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Curly Nikki

MochaTai’s Hendigo Recipe and Results

By January 27th, 202115 Comments

Hello Nikki! Here are the pics you requested along with the Henna/Indigo mix I used and step by step instructions.

I used:

  • 50 grams of Jamilla 2008 Crop
  • 50 grams of Amla powder (to prevent my curl pattern from loosening) mixed with a tea made from Distilled Water infused with Chamomile Leaf, Nettles, Horsetail, and Marshmallow.

I let the Henna mix sit for about 12 hours. I washed my hair with Kalpi Tone and Shikakai powders. Right before applying the henna, I added organic honey. I left the mix on my hair for 4 hours and rinsed with Nature’s Gate Aloe Conditioner.

Then, I mixed Indigo powder with warm water and a teaspoon of salt and applied it to my hair. I wrapped my hair with plastic wrap and then a towel and let that sit for an hour. I rinsed the Indigo with warm water (which took forever!) and deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics White Camilla Conditioner and Kokum butter. I then rinsed the conditioner out with an herbal rinse made from distilled water infused with Rosemary, Irish Moss, Nettles, Hibiscus, and Horsetail. Then followed that up with an ACV rinse.

I moisturize with my own herbal spritz mixed with aloe vera juice, glycerin, and panthenol. Add some whipped shea (or whatever butter I have whipped) and seal with Jojoba oil. I love the dark color from the Indigo. I almost gave up on Henna but after I contacted Catherine she suggested using Henna and Amla in a 50:50 mix because I had alot of curls loosening on prior Henna treatments. I love jet black hair but refused to use chemical dye. Overall, Im happy with the results!


MochaTai's Hendigo Recipe and ResultsMochaTai's Hendigo Recipe and ResultsMochaTai's Hendigo Recipe and Results


  • Anonymous says:

    I was wondering where you purchased the Panthenol or did you crush a vitamin b5 tablet?

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm having a really hard time finding the Indigo on, I would like to order it, I've tried calling, left voice mail…In the mean time, can someone point me in the right direction on the site ? Your hair looks Great Mocha Tai!

    Thanks !

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there a product to permanently color dark hair (with lots of grey) without indigo? does not know and I am highly allergic to it as well as conventional hair dye.

  • InTransition_RN says:

    I didnt know they had a forum… must check it out.. thanks.

  • Tai says:

    To InTransition_RN: I would suggest posing that question on the forums. There is so much information there. Im not really good when it comes to mixing henna for a color other than reds and jet black. But I do know the people on that forum have alot of experience and knowledge with that sort of stuff.

  • InTransition_RN says:

    I’m curious…. if anyone can answer this please do so… I am ready to experience the benefits of henna, but am afraid of the reddish tint I may get (my hair is auburn, so I’m hesitant about the redness I will see with just henna alone) so I purchased henna and indigo (from of course). Can I mix a bit of the indigo with the henna, or do I have to make this a 2-step process? Should I mix the indigo paste first and then add it to my henna mixture just before application? Thanks for your responses.

  • Tai says:

    Tina: mehandi has the best henna and Indigo so you’re good there.
    Maria! I used 100 grams of Indigo as well because my hair is so thick.
    Ayomide: I agree with you on that. Some ppl may be allergic to Indigo and not even realize it.

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  • Ayomide says:

    Looks great! I would just suggest that anyone wanted to do the indigo do a test first on their skin. I tested it on my skin but then found out that I was allergic to the indigo after I applied it to my hair. Had to wash it out early. I still got the dark color though.

  • Kendria says:

    I like it! I went to an organic store in my area, and saw an entire section of pure henna. Jars, color rings, etc. Amazing! Can’t wait to try it out =)

  • Tina Beanie says:

    I just ordered some henna and indigo today from and plan to start with weekly henna/indigo glosses.

  • Shelly says:

    How funny this is the post today. This past weekend, I applied a Henna Indigo treatment. This was the first time that I added Amla powder to my treatment. My hair is sooooooo soft. I always add my Indigo mixture to my Henna mixture right before applying. This elements the extra step and produces the same results.

  • Maria says:

    I’m due for my next indigo treatment and just need to buy some more henna. I used the entire 100g of indigo because my hair is thick and BSL.

  • Khadija Dawn Carryl says:

    What an amazing recipe! Thanks for sharing MochaTai!! Keep on with it.

  • Anonymous says:

    That looks great. My hair is the same length and I wondered if I should use 50g or 100g. I’m going my an Indian store to see what’s what…hopefully I can get a lot and cheap too!

  • Claudia says:

    That looks great! I love that deep, jet black too, maybe I should try finding some henna around here.

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