Yeah…not really a good idea.

For (at least) the last 2 styling sessions, I’ve managed to use DevaCare No-Poo to style my hair…WTF?! Obviously, styling naturally dry hair with shampoo, even a ‘lo’ or ‘no’ poo, is something I’d advise against. So how did this happen you ask?

It would seem that I wasn’t paying attention during my last Ulta trip- I accidently picked up Deva No Poo, which happens to look just like it’s cousin One Condition. After I got home, I immediately took it out of the bag, and placed it on the side of the tub for use. I then proceeded to LEAVE IT IN after washing and detangling…not once, but twice! I kept thinking, “hmm….what is that smell?” The No Poo has a minty smell that resembles a shampoo I keep in the shower, so I chalked it up to that.

Long story short, 30 minutes ago, after washing my hair, and finger detangling with Totally Twisted, I again applied what I thought was DevaCare One to the back left section of my hair. That weird minty smell hit me again, and I looked down at the bottle… and lo and behold, in big bold print, it read “NO POO”.

Reading is friggin’ fundamental ladies! It took my nose to figure out that something wasn’t right. The funny part is that the ingredients are incredibly similar…the first 5-10 are exactly the same. The No Poo is very slippery and definitely doesn’t strip the hair. I highly rec’ it for a light poo 🙂

I guess this explains why my last Twist-n-Curl was short lived…it frizzed out really fast and the ends were dry as the desert by day 2.


Is not that:
My hair styled with No Poo: