Alrighty ladies…it’s Tuesday and I’m already bunned up! Hell, I wore a bun yesterday too. You know why? Because unlike the trusty Twist-n-Curl, for me, the Knot-Out is knot as predictable (haha, I crack myself up!). I’ve done it 3 times with the same products, and have somehow managed to get 3 different results! My best so far was the set before the Hair Show…thank God.

This time, I may have done too many knots- I had around 27. The result was a volume lacking, piecey mess, with some curls hanging longer than others. Not a good look! So, after lots of fluffing, teasing, and frustration, I pulled it up into a bun…where it remains at this very moment.

On the flip side, I got lots of compliments on my bun/flower combo yesterday. I thought it was cute too…but after the fourth compliment I began to get suspicious. Could it be that my colleagues detest my big, frizzy out-styles, and find solace in telling me that my hair looks ‘amazing’, and ‘cute’, when it’s put up and out of sight? Maybe the change is simply refreshing for them…

Was that a Hair Tip, or a vent session? Should we start a Vent Thread… it’s very therapeutic.

Bottom Line: Maybe fewer knots produces ‘fuller’ results? The Knot-Out doesn’t seem to provide consistent results for me yet. Hopefully with more time and practice, I can take the time to knot without fear that my efforts will be in vain. I’m not giving up just yet though, this style is Fierce!

Later Gators,

Okay, I definitely feel better. I think the bolded text above is a good idea πŸ™‚

Below, share your trials and tribulations- whether it’s the state of your hair in general, a failed style, or wasted money on whack products. Maybe your vent will prevent another Natural from making the same mistake…maybe your vent will show another Natural that she’s not alone in the fight! So let’s spill it, and move on πŸ™‚