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Curly Nikki

I’m Ready to Try a New Style…

By January 27th, 202114 Comments

Hola Chicas!

After looking at the gorgeous hair in this fotki, and seeing Empressri’s short vid, I’ve decided that it’s time to try a Bantu Knot-out! So, I’m commissioning you gorgeous gals for advice:

1. Do you two-strand twist prior to wrapping the hair around itself, or single strand?

2. How many do you do?

3. Product line up?

4. What does the drying time look like? Can I do this overnight?

As it stands now, I plan to use the usual suspects (DevaCare One, SIF, Shea Butter), one-strand twists, and maybe 15-20 knots. Should be interesting…
If you’re a Bantu Knot Out veteran, and would like to share your results with your fellow readers, send pics and quick how-to, to


  • Our Forever Continues... says:

    I’m trying this style tonight and I’ll post a result pic in the a.m.

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried this style today for the first time and I love the result. My curly fro is so soft and defined. I did the two strand twist then the bantu knots, on wet hair using only shea butter. The results were perfect. Thanks for the idea Nikki and I love your blog.

  • jeniusj says:

    I used this style to transition without doing the BC. I do double-strand twists, then roll into the knots, and fix with bobypins. I have a big head so I do AT LEAST 20 knots…I typically twist one day, air dry overnight, then wear for a week. The twists come out really tight, and loosen up and get bigger over the course of the week. I will send you pics!

    I have used many different products over the years for styling, but am currently using conditioner (Lush-H’Suan wen hua) that I dilute with water before applying to my hair. I typically try to let the hair dry most of the way, then apply enough conditioner solution just to make sure the section is damp throughout.

    I think the hardest part is making sure your ends are completely inside the twist and that it doesn’t unravel when you are setting with the bobby pins…GL and I LOVE your blog!!!

  • Koos says:


    First let me say, I looooooove your blog, and I’ve been following it for a loooooong time! You’re the reason why I love henna so much! Anyway, I love bantu knot sets in between wash days. I cowash with Hello Hydration (loves it), and use a t-shirt to soak up water. Then add Elasta QP H-Two leave-in and coconut oil to almost dry hair and seal ends with my whipped shea+water. I do 10 knots, 5 on each side, and then sleep with them in. I don’t two-strand twist before; I just wrap my hair around itself and use a hair pin to secure. I usually do a scalp treatment at this time too, since my hair is already parted. In the morning my hair is dry and comes out looking like the PERFECT curly fro!

  • chatamoment02 says:

    I tried them when i was transitioning and when i did it on wet hair they still weren’t dry after i slept on them. I have seen quite a few people on youtube who have this same problem,so i would suggest dry hair.

  • blackmagicrose says:

    Okay, this is kinda weird because today I did bantu knots for the first time. And I wanted them to look a bit different so I did two strand twist them first, although if I like them like this I'll probably just do them how I've seen them on YT with the one strand. Also, I did them on freshly washed and wet hair. I know everyone says that it works best with dry hair, but I didn't feel like doing my normal flat twist so I did the bantu knots instead. Maybe I'll send in some pics.

    Also, check out CrownofHisGlory's videos on bantu knots. She shows how to do them quickly and how they look after taking them down. I love her vids.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Jai/Nikki – Can you post the link?

  • so1913 says:

    Oh, I’m glad you are doing this! I’ve been toying with the idea of trying them out myself for quite sometime now, however, the thought of the potential drying time as well as me recently cutting my hair has caused me to “pause” with going forth with it. I’m looking forward to reading more of the comments from the veteran bantu knot experts!

  • Jai says:

    Hey Nikki, I just saw a fabulous bantu knot out, I sent you an email with the link. Hope its helpful. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    (mzmillion from I do these to my nieces hair all the time. What I do is when there hair is dry, I use only Hawaiin Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker(it’s CG but does have mineral oil) and I squirt about two pumps of this, I do not two strand twist beforehand, I just wrap and wrap, you need to make sure you wrap it ALOTTT to get the good tightness you need. I guess for your hair, 15-20 would be perfect. I would not suggest doing this on your wet hair, I would let my hair dry till about 80-90% and then use the Hawaiin Silky but I’m think Lustrasilk would do great on here to. This style needs little product other than the normal and some form of a shine so shea would be good.

    I know your hair is going to turn out perfect from how long it is. I suggest you sleep on it, since the wrapping and tightly coiled hair does take a little longer to dry.

    This style is great too if you don’t want to wash your hair and you just need something new and quick, it doesn’t take long to do them, about 30mins and they last a couple days.

  • stephanie says:

    Hey Nikki! I did bantu knot-outs all the time when I was transitioning and they came out wonderfully.

    I did them on dry hair. I would section off a bit of hair, moisturize with shea butter or Keracare’s creme hairdress, and do a single strand twist, then wrap it around itself and secure it with a bobby pin. I did maybe between 15-20 knots.

    It was ready the next day, and my results were always fabulous!

  • Cee Frizzle says:

    Bantu Knotting is my new thing, too. I condition and then wrap them up, and when I remove them the next day, it comes out nicely. So try it out!

  • Anonymous says:

    i love bantu knots. they’re easier to me than twistout. i do not two strand twist the bantu knot. i do maybe 8-10 knots with no product, maybe oil or sheen spray. and i do the knots on dry hair before bed and the next day its perfect. good luck

  • Anonymous says:

    good luck, Nikki.

    yours will come out great :)

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