Put on Them Big Girl Panties!

Hola Chicas!

So lately, I’ve really been tempted to get a shape-up…preferably a professionally shaped bob. I’m not talking anything drastic, but I’d like a change.

I’ve always said that my optimal curly length is chin. My hair is shrinking to my shoulders or just above and I don’t like the way it hangs in the back. I’d like a few layers in the crown, and just a teeny bit off in the front. I’m such a chicken though! No one has touched my head in almost 2 years…

If I get it done, I’ll go to Marie at Shi Salon in St. Louis. I already set up an appointment for Wednesday of next week…my Mom was going anyway. Here’s how our text convo went:

CN:I just made an appointment with you for next Wednesday! I want a new shape…can you do it?
Marie: Good, are you coming with your mother?
CN: Yep. I want it bobbed for volume… but you know I’m scurred…will you cut it wet or dry?
Marie: It’s better to cut dry, don’t be scared! I will talk you through.
CN: Alrighty…I’ll put on my big girl panties ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d like to go from here:

Put on Them Big Girl Panties!
To here:

Put on Them Big Girl Panties!
I like this one, but I’m wayyyy to chicken ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, I’m not sure if it would look right on super curly hair.

Put on Them Big Girl Panties!

What do you think?! I think a curly angled bob would be hot!!!

If you have links to sites with cute bobs, leave them in the comments!!!!
If you have pics of cute bobs, send them to my email.

I’m talking 1-2 inches tops..I NEED to be able to wear my lazy bun!!!