want. Or money that I can just save.

    And I know it’s small, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something after doing it.

  • Unknown says:

    I definitely self-style. For one, I am terrified of hair stylists. My reasons are:

    1.They do not listen. I always walked out with something that did not look like what I asked for or with 2 inches of my hair missing. If I do my own trims or styles, I know how far to go. There isn’t always a need to trim the entire head of hair. If I do it myself, I can zone in on areas that need it most.

    2.Is all that hair spray really necessary? There should be no reason why after I leave a hair stylists shop that I should feel like immersing myself in a pool of hot water because they sprayed my hair with so much sticky stuff that I feel like I have buildup on my skin. One of my reasons for going natural was to use better products and ones that had less chemicals in them. Products with natural ingredients feel so much better on the hair.

    3.I can’t stand smoking in a hair shop! I know there are places where you absolutely cannot smoke, but the hair stylist herself is smoking right next to your hair…exactly how is this good customer service?

    4.It’s too expensive. I’d rather put the time in myself.

  • Mikkimu says:

    Hi there!

    Over the years I have been my own stylist mainly because no hairdresser that ever touched my head was able to do my hair the way I wanted it done. I always had to go home and re-do the do.

    I actually got pretty good doing my own relaxers, flatironing & wetsets, so unless I felt like going to a salon just to treat my hair to a little TLC, I just did the job myself. I also went to a stylist for trims when necessary.

    Since my BC on 3/1, I absolutely love my hair texture and cannot keep my hands out of it. Even though I only have about 3 inches of hair right now, each day I fall more in love with it and wish I had made the decision to chop off the relaxed hair sooner.

    My next "big thing" will be Hennaing…thrilling!

  • oaklandish says:

    I am all about the PP, so here goes… i recently decided to transition from a long term texlax situation. My decision was based on lots of breakage and dryness that prevented my curls from getting past my shoulder and the temp color always was a bit hit or miss when applied by my long term stylist. I have to admit I never DC’d or sealed πŸ™ Five months ago I discovered the joys of henna (including Punjabi Prime) and purchased a pair dedicated hair scissors to snip off my damaged ends an inch at a time. Henna will be in my life for my entire life as I love the color, texture and conditioning. My 5 month old roots are just fine so we’ll see how long my transition is… I deep condition once a week and use avocado butter and castor oil as a sealant depending on my hair’s mood. Getting in touch with your hair’s mood is the key and that is a work in progress. I co wash 2 mornings a week, and let air dry, then fluff later (OK, much later) once dry. I will probably do this 3x a week when the weather is warmer. On day two and three, my night routine is this: I spray with soem Juices and berries, rub in a conditioner ( leave in or otherwise), split my hair in two parts and do a simple twist on each side pinning upwards at the nap of my neck, throw on a totally sexy bonnet and hit the hay. For what it’s worth, I always twist the top part of the twist on back over the lower, this gives me a nice shaggy, piecey look in the morning when I take down the twists and lightly fluff out, avoiding pulling through the ends which were sealed, at least on the first night. I often add a leave in and a bit of either castor oil or avocado butter when i shake it out in the a.m. My hair is somewhat layered and I like it that way. The trick is not to over mosutirize to avoid a stringy hair look. I shampoo about once a week with either an all natural EVOO soap bar or an indian Swatisk brand bar. I use the betnonite about 1x a month as well. One of my great joys in the pursuit of healthy curls is that i also do a simialr routine on my 7 year old daughter whose hair was just plain not growing. Our hair care is the same, including DC under a bonnet dryer but I take the time to do many, many smaller twist in her hair with neat parts and she wears this as a style, with barrets or without. We also fluff her on occasions buyt takign those twistrs out is not done lightly! Her hair has grown so much and I delight in seeing her embrace her hair and no longer coveting straight hair. Now that is a victory!!! Cheers and good luck to all.

  • Anonymous says:

    I mainly self style unless I really don’t want to do my own hair or I’m getting something like a color.

    I am transitioning so self styling is allowing me to learn how to deal with my hair and all its textures. plus my pre-college stylist taught me how to do almost everything I need to do to my own hair.


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Lady,
    I do both. When its time for a trim and the one time that I will wear my hair straight (when my husbands requests it, twice a year). Otherwise I do it all myself.

    I am SUPER cheap and do not like the idea of paying someone to do something that I can do myself. Self-styling also forces me to be creative and take full advantage of my hairs versatility.

    But who am I kidding?… If I had a trusted natural stylist I would probebly go to the salon a lot more often (like once a month).

    I’ve never tried Henna but I’ve been researching it like you suggested and I’m ready to test it out!

