I’m re-posting the below article because I’ve yet to return to this routine! This is my goal- to DT once a week again…and to start taking my dang vitamins! I haven’t regularly taken vitamins since last year.


Weekly Deep Conditioning…I can’t stress this enough. I fell off the bandwagon, and haven’t done a DT with heat for several weeks, and I can definitely see a difference!!! My hair, especially my ends, are much drier and more prone to breakage.

If you don’t do anything else for yourself, I beg you to DT once a week (or more if you have the time) with or without heat.

My favorite DT’s are Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose, Aubrey Organics White Camellia, or Pantene R&N Breakage Defense Mask. After conditioning and detangling my hair, I apply one or a couple of the above three, and don a plastic cap. I use my Micro Heat Cap to warm things up, and rinse about 45 minutes later. If you choose not to use heat, make sure you leave it in for a substantial amount of time.

If done on a consistent basis, your hair will grow to greater lengths, thicken up, and generally feel and look healthier.

So, who is with me? At least a weekly DT through the end of the summer, and beyond…no matter how tired, how over booked we are…we must pamper our tresses!

Later Gators,