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Curly Nikki

Let’s Do it Again- Rants and Raves

By January 27th, 202118 Comments

My Rant: I wet my hair for the first time since the cut. It felt very different…not ‘bad’ different, per se, just strange. I could definitely feel the haphazard layers I cut in the other night. I’m waiting in anticipation to see how it dries. I hope it’s not a hot mess! Say a prayer for me ladies, lol.

My Rave: shampoo bars are the ISH!!!! I’ve tried two of them (the Zizyphus, and Lotus & Ylang Ylang )and I’m in heaven. They cleanse the hair without stripping it, smell great, and for whatever reason, make my hair much easier to detangle. I’m hooked. You could literally use these bars twice a week with no ill effects. Very mild and all natural, of course!

My Rave #2: If you ever buy a large bottle of conditioner that comes with a pump, SAVE THE PUMP! Trust me, you’ll thank me later. I saved the pump from my huge bottle of Paul Mitchell the Detangler, and put it down in my family sized bottle of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. Some of these bottles are shaped very akwardly and picking them up with slippery hands can be dangerous! I can’t tell you how many times my bottle of HE has crashed to the shower floor. The pump allows me to sit the bottle on the side of the tub, or floor of the shower, and extract the yummy conditioner with ease. Just a thought…

Leave your rants and raves in the comments below. I’m looking for a new butter/styling creme to try for the summer…so if you’ve recently tried one, leave your review!


  • LBell says:

    Rant: I have approximately 8″ of hair all over. That 8″ shrinks down to 1.5″ in the front and top, 3-4″ in the back, and 5″ over my ears. Creator of all, may I ask what was the logic in arranging my hair follicles in this manner?

    Rave: Every night after moisturizing I put my hair in 12-15 fat twists or plaits. I continue to be amazed at how thick and healthy they are compared to the dry matchstick-sized plaits I had as a little kid.

    Butter/creme suggestion: I’m loving my shealoe right now. I made it with unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, and Fantasia IC gel (clear), with some CD Khoret Amen added for scent.

  • Anonymous says:

    rant my twistouts never turn out right always end up in poneytail. rave- I am soo happy i used yemen henna to color my grays great coverage and no itchy burning scalp!

  • Tiffalicious says:

    My Rant: Having short neck-length hair after my BC and having no styles to try 🙁

    My Rave: Cantu Leave-in shea butter conditioner & Aloe Vera gel (both help me achieve a wash & go defined curl look) 🙂

  • Our Forever Continues... says:

    Hello ladies…

    My rant: I just started using Castor Oil to thicken and strengthen my hair. But I’ve found that it makes my scalp extremely itchy on the 2nd day after usage.

    My rave: TBA

    HHG 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    rave: the lady at the hospital gift shop commented on how gorgeous my hair is and asked about the lovely color. i told her henna!!! i gave her my mix, told her about and wished her good luck.

    rant: same lady above assumed that my hair is thick and coarse (like hers). individual strands are fine but since there is so much of it and it frizzes up it looks thick. entire point of this rant: don’t put your hair politics on me!

    rave: FINALLY figured out the bantu knot out!!! the secret (at least for me) is to twist my hair in about 80 small twists (versus 10 medium twists) and then bantu knot those twists! i keep the definition and get the curl of the knot out

    rave: coconut oil and aloe vera gel work miracles


  • brownshugahgirl says:

    Product Rec’s:

    Niiki you gotta try KBB Hair milk for moisture, has no hold, but moisture.

    And try Oyin Honey Hemp for moisture and some hold–i recently noticed that aloe vera gel is high on the ingredient list, not sure if this is the reason for the hold but either way I’m loving this conditioner as a leave-in/styler.

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    *Rants: 1.) My hair is so frickin prone to build up! urrrggh. If I clarify today, this’ll be the second time this month(ACV) and Im scared to overdo these rinses. Which one- have clogged follicles for one more week or risk the disasters of “over-clarifying? hmmm
    2.) This Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily condish kinda sucks on my hair. I cant wait to get rid of it. Good thing it’s getting warmer so I can co wash more…

    *Rave: 1.) I discovered yet another thing about my hair. It much prefers big twists over small…
    2.) Making plans on finally trying HEHH

  • Maria says:

    Fly Vixen, tip for you: next time use Gerber Banana baby food. Works so much better!
    Kimmitri, I have the same problem! One side is curlier than the other. I won't cut it though. Straight it looks fine.

    RANT: I bought 2 Lustrasilk's yesterday at the supermarket and when I opened them up they had MOLD inside! Eww!! Gotta return that ish.

    RAVE: I am in love with my Yes to Carrots hair & scalp mask. I am going to marry it.


    Rant: I did a henna for the first time on my hair last night, slept in it and had a RED pillow this morning (ok, red spots randomly over the pillow)!…I thought I had the plastic cap/ scarf tied tight enough and with it drying so hard, didn’t think it would leak…guess my head was heating it up (or i was sleeping like a mad woman).

    Rave: Henna is the ish! My hair was so beautiful after I washed it out! It made my transitioning hair so soft. I think it was that combined with the Aussie Moist that I used. I figured since I will be doing henna again (I’m hooked), I now have an official Henna Head Pillow!