  • ChocolateOrchid says:

    Hi Nikki!
    I actually do both. I go to a stylist for my trims. Everything else, I do. Wash-n-go’s, twists, twist-outs, henna’s (lol), etc.

    I take pleasure in doing my own hair. It’s part of my “me” time. Not to mention, I simply love playing in my hair. It’s almost therapeutic for me. And quite frankly, I don’t feel like anyone else can take better care of my hair because I know it the best. I’ve learned (and still learning) it’s likes and dislikes. I doubt a stylist can get that acquainted with my coif in a matter of minutes. Seriously.

  • laughing808 says:

    Hey Nikki,
    Self styler checking in; I’ve been doing my own hair now for some years. At first I cut back due to finances, but then I realized how much time I spent in the salon. So now, I tip myself…..LOL I do it all, I relax, I highlight (I even use the aluminum foil on the highlighted sections) and clip my ends. It’s so much easier for me to wash, condition and roll my hair at home where I can multi task.

    At any rate, I’ve been contemplating trying henna for a minute now so this would be a great chance for met o try it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I self style because when I decided to go natural I decided to take my hair into my own hands. Self styling allows me to learn the different ways to make my hair beautiful!

  • Natashamck says:

    I do a little of both. I mostly style and maintain my own hair. I do little mini-trims myself and try to go to an actual stylist about once a year to even out my hack jobs lol. I used to go to a stylist more often, but the ones that I would go to flat iron and straighten. Since I’m growing more and more afraid of heat damage I’m trying to limit my hair’s exposure to blow dryiers, and flat irons. I would eliminate the visit to the stylist completely, but I like to wear my hair straightened every once in awhile, so I like to keep the ends pretty even.

    Styling and maintaining my own hair is so much easier than I initially thought it would be. I’ve learned to cornrow, flat twist, 2 and 3 strand twist, coil, shingle, rod/roller set, you name it. The healthier my hair is, the easier it gets to style. I guess I just like having final say over what my hair looks like the majority of the time πŸ™‚

  • Mzbush says:

    I go to a salon for 6 month trims and for color only because I don’t want to jack myself up too badly but everything else I do at home. I used to straighten my hair regularly but I realized that I’m never going to get the length I want if I keep damaging my hair in order to appease these uppity folks that I work around so curly girl it is! My hair is really fine and my hairline is especially fragile so I’m trying to get on this Henna thing asap. Thanks a million!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm a New Years natural. Since the big chop ihavent seen the inside of a salon. Self Styled and loving it. As far as routines go, my only concern is moisture. MY staple products are Oyin Juice&Berries, Burnt Pomade, and Honey Hemp Conditioner(amazing!!) Cholesterol treatments have become a regular weekly indulgence followed up with vinegar to kill the slight after smell. Wow! I guess there is a routine after all!

    Whoever wins make sure to post so we can see the twirls and curls!!

  • Ashley says:

    Hi Nikki!

    I’ve been self styling, mainly because I don’t really feel comfortable going to a salon. It’s been difficult because I’m still having trouble finding products that work and styles that I like. A lot of the time I throw my hair in a bun because my style does not come out right. πŸ™ Anyway, you are the reason I tried henna, and I absolutely love it!! I’m still trying to perfect my twist n’ curl. Gosh! Hair can be so time consuming. lol.


  • Jamie says:

    Since deciding to be a curly natural gal instead of straight, I’ve been self styling. Saves me money (well sort of, I’m becoming a bit of a PJ) and helps me learn more about my hair. So far, the plan is to go to the stylist every 6 months, and thats to see growth and get my ends clipped really good. I bought a pair of hair scissors this weekend, but i dont think I’ll be able to cut it myself. Too scared I will mess it up lol. But recently, I was thinking that I may start going back to my salon every month or so, not really for the stying, but for the feeling of being pampered. I miss my stylist, and the whole beauty shop atmosphere. I’ll just have her do a twist out or something no heat on those days. we’ll see. I haven’t made my mind up yet. But anyway, thanks for the henna and contest πŸ™‚


  • Anonymous says:

    What a very generous offer from Tamika and you Nikki (since you did not keep it for yourself…hee hee).

    I have been self styling since I started my hair journey March 2008. During that time I have only been to the salon for a shape-up after I BC in January 2009. I wash and DT my hair weekly and henna bi-weekly. I find that since I started self styling, I have learned so much more about my hair care and I’m very excited to see which direction my hair is going to go in as it grows out (loose curls or tight curls). I thougth I would save alot more money when I started self styling; however, I’ve become a product junkie so the salon money is now going to the BSS/internet hair websites. Oh well….self styling is still a better option for me.

