Hey Nikki,

The author of the following email requested that I pose this question to all of you. Help her out!


Wondering if you can pose a question to your readers for me. I’m terribly confused at how to identify split ends on my head. When I was relaxed it was easy. The ends were not as smooth and looked frayed. Now that I’m natural. I really have no earthly idea how to tell. I suppose if I had a looser texture it might be easier because the ends would be rougher than the rest of the hair. But I am a 4A so my hair naturally has a coarser texture, so I can’t tell. If I go strictly by the feel than my whole head would be a split end and I’d have to have myself bald. lol. How do I tell? I did trim my hair today and it feels and looks a lot better and combs out nicely. Before I was getting a lot of those single strand knots and the ends had the tendency to look straggly. I believe I cut off 1/4 to 1/2 inch. All I did was just trim each piece until it was even. my ends were very uneven. I couldn’t tell what was split end and what wasn’t. I just trimmed until it looked good to my eye. Any advice would be appreciated. Would love to hear from those with hair patterns like mine especially but all advice is appreciated.