Every few months, I look back over my pictures to assess progress and to foster happy feelings!! I recommend that each and every one of you incorporate this simple act into your own healthy hair routine! As a curly girl, progress can be hard to measure- pictures truly help you see just how far you’ve come. Unlike many, my goals are for fullness, not length (although with length comes volume).

Wash&Gos during my pre-henna days…late ’06 through Oct. 2007. The 2nd pic is after my first cassia experiment. Wash&Gos kept my fine strands from growing past my shoulders 🙁 Those highlights fried my hair.

Twist-out and Wash&Go after several henna applications in late 2007. My hair began retaining more length thanks to the henna, and twist-outs, but the ends were still knotting, splitting, and breaking. My hair is thicker than in the pics from ’06, but not quite as big as I’d like 🙂 After a 3 month bunning experiment, and discovering the Twist-n-Curl my growth took off.

Twist-n-Curl 2009- My ends aren’t perfect, but they’re better than they’ve ever been. Stretching the end of each curl w/out heat has aided in length retention, and I like the style! Henna has darkened my highlighted hair considerably- you can barely see the light parts anymore. However, if you see me in the sun, it looks as if I have an auburn rinse. I love my henna head!

Submit your Walking Down Memory Lane story…if applicable, be sure to illustrate how particular techniques or products have aided in length retention and/or overall health. As always, send submissions to [email protected]