My Rant: I wet my hair for the first time since the cut. It felt very different…not ‘bad’ different, per se, just strange. I could definitely feel the haphazard layers I cut in the other night. I’m waiting in anticipation to see how it dries. I hope it’s not a hot mess! Say a prayer for me ladies, lol.

My Rave: shampoo bars are the ISH!!!! I’ve tried two of them (the Zizyphus, and Lotus & Ylang Ylang )and I’m in heaven. They cleanse the hair without stripping it, smell great, and for whatever reason, make my hair much easier to detangle. I’m hooked. You could literally use these bars twice a week with no ill effects. Very mild and all natural, of course!

My Rave #2: If you ever buy a large bottle of conditioner that comes with a pump, SAVE THE PUMP! Trust me, you’ll thank me later. I saved the pump from my huge bottle of Paul Mitchell the Detangler, and put it down in my family sized bottle of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. Some of these bottles are shaped very akwardly and picking them up with slippery hands can be dangerous! I can’t tell you how many times my bottle of HE has crashed to the shower floor. The pump allows me to sit the bottle on the side of the tub, or floor of the shower, and extract the yummy conditioner with ease. Just a thought…

Leave your rants and raves in the comments below. I’m looking for a new butter/styling creme to try for the summer…so if you’ve recently tried one, leave your review!