I henna’ed on Thursday night with 200g of Dulhan. I rinsed for what felt like hours yesterday morning, deep conditioned, and then styled. This morning, I took the rollers and twists down and realized my hair was stiff, a bit hard, and chock full of henna bits. To be honest, I got tired of rinsing, and thought the bits would easily shake out. WRONG. The remnants are deeply enmshed, and the overall feeling of my hair is, ‘ewww’…I’m used to soft, touchable hair. Needless to say, I rinsed, and literally just finished styling…again! Since I have plans tonight (Natural Meetup!), I actually have to use my soft bonnet dryer for the first time this year! I hate sitting under the dryer 🙁 So, my dears, please, please, please rinse your cheapie henna thoroughly. TnCing twice in a 12 hour period is lame.

Later Gators,