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Curly Nikki

Brownshugahgirl- Twist-n-Curl Results!!

By January 27th, 202124 Comments

I had been wanting to try the twist-n-curl for a long time now–ever since you first posted about it on NC, almost this time last year.

Well I finally tried it and I love it !! I have been wearing it for about 5 weeks now, consistently, and I get sooooo many compliments. I love that the style lasts for 3-4 days and its a tamed style, unlike my wash-n-go’s which are becoming un-tameable the longer my hair gets. I’ve follow Nikki’s steps for the TnC, just changing the products. In the first picture I used Lustrasilk Shea Mango conditioner and I made a spritz to seal with using Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk and water–that was my first twist-n-curl– its a little frizzy but hey it was my first time.

In the second picture I used Lustrasilk Shea Mango combined with Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment, and then I used Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk on top of that, and then I sealed with Qhemet Burdock Root Butter Cream. The results were soft and shiny! Definitely the best results I’ve ever had. I have been experimenting with different leave-ins and such. I had good results with Aussie Moist Conditioner and KBB Hair Milk too!. Basically, I love it and it will be a mainstay. I think everyone who is having problems with tangles/knots/split ends/breakage should try this style. It’s only been a little over a month and I can already notice a difference in my hair. I thank you Nikki for innovating this style–*snaps* to you Curly Nikki!

Brownshugahgirl- Twist-n-Curl Results!!
Brownshugahgirl- Twist-n-Curl Results!!


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