Hello Curli Nikki, I couldn’t help but notice how smooth your edges are. Do you use hair gel at all? Can you please tell me how you get your edges that way? Thanks so much

I stopped using gel a long time ago. I realized that while it gave me a sleek look for a short period of time, my hair would quickly dry out, and shrink up.

While wet styling (twisting or bantu knots), I make sure to distribute the styling conditioner (usually DevaCare One) throughout my hair, paying special attention to the edges. When it comes time to twist the hair around my face, I make sure to smooth the shorter hairs into the twists. As always, it important to avoid touching the hair until it’s completely dry.

The next morning, I take the twists down, and choose whether to leave it out, or pull it up into a high bun, or gather it into a low side bun. If I decide on a high bun, I use my hands only to secure the bun (combs and brushes will create frizz). To help the edges lay, I tie on a silk scarf for 30 minutes before leaving the house.

Every night after that, I tie the scarf on to preserve the hairstyle. By day three or four of my bun, I apply Shea Butter to any unruly edges prior to applying the scarf for the night.

Not using water or gel to slick the edges, keeps all of the hair wavy and textured. I love it! Remember, smooth edges start with the initial set.