  • Mojito Chica says:

    Self styler here. I don’t know of any natural stylists in my area, but I would consider a stylist for things evening up the varying lengths on my head.

  • Tia says:

    Hi CurlyNikki, my name is Tia…I apologize if this is off topic, but I wanted to know a little more information on purchasing Trader Darwin’s Super Crusade Dietary Supplement; I attend college and where I attend, it’s difficult to get to a Trader Joe there. I was searching online to see if I can purchase, and so far no luck ( unless I’m not doing enough thorough research). If you can help me I would really appreciate it. I am a registered transitioner since September 2008 and still going strong :)- well, next few days I will be in braids or twists, but still- haha.

    ::Looks at posts:: Good Luck ladies! I love Henna-ing (lol). I think after I BC, I’ll do Henna again. My mother used to put henna in my hair and my sisters’.

    Shout Out to Tamika, for looking out for the Henna fanatics πŸ˜‰

    Peace, Love and No hair grease….use oils!

  • Gigi says:

    I am the main stylist of my coif.
    I’ve realized when I decided to transition I was capable of being just as knowledgeable if not more than the stylist whose chair I was sitting in every Saturday.

    I do seek out professionals when I want a blow out or a cut. Only because I cant see the back of my head, and I dont want to learn how to blow out on my precious tresses.

    I’ve also become more productive since styling my own hair. I can get laundry, dishes, and return emails and calls during the 4 hours I have henna on my head.

    When I’m in the shop I cant do anything but sit under a dryer and maybe get some idle chit chat in.


  • Anonymous says:

    I always do my own hair because I don’t like a lot of different hands/energy in my hair. i do the best job of doing it anyway. no one is going to care as much about my hair as me! doing my hair is my time to pamper my self and chill out while i think and reflect. i may go to the salon to have ms betty press it every now and then because i usually don’t feel like doing that myself…but everything else: maintainance, styling, etc is all me and i’m so proud because i do such a great job with all 2001 hairstyles! lol

    -Sincerly Shake

  • MiMi says:

    i haven’t been to a stylist in almost 2 years. i would like to go and have a professional cut, but my hair is my pride and joy and i put so much time and effort into caring for it that i don’t want anyone else doing anything to it. =) so yes, i wash my own hair, do my own trims, dt’s, twists, twist outs, flat twists, flat twist-outs and bantu knot outs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki!

    I much rather take care of my hair myself as I had an horrible experience at a natural salon. I think the bad salon experience helped me learn about my hair and what it likes and dislikes. I no longer depend on a salon for bi-monthly trimmings, I simply do it myself and if I want a color, I use henna instead of a going to the nearest Duane Readed and picking up a home coloring kit.

    I find for me, that taking care of my hair myself allows me to learn about myself and to pay attention to what I am putting in my body and in my hair.

  • SunshineGrrl says:

    I color(henna obviously) my hair and style it on my own. As for cuts, I get it done by a stylist, because I have access to 150 of them at school. Yes, I am training to be a cosmetologist. Why try to cut my hair when any one of my friends can do it for me? I have curly hair, and it’s so much easier to style now…why did I damage my hair so much straightening it so many years?! Seriously…head case here. Anywho, that’s my story!


  • AshleyCamille says:

    I basically just do wash and gos every day because I just recently did my bc πŸ™‚ I originally thought I would try to let my hair grow out so it can be big and wild, but I get so many compliments on my twa that I think I may just keep it short.

  • Anonymous says:

    hi nikki,
    I self-style, I trim my ends, flat iron, wash and style my hair. I have never been to a stylist. I have been taking care of my hair since I was young. Still getting the hang of it though. πŸ™‚


  • AlongCameStacey says:

    Yay for Henna giveaways!

    This is actually the brand of Henna I was going to start experimenting with soon so I’ve got my fingers crossed at scoring it for free. Lol.

    While as I’ve previously mentioned – I self-style. I’ve been transitioning since October 2008. I either braid or twist my hair with extensions for about 6 weeks at a time. I put them in myself. When I take it down after the 6 week mark I wash with baking soda and water. Then apply bentonite which I mix primarily with vinegar; I may add other things but it’s never the same. However, Bentonite, Vinegar and Milk has given me the softest results so far. Then I do an Aphogee 2 minute protein treatment and follow that up with a deep conditioner. I used Lustrasilk and Hello Hydration the last time – Thanks for putting us on Nik! When I take these down in 2 weeks I’ll probably do a different mix – currently looking into HE Breaks Over or Aussie Moist. Although Hello Hydration had slip, I still had a lot of trouble detangling and ripped out a good chunk of hair πŸ™ Any-who, after that I air dry and put my twists back in, applying shea butter to each section before twisting.

