Nikki, I’m having some moisture issues!
Okay, I’m having some trouble finding a good moisturizer. I don’t like ordering products online and can’t afford to do so frequently, so shea butter and such is just out kind of out of the question now. I want to be able to find a moisturizer in stores, but everything I find isn’t vegan! Are there any affordable vegan moisturizers (without petroleum/mineral oil or silicones) in stores, or is there something I can make? Something excluding glycerine, because I’m not fond of the idea of something actually possibly taking the moisture out of my hair…
Please help!!
Unfortunately, I don’t have many recommendations for you. Your best bet is to experiment with the drugstore conditioners- leaving them in for added moisture as well as for styling purposes. There are a couple of Suave and VO5 lines that don’t contain silicones, but I don’t find them as moisturizing as Herbal Essence conditioners which contain some modified cones. I know that Target sells two or three organic lines, one of which is Giovanni. It is not very expensive and contains excellent ingredients, so you may want to look into their products.

Hopefully the community will be of more help!