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Curly Nikki

KinkedUp’s Twist-n-Curl Results

By January 27th, 20219 Comments

Hey Nikki,

As promised, here are the photos of my first Twist N’ Curl. I decided to do it at night, and started off with a DT using the Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Mask. I used my heat cap for about 45 minutes and washed it out. I applied Devacurl and Jessicurl to my hair and started to twist, using your methods. I don’t think I used enough of the products and will try more next time for better hold of my hair. I used SIF to seal my ends, and when I woke up I used Shea butter on my dry ends and fluffed away. It was a bit frizzy as day 2 and 3 came, and I believe I needed more conditioner in it, but I used a little SIF throughout which took a little bit of the frizz away. I wore the style for 4 days and although it became pretty frizzy it still didn’t look that HORRIBLE (well at least not to me). I’m sure I will get the hang of it with a few more tries, I’m just happy to give my hair a break from wash n’ go for awhile.
The first 3 pics are Day 1 hair, and the last two (in the blue shirt) are Day 2 hair.


KinkedUp's Twist-n-Curl ResultsKinkedUp's Twist-n-Curl ResultsKinkedUp's Twist-n-Curl ResultsKinkedUp's Twist-n-Curl ResultsKinkedUp's Twist-n-Curl Results

If you have Twist-n-Curl, High Bun, or Bantu knot-out results, please submit your review and pics to


  • Anonymous says:

    I love your hair colour, and the style suits you well!

    p.s. Nikki… you started a movement with this TnC!

  • twolips says:

    Thanks Anonymous!

  • Anonymous says:

    OH! and This one turned out BEAUTIFUL KinkedUp!!

  • Anonymous says:

    i did a t&c on my relaxed hair for easter and it was CUTE!

    i would love to share pics on CN but you don't feature relaxed heads…

    anyway, great blog, nikki! keep up the great work!

  • twolips says:

    Thanks ladies!! I’m so glad that I’ve started to love and nutuee my hair. It makes a total difference on my attitude and all. It’s great to have so many people around that share the same interest; this site rocks!!

    CurlyTrini- Thanks girl…Thank God for ya!! Henna in 2 weeks?!?!?!?! Excitement!!!!

  • Jacqueline says:

    2 thumbs up… I like it!!! Now, if you are in the Raleigh area, I need you or Nikki to do my hair – LOL.. The color is beautiful, too…

  • CurlyTrini says:

    MY FRIENDDDDDDDDD!!!!! My friend from long time. I’m so happy for her…once I told her about nikki’s blog we now share the same passion for our hair. Its soo much fun to have someone understand my highs and lows with my hair. I love this style on her and in a few weeks we will have a henna date together 🙂 go ‘head girl…I heart you soooo much!!!

  • Kris says:


  • A says:

    Your hair looks really nice! I wish I could get mine like this 😉

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