Hola Chicas!!

It’s Monday…again. Please recall my recent routine change. Well, this is week 2 or 3…can’t quite remember…but below you’ll find some of my thoughts on the tweaks:


  • More time for other things– I used to style upwards of 3 times a week…once a week is nothing short of awesomeness.
  • Less manipulation– Increased length retention may be in my future.
  • Increased Physical Activity– I suppose I could start working out again (during the part of the week that I’m bunning)… I’ll keep ya’ll posted, but don’t hold your breath!
  • Less product use– More money saved…The Hubbs is happy 🙂
  • ‘Green Light’ nights galore-Need I say more…The Hubbs is even happier 😉


  • Lack of Moisture-When my hair is in a bun, I’m much less likely to take the time to moisturize it. Out of sight, out of mind. Seriously. My hair dries out after 3-4 days, so I need to do better with this.
  • Bigger Hair Balls– I shed lots, but when I go more than 5 or 6 days in between washing, my hairball truly resembles a small mammal. Eww.
  • Less Fly– I like wearing my hair out and big….24/7 365.

I Bantu-Knotted it up last night, and I must say that I’m getting pretty quick wit’ it! I love the results…dare I say I love it more than the T-n-C?! I like them both the same…it’s just that right now, the Knot-Out is more novel. I’ll post pics soon.

Later Gators,