  • Anonymous says:

    Rave: All week I have been having a fabulous hair week. I’ve simplified my products and my wash n’ gos have been fierce like never before. I even had a cutie at the grocery store comment on my “awesome curls”.

    Rant: Today was detangle day for me; I felt like that little girl at the beginning of the Color Purple movie. =0(

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    Rant: I painted my kitchen and got some paint in my beloved two strand twists. I’m on a personal protective styling challenge and I was hoping to keep those joints in through the holiday weekend.

    Rave: because I had to wash the paint out I was too tired to retwist but I’m rocking a huge puff right now. Gotta love Aubrey Organics Island Naturals conditioner and organic shea butter. Also, my kitchen is now a warm, inviting shade called suger cookie 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Rant: Just took my braids out after about 6 weeks and I shed half my hair while combing out the kinks. Are you supposed to do this when it’s wet or dry? I wet mine and used HEHH.

    Rave: None right now. I’m sure y’all understand…

  • InTransition_RN says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I love your hair cut… I think the fact that you’re used to the fullness of your tresses, it’s messing with your psyche!!! You’re hair looks fabulous!!! Stop fretting and enjoy the style.

    As for my rant: WHY do people always feel their comments on my transitioning hair should be within listening distance of my ears???? One girl had the nerve to ask me “WHAT are you doing to your hair?” I kindly let her know that while my hair is not the “norm,” it is doing quite well, much to her dismay. I also let her know that when my hair begins to look more beautiful and you’re still rocking your weave, remember this day. Her final comment: “Well, you need to slap a perm up in it.” My reaction: “Fellas… there’s a jealous girl in our town… oh baby!!! (A la New Edition).”

    My Rave: I’ve discovered that Bantu Knots and braid out styles really make transitioning hair look more “natural.” I have about 5 inches of new growth and about 5 inches of permed ends left… with these styles, it’s 10 inches of ‘fro and absolutely big and beautiful. I no longer have to wonder what my hair will look like when my hair is totally natural. And that same girl from my rant, now she asks me… how did you get all of your hair to look like that… My response: Nun-Ya!

    Product Recommendation for Nikki and others: Karen’s body beautiful product line… in particular her hair cream, hair milk, and hair mask!!! Great lasting fragrances (Coco Lime and Coco Mango are my personal favorites) and nice, all natural ingredients that make hair look fantabulistic!!! The hair mask is an absolute God send!!! Soft, detangled tresses!!!

    2nd Product Recommendation: Anita Grant’s Rhassoul Bar and Babassu Shampoo Bar. Words can NOT express the results I’ve received from using these items.

    Last note: To transitioners out there, don’t let anyone’s comments deter you from your ultimate goal: strong, healthy and beautiful hair!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Rave: I figured out that a few bobby pins can give me a good updo, and a way to work out my hair when it’s tired. Since it’s not long enough to ponytail when curly, this has been a great discovery.

    Rant: My hair straight is even. Curly, the left side curls differently, tighter, something, and it’s about 2ish inches shorter. As I do like to go straight sometimes, it’s ridiculous to cut it to make it even curly.

    Rant/Rave: I LOVE how the henna makes my hair feel and I also love the color I have now after 2 hennas and a gloss. But now I’m scared to henna again, because I’m terrified I’ll hate the color.

  • Anonymous says:

    rant: I need a haircut BAD! I am so tired of the non-shape I have going on on my head. plus I am seriously contemplating getting some hair color and searching the internet for pix is tiring! lol

    rave: I recently discovered that pinning my hair to my head at night (with about 9 of those large bobby pins) and covering with a bonnet gives great third and fourth day hair!

    extra rave: it’s a three day weekend! yay! and my bosses let us out early

  • Mother Nature hair says:

    My prayers with your hair, how did it look dry? Tell us *FingerCrossed* here’s my two cents 🙂

    My rant: Transitioning hair is a hotter bigger mess at least to me, all these different textures in one head claiming to go against war with each other “Why me lord, WHY” lol

    My rave: My new Kissan Desi Ghee I bought from the Chinese market is the best add on to all of my DCTreatments. I just add a small tea spoon and sometime 2tsp, it gives my hair super shine 😀 I just love it

  • Dania says:

    rant: On Monday I decided to channel my inner mixtress and make a homeade deep conditioner… I’m not sure where I read that banana is good for the hair, and I’m pretty sure that it is. Where ever I found this information, I also remember reading that the person who added the banana in their conditioner had a problem removing the bits of banana chunks from their hair… Naive me,I thought that could never happen to me my hair is only 2 inches long! Well.. it’s Friday and I’m still finding little pieces of banana in my hair. But it was a pretty good conditioner despite the gifts it left behind :-

    Rave: I finally bought Giovanni 50/50 conditioner and it’s AMAZING. Yay! Something that will actually moisturize my hair!

  • puff says:

    my rant: i’ve been feeling sick for the past couple of days (allergies + lost voice) meaning that my hair has been hiding under scarves looking a hot mess 🙁

    my rave: i henna’d my hair for the first time using the jamila! and it feels much stronger and smoother. i finally did my bantu knots which should be dry soon so i can rock my big hair and my new (rave #2) ododo originals flower 🙂

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