Hola Chicas,

So, it’s official. I haven’t styled my hair in over a week, and honestly don’t have plans on doing it today either! Do you guys ever feel like this…completely unmotivated and burned out? Not sure yet what’s going to cure my blues (perhaps a shopping spree or permanent vaca 😉 ), but I definitely know that I need to engage in a deep treatment before I pay for it later.

In other news, I was reminded that I never told you gals what went dreadfully wrong with my last twist-n-curl. Nothing is worse than spending 45 minutes on a hairstyle that is supposed to last 4 days, only to come to the realization that you can’t even get one day out of it!!!

I’ve learned that I get the best results when I use the least amount of product possible, and avoid oils at all costs. I was a bit heavy handed with Oyin’s Whipped Shea (contains quite a bit of oils), and it totally broke my curls up into a piece-y, frizzy mess. I hate that. So, this is why I was inspired to pull it up into a bun. Prior to this, my high buns were only done on soaking wet hair. I’m digging this new bun, because I don’t have to use any tools, and it only requires a tiny bit of manipulation.

The bottom line to take from my ramblings: For defined yet fluffy twist- n-curls and bantu knot-outs…less is always more.

Later Gators,