Hola Chicas!

After looking at the gorgeous hair in this fotki, and seeing Empressri’s short vid, I’ve decided that it’s time to try a Bantu Knot-out! So, I’m commissioning you gorgeous gals for advice:

1. Do you two-strand twist prior to wrapping the hair around itself, or single strand?

2. How many do you do?

3. Product line up?

4. What does the drying time look like? Can I do this overnight?

As it stands now, I plan to use the usual suspects (DevaCare One, SIF, Shea Butter), one-strand twists, and maybe 15-20 knots. Should be interesting…
If you’re a Bantu Knot Out veteran, and would like to share your results with your fellow CN.com readers, send pics and quick how-to, to [email protected]