Jenius J: I used this style to transition without doing the BC. I do double-strand twists, then roll into the knots, and fix with bobby pins. I have a big head so I do AT LEAST 20 knots…I typically twist one day, air dry overnight, then wear for a week. The twists come out really tight, and loosen up and get bigger over the course of the week. I will send you pics!

I have used many different products over the years for styling, but am currently using conditioner (Lush-H’Suan wen hua) that I dilute with water before applying to my hair. I typically try to let the hair dry most of the way, then apply enough conditioner solution just to make sure the section is damp throughout.

I think the hardest part is making sure your ends are completely inside the twist and that it doesn’t unravel when you are setting with the bobby pins…GL and I LOVE your blog!!!

CN: Wow! Gorgeous!! Have you ever done it w/out 2 stranding? If so. What was the result?
How do you sleep on it?

Jenius J: Thanks!! So, I have done it without 2-stranding before, And I found that I preferred two stranding because then you don’t have to do as much separating, aside from the twists themselves. Whereas when I just did single strands, I would have to separate the section once it dried, and risk creating more frizz and losing definition from it not splitting cleanly. But If I am retouching certain sections throughout the week, which I do sometimes depending on how they turn out, if it is a very small section, I probably would not double strand it when re-twisting.

So in terms of sleeping on it, I just kinda cross my fingers lol But I have definitely found that the tighter the curl, the better it keeps, whereas when it is looser, and wavier, it is more likely to straighten or flatten out when slept on.