Hola Chicas!

It’s almost the beginning of my weekend…thank God!

I’m sure you gorgeous gals enjoyed our beautiful substitute teacher Wes, and her top 10 natural hair tips. I stood in for her today on HoneyBrownSugar.com and posted my 10 tips as well. Check it out here:


p.s. I just watched College Hill for the fist time since the very first season…how absurd! The show is ridic, and I don’t plan on tuning in again (as I sneakily set my DVR to record next week’s episode)!! I actually only recorded the first 2 episodes because of the natural haired house mate…her hair is AMAZING by the way.
I’m incredibly embarrassed to admit that I’m a consumer of all things reality TV, even the most ridiculous. What can I say…it’s a stress reliever. However, in the case of College Hill, Ms. Edmonds needs her butt whooped.