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Curly Nikki

The Sub Is In!

By January 27th, 202112 Comments

The beautiful Wes of HoneyBrownSugar is back! She is manning today. Check out her post below:

If I were stuck on an island, which 5 hair products would I absolutely NEED to have?

1. Elasta QP DPR-11: Since I’ll be stuck in the sun and sand all day I’ll need to keep my hair extremely moisturized. This deep conditioner is so rich that I don’t need to add coconut (or olive oil) to it.

2. Pantene Relaxed & Natural Conditioner: Is multipurpose! I use this to slick back ponytails and for styling wash & go’s, twist outs, etc.

3. Ouchless Goody Ponytail-holders: Ponytails, braids, buns- I use these to hold everything in place.

4. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo: Great for removing impurities and residue (like sand). *I usually clarify using this shampoo once a month.

5. Denman Brush: This brush works wonders for me, its been by my side for about 2 years now and I won’t go anywhere without it!

So there you have it. To be honest, if I were going away on vacation I would only pack three of the above- Pantene R&N Condish, ponytail holders, and my Denman. That’s all, that’s it. I’m a pretty simple girl.

What are your 5 must haves?


  • Kerr-Ann Dempster says:

    ok, my must have items are:

    1. 100% aloe vera gel- we r in a love affair
    2. Giovanni leave-in
    3. ACV – knocked my nasty dandruffs right out!
    4. Castor Oil! (its the awesome)
    5. Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal

    i’m sure i could find everything else on the island 🙂

  • Maria says:

    1. Shescenit’s hair butter
    2. Organix shampoo
    3. Gallon on conditioner in case I’m there a while!
    4. My fake Denman brush LOL
    5. My trusty scrunchies

  • Quel says:

    1. 100% natural coconut oil
    2. Creme of Nature conditioning & detangling shampoo
    3. The Detangler (conditioner) by Paul Mitchell
    4. Organix coconut split ends mender
    5. Goody knock-off of Denman D4 brush

  • Anonymous says:

    1. a sulfate-free shampoo or pure castile soap
    2. a conditioner that can double as a leave-in, and be easily doctored for deep conditioning and twist styling
    3. coconut oil + neem oil
    4. herbal tea + acv rinse
    5. silk or satin headbands

  • Our Forever Continues... says:

    Here’s my 5 Must-Haves:

    1. Ouchless pony holders
    2. Dr. Bonner’s 18 in 1 Hemp Peppermint Poo
    3. (B/c the above makes my hair hard) C-o-N poo/cond combo
    4. Wave Nouveau Moisturizer
    5. Hot 6 Oil/Shea Butter

  • Butterfly73 says:

    1) Can I say the KCCC AND Knot today as one? ok I did. lol
    2) HE Totally Twisted
    3) CD Mimosa Hair Honey (for my edges)
    4) ouchless headbands (but my head is big I will use it as a ponytail holder insead)
    5) Water

  • tryn2figureitout says:

    Let’s see:

    1. Some kind of clarifying shampoo (I’m still trying this one out so I won’t name any particular product)
    2. Hello Hydration Conditioner
    3. Joboba Oil
    4. Ouchless headbands
    5. Elasta QP Glaze

  • nikkiblanco says:

    1. My huge wide tooth comb (I don’t have a denman)
    2. Loreal Vive Hydragloss Conditioner (for thick, dry hair)
    3. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk
    4. DevaCurl One Conditioner
    5. and I have to concur with the Ouchless bands–love’m!

  • Anonymous says:

    My Fab Five products are:

    1) Giovanni direct leave-in
    2) ouchless headbands
    3) Aubrey Henna clean rinse(loveeeee this, great alternative to shampoo
    4) Coconut Oil
    5) Aloevera Gel(for wash in go ponytail)

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a serious PJ I love the ability to switch if need be but it I had to choose…
    1) aubrey organics conditioner
    2) coconut oil
    3) mixed chics leave in conditioner
    4) shea butter
    5) aloe vera gel
    6) denman brush

  • Anonymous says:

    Just five? Okay, I'm only a 6 month transitioner so:

    1) Carrot & Rice Bran Shampoo Bar
    2) Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner
    3) Shea Butter Pomade
    4) Ouchless head band (can be doubled into a
    ponytail holder
    5) Denman Brush

  • B. Reed says:

    Let’s see (with my point finger on the edge of my lip) HMMMM

    1)Shea butter
    2)Vegetable glycerine
    3)Ouchless pony tail holders
    4)Organic Stimulator Olive oil conditioner

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