Henna F.A.Q.

Henna F.A.Q.


So I finally got my hands on some real henna from mehandi.com, and I was looking around online to see how/what you were supposed to mix your henna with. I noticed that on most sites, it says to mix with lemon or lime juice and honey, but you only mix with green tea. Is there something in green tea that you think works better in henna? Or is that just how you do it because it was how you were taught?


Green tea is slightly acidic (which is adequate for dye release) and actually imparts a bit of moisture. ACV (what I used to use), lemon juice, and other acids are way too harsh for my dry strands. Green or chamomile tea work just as well. I routinely mix green tea and honey into my BAQ Henna. This is the brand I use: http://www.mehandi.com/shop/personalstash/