Hola Chicas,

I’ve gotten a ton of emails requesting pics of my hair cut results….

Well, let’s just say, that my hair is STILL in a bun 😀 I saw aunty yesterday at my sister’s first graduation (yes, she has 4 ceremonies) and the first thing out of her mouth was, “I see you left them big girl ‘draws’ in North Carolina, huh?” All I could do was laugh. The funny part is that I didn’t chicken out because I’m afraid of having shorter hair…I’m just scurred of being unable to pull off my high bun.

I think the reader comment that sealed the deal was this one, by anonymous:

over the winter I discovered I could acheive a bob look by pinning my hair under in the back. Very cute look that left my co- workers raving about my new “hair cut”. Well, I decided to go for it and cut it into an angled bob similar to Halle’s but a little less layering. Looks good down, but due to the shorter layers at the back, my bun is not nearly as full as it was. Also, if you like wearing you hair up, make sure the hair at the nape of your neck is left long enough to pull up without pulling and stressing your hair.

I’ve been rocking my bun for 4 weeks now and I’m loving the simplicity and classiness of the style. Maybe when I’m able to part with it, I’ll be able to get the cute new cut?

In other news, I’ll be posting our first celeb interview tomorrow! Stay tuned…

Later Gators,