Hi Ladies,

Well the time has come for me to post my hair journey through 2008.

In January 2008, I really started developing my hair regime and joined a Super 3m challenge. This challenge really helped me to develop a routine and start learning about my hair.

Here is my hair in Jan 08:

Braided out flat-ironed hair

My standard twistouts

In March ’08, I finally took the plunge into the Henna world. Initially I hated it. I couldn’t figure out how to get all the grit out. But after getting more info, I can now say I’ve perfected the Henna application.

I looked so silly!!

In May ’08, I placed my hair in my first set of mini-twist and loved them. I need to do this again. I also did my first official length check.

My mini-twist

May growth check

In June ’08, I started the Twisting for Growth challenge. I did it for 3m and my hair really thrived.

Took a break from the twist and did a puff ponytail

In Sept ’08, I did my other growth check and started to wear my hair in a wash and go style, and started to focus on a cowash challenge. I also started using a rosemary-sage spritz mix on my hair.

My growth early Sept

I also started to experiment with more afro styles:

In Sept-Dec. ’08, I started to really tweak my regime. Started adding tea mixes and Vaseline to my regime. I even developed a natural homemade hair mask that has done wonders for my hair.

My hair with my homemade mask

On the go easy style

Twist on dry hair and Vaseline applied for extra sheen.

End of year growth Dec ’08!!!!

For more information on this lovely curly, check out THIS LINK!

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