TGIF Chicas!

Last night, in preparation for a road trip this weekend, I did yet another Bantu Knot-Out. Sixteen knots was the total count, and I used my trusty DevaCare One C to set. I just KNEW it would work out better this time…needless to say, I woke up this morning to a hot mess. It was completely unsalvageable. So, that’s it…from here on out, the Knot-Out, will be a set solely used to achieve a super defined messy bun. If I keep this up, I should see some amazing growth- my hair has been bunned for about 3 weeks! I’ll probably resume business as usual (i.e. Twist-n-curl) next week.

I’m going out tomorrow night, and was hoping to have big sexy hair…but alas, a bun it is, with the signature flower of course. Both the red satin and green one came from Tar-jay…6 bucks I think.