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Curly Nikki

My PJ is Showing…

By January 27th, 20219 Comments

Happy Hump Day!

Can you believe that I’m still wearing the same bun from my 4/17 pics?! I’ve been incredibly lazy with my hair lately. Luckily, the Bantu Knot-Out Bun lasts a while, and looks pretty cute too 🙂 I plan to henna tomorrow night and style…probably a Twist-n-Curl!

I had some time to kill today and decided to make a trip to ULTA. Dangerous…
I’ve been meaning to re-up my DevaCare One C stash, plus I’ve been feeling the urge to try something new. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last used gel to style, but I definitely snatched up a 12oz bottle of DevaCurl Angell Gel! A 19 dollar trip quickly became a 38 dollar trip 🙁 I kept my receipt and will most certainly take it right back if it falls short of my expectations. Check out the reviews…they vary greatly.

Also, per a review by Vern today, I’ve decided to try Herbal Essence’s Totally Twisted Conditioner in place of my beloved Hello Hydration.

Later Gators,

p.s. Still waiting on the winner of the CurlyNikki Spotlight Giveaway!


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, you know Totally Twisted and Hello Hydration have basically the same ingredients, just the fragrances are different. I tried the Totally Twisted conditioner and love it, so I hope to get the same experience with Hello Hydration.

  • Carla says:

    I LOVE Hydralicious…Hate to say it, but I think that has taken the place of HH for right now…. I used to use Totally Twisted before I was hipped to HH… mmmm, I’m not sure I liked it all that well. In my opinion HH is definitely better than TT

  • skibies says:

    I have to say that i used Hello Hydration for quite some time then I tried totally twisted and although I still loved HH I loved TT as much or just as much. I loved the ingredients in both products.

  • LaMaraVilla says:

    There is one product you have to try Nikki. If you never try another new product in your life, at least try this one!!!! It’s Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo. It is the best shampoo I have ever used. Have you ever had a shampoo give you the coveted “slip” before? Well I never have!! I shampooed three times the first time I used this (I am strictly a once later kind of girl) but my hair felt soooo good I couldn’t help it. I’ve never been a fan of their other products, but this shampoo has everyone else’s beat. TRUE STORY!!! Please indulge your inner PJ and try it 🙂

    Deuces Lovely!!!

  • JuliAna says:

    Hey Nikki, I totally understand, the pj paid me a visit over the weekend. I purchased my Hercules Sägemann seamless combs and a Morroco Method scalp massager for my travel kit.

    I ordered Cassia from for my deep conditioning treatment last week, and dc my hair on Sunday. I love it, my hair and scalp feels great. I will order more this weekend.

    Spring is here and Summer is on it’s way, time to restock!!

  • Maria says:

    Hmmmm you’re not carrying a little PJ baby in your belly by any chance are you

  • Anonymous says:

    let me know how it works please, my drug store has a sale on and i can stil pick some up if its good. I saw it but wasnt sure.

  • These Three Kings says:

    oh Totally Twisted was what I tried before Hello Hydration and I LOOOOOOVVVEEE IT!!!!!

    it works great for me. I swich between both at times 🙂
    cant wait to hear how it works for you

  • Unknown says:

    hmm..i used totally twisted in the beginning and it was okay, but when i got turned on to hello hydration, there was no going back!! let us know how it works out for you (i know you will!)

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