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Curly Nikki

Rinse That Cheap Henna Well…

By January 27th, 20218 Comments

I henna’ed on Thursday night with 200g of Dulhan. I rinsed for what felt like hours yesterday morning, deep conditioned, and then styled. This morning, I took the rollers and twists down and realized my hair was stiff, a bit hard, and chock full of henna bits. To be honest, I got tired of rinsing, and thought the bits would easily shake out. WRONG. The remnants are deeply enmshed, and the overall feeling of my hair is, ‘ewww’…I’m used to soft, touchable hair. Needless to say, I rinsed, and literally just finished styling…again! Since I have plans tonight (Natural Meetup!), I actually have to use my soft bonnet dryer for the first time this year! I hate sitting under the dryer :-( So, my dears, please, please, please rinse your cheapie henna thoroughly. TnCing twice in a 12 hour period is lame.

Later Gators,


  • Anonymous says:

    that is interesting. i’ve been using henna for years and only had a problem rinsing once. i mainly use Duhlan from the Indian grocers. the only time i had a problem with bits and pieces left in the hair was due to using henna brought back from Iran that was a gift from a friend. i usually use the kitchen sink, the attachment and a small bit of doctor bonners, followed up by an herbal ACV rinse and shea butter for braid outs. 2 rinses top.

  • Maria says:

    I will keep buying cheap henna because you can’t beat the price… BUT I did notice the same problem with rinsing it out. I would sit under the shower for about 40 minutes and the water would still be orange. I will usually have to wash it a few times over the span of 2-3 days before the water is completely clear again.

  • BROWNBROWS says:

    I have only used the cheapie ones so far and haven't had any issues with rinsing. Mixing Organix (sulfate free) shampoo & conditioner worked for me, the water normally clears after the 2 rinses. I must admit my hair felt gross when I rinsed with conditioner only adding the shampoo made it clean & soft.

  • D_luv says:

    My first try was with Jamila Henna that I ordered from It cost like 2$/100g (+shipping) and I only rinsed once under the tub faucet (for extra water pressure). Rinsed out completely on the first try! No bits! I’ve been warned — I don’t think I’m even going to try this other brand, esp. since 100g does my whole twa!

  • Lteefaw says:

    Yeah, I’m not so sure about this cheap henna. Even after I sifted the henna I still had quite a bit of chunks in my hair. Yes, it’s cheaper but I end up spending what I saved on henna on water instead. I love saving a few bucks but you shouldn’t cut corners on some items and I’m thinking henna is one of those items.

    Makeup Theory is right with the Henna for Africa Hair I think I rinsed my hair three times.

    I’m going to give the cheap henna one more chance. But I’m going to use a suggestion I read on this board a few days ago and sift the henna paste or squeeze it through cheesecloth. Or maybe I’ll just bit the bullet and stick with good ole trusty Henna for Hair

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey this is probably out of context. But could you suggest some techniques and products for keeping my hair moisturized and ends breakage free. I’m new to your great blog. I have not checked all your post, so excuse me if this question is redundant. FYI, as of now I am using Edens Body Works Peppermint hair milk, shampoo, conditioner and jojoba oil. I also have sensitive skin. I just recently finished using kera cares dandruff shampoo and humecta (spelled that wrong) conditioner. Which is why my hair is probably dry. Also, I wear my hair loose. I don’t do any styling. I don’t even comb it that much. Just the occasional head band and clip.

  • Milan says:

    Thanks to you, I went and got some Jamila henna from my local Indian grocer. I can’t wait to try it once I take my braids down next month. I gave your blog an award! b/c I think you blog is fabulous. :0)

  • Makeup Theory says:

    That’s why I only use to order my henna. They produce body art quality henna (the top 1% in quality) and they do one that is fine sifted for Kinky hair or as they label it, “Henna for African hair.”

    I’d say I rinse it about three times to get it all out. And there are never any chunks or bits of anything that I hear other naturals complain about in their henna.

    Hope this helps. Have fun tonight!

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