I am new to your site and just wanted to share a few fotos. I’ve been natural for 3.5 years and have always two-stranded, braided, and occasional dominican blowouts. I don’t wear it out too often because it’s so thick and uncontrollable. I have started an actual regimen and not just conditioner, conditioner, conditioner in the last few months. Also, I wanted to mention that I am in love with Let’s Jam. It’s great for sticking the twists together while not getting hard, and I think it moisturizes as well, Its great for boing, but it is thick so you wanna use it maybe the night before or it will be heavy.

After viewing lots of natural hair sites I saw I could get a roller-set. My mom roller-set my hair and it came out great for the first try.. It was also after my first attempt at henna. which I will be doing again. I then two stranded for a few days and bantu-knotted. Here are the results and some other things. Oh, and you can visit my fokti if you like…No password and the username is YahLives.