    I would transition without the braids or twists but I’d be toooo tempted to use heat and I don’t want to lose my texture before I even get a chance to see it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nik,

    I do a combination of both! I’ve been natural since the summer of ’05 but I never knew how to fully care for my hair. For the past 2.5 years I was in grad school/interning and my hair became less of a priority. I had it pressed every 2-3 weeks and even though it grew longer, it also grew thinner.

    In July of 08 after I graduated with my Masters, I told myself I was going to learn to truly care for my hair! Since then I’ve had it twisted, but after doing extensive research, exploring natural hair blogs and seeing Yodit (Salon Revive, DC) I decided to do the BC for a 2nd time. It was the best decision I ever made!

    My hair is fuller, longer and healthier and I only go to her for steam treatments and trims every 2 months. I’ve invested in Aubrey Organic and Kinky Curly Curling Custard, and I’m sooo happy I’ve learned to embrace my natural hair.

    Thank you for your blog, because if I hadn’t discovered you, afrobella, natural hair forums on facebook etc. I would still be attempting the straight look.

    I would love to use henna for my hair, and play with a bit more color and moisturizing techniques-)


  • Rhapsody in PURPLE! says:

    I self style! mostly becasue I am a broke college student and i dont see why i should pay for someone else to somthing that i can do for myself?

    And i looooove playing in my hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    Since my last relaxer (October 2007) I hadn't stepped foot near a stylist due to that traumatic experience (burned scalp) until July 2008, when I had all the relaxer chopped out of my hair. All I would allow this sytlist to do was cut out the remaining relaxer. I didn't want anyone playing around in my hair after the previous bad experience, even though this was a completely different person, I still had a bad taste in my mouth with anyone other than me touching my hair. So to make a long story even longery. I don't do much to my hair, so it has been pretty easy. I co-wash and do wash & go's and last week I applied my first henna, YEAH!I am planning on going to a stylist again in July to get a trim, since I am not skilled to do that on my own..I am a bit nervous about that.. Hopefully that sick feeling I get when even thinking about going to a stylist, will subside by July LOL :-o)

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nik,

    I self style and take care of my own hair needs. I do this because it looks just as good when I do it as if I’d gone to a salon. When I was a frequent visitor to my salon of choice my hair didn’t do very well. When I do my hair I’m better able to retain length and achieve the same styles I would if going to a salon.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  • These Three Kings says:

    EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! I do all of it on my own… It’s been a year and a couple of months sense i have decided to go natural. … I grew up watching my mom do hair in a salon in Chicago and i too decided to do hair as well…after having a daughter and researching about natural hair and the benefits…i decided that i too should go natural if i want her to appreciate her naturally beautiful hair…transitioning was hard, but i finally made it through.hhaa!! I continue to wear kinky twist and i recently have decided to not do a sew again…too much work…i actually like my natural hair…its real curly…i am rambling.. ( LOL)

    i enjoy your blog and i have been sharing it with sooo many…especially the henna stories –they AMAZE me… i really want to try it so even if i dont win, I plan on purchasing it myself… i hope it turns out right πŸ™‚
    thanks again!!

    Nicole King

  • Anonymous says:

    All you have to do is tell me whether you self-style and take care of all your hair needs (trims, coloring, straightening, etc), or if you see a stylist, and why?

    I am what you would call..”self-styled”..LOL. I used to frequent a Dominican Salon in my area..but once I became fully natural, I stopped. I do my own trims, washes, etc. I don’t chemically color my hair…although if I did, I’d probably do that myself too. I’ve been interested in trying Henna. As for straightening…I have stored my flat-iron in the WAY back of my cabinet so that I’m not tempted to use it. I flat-iron maybe once a month, if that. When I do, I do that myself as well.

    I enjoy caring for my own hair because I know exactly what my hair needs. If I make a mistake and trim too much hair, I will only be mad at myself, unlike if a stylist were to do it. I can take as much time as I need when I’m doing my hair and I don’t have to worry about waiting forever and a day to get out of the salon doors LOL. Plus, I feel like I’m pampering myself each time I do my hair.


  • ###### says:

    I do both..I have a relaxer but my hair is naturally curly so when its not straight, I rock the natural curly look. The salon is just for the cut that I have and to straighten it because its short. I am not good with getting it straight being short. I use her because I dont want to damage my hair with the iron, and because I really am not trained properly to do it.

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