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Curly Nikki

Twist-n-Curl Post Cut

By January 27th, 202120 Comments

Hola Chicas,

I took my hair down this morning to see what I was working with 🙂 It doesn’t look all that different in the photos, but I can definitely see and feel a difference.

Although I’m still pretty indecisive, I think I’m going to pull it back into a low side bun for the Triangle Meetup this evening. I’ve got my Kanye specials (big a$ black frame glasses, no lenses), and they don’t look right with ‘out’ hair. I’m ready.

Later Gators!

Who is going out tonight, and how are you wearing your hair?!

I used DevaCare One Condition throughout, and DevaCurl Set if Free on the ends prior to rolling. I experimented a bit with Oyin Shine and Define on my crown, but the results are inconclusive.

Twist-n-Curl Post Cut
Twist-n-Curl Post Cut


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  • Unknown says:

    Oh wow, i just realized that i order the wrong DEVA conditioner! i ordered DevaCURL instead of DevaCARE. i’m not sure if i like the DEVACURL One…it doesnt have a lot of slip to me and i don’t like how my wet hair feels with it…interestingly enough after it dries the curls are more defined and stay frizz free for over a week which i love. Still i want to order the DevaCARE…have you tried DevaCURL Nikki?

  • Unknown says:

    oh sheesh…So I’m reading this and suddenly i realize that when i ordered my Conditioner i order DevaCURL One not DevaCARE One. ~sigh~ While i like how my hair looks i’m not too content with how it feels while wet and fresh out of the shower. i wonder if this is why?


  • InTransition_RN says:

    Hey Nik,

    I visited the Oyin shop while visiting a friend in MD, and I repurchased the S&D as per recommendation that it will create a "tighter curl pattern." It should be used on clean damp hair and it's good for a T&C or Bantu Knots… I'm gonna try it again since I was told I used it wrong. BTW, Jamila is absolutely beautiful in person!!!
    And the hair looks fab!!!

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    Gorgeous, as usual. SHADOW, u took my adjective. haha. j/k. Atleast we agree.

  • Anonymous says:

    After staring at myself in the mirror and telling myself that there is no excuse for holding on to the absurd length at the back of my head if the rest of it ain’t growing as fast: I did it.
    Why, I asked, should I hold on to thinner ends and and the long and fastly growing beautifully textured length at the back of my head?
    To be able to pull it all up into a high bun on lazy days, I replied.
    That was not good enough so I cut it off.
    It’s just bellow my ears now.
    I am no longer able to do a high bun, but it looks fuller and bigger and I feel kind of eighties.

    (And I know just the leather jacket and pair of tight stonedwashed jeans to go with this look.)

  • Inga says:

    I love it…your hair looks sooo healthy…I can see there are a few curls on the side that are abit longer though…everything else looks beautiful to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    @carmennc: thanks for the advice, i will look it up asap.i hope they will ship to germany…
    you are sooo right about rockin`what mama earth gave us at any given age.

    love from berlin,


  • Shelly says:

    Nikki…as usual your hair is beautiful.

    Monika…I’m 38 and I still wear flowers in my natural hair. As a matter of fact, I’m going to a music festival today and I can’t decide which flower to rock.

  • B. Reed says:

    Your hair looks good nik, not bad at all for an impromptu hair cut. 🙂

  • Our Forever Continues... says:

    How are you ladies achieving this TnC style?

  • Maria says:

    I can tell the difference in length right away. I also noticed that it looks moisturized and beautiful. Great work crazy lady.

  • Our Forever Continues... says:

    I love the curls…how did you achieve this style?

  • keisha says:

    me likey…i’m co-signing with 4aspiral. i have my second attempt at the TnC setting now…we shall see how it turns out!

  • SHADOW says:

    Oh Em Gee. It looks GORGEOUS!! Absolutely lovely.

  • Anonymous says:


    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Monika..I am an older “hair diva” (46) but that doesn’t stop me from jazzing up my beautiful natural hair that God gave me. It’s not how old you are but instead how you pull off the fashion.;)
    Check out for interesting hair accessories not age specifc.

  • Anonymous says:

    hi nikki your hair looks so healthy and ita with aspiral u just removed some of the bulk . I think u did a beautiful job!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki, it looks nice as always.i do not see a big difference, but it seems to me they fall a little different..
    thaks for sharing the sidebun. i tried it today and got some compliments from hubby (okay, that is his job;-)) and some free peaches from the grocery man (which was nice). I have another question:
    Nikki, do you have any styling suggestions for “older” ladies? i am 39 now and though i love putting flowers in my hair it seems not so ok for me to do so. so any suggestions how to put my curls to the next level with some beautiful, “appropriate” accessoires would be greatly appreciated..
    Thanks in advance and love from berln,

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous hair. Sooooo shiny!!


  • 4aspiral says:

    Now that you have styled with it. The biggest difference I noticed is that you removed some bulk in your hair. The length looks the same in the front, the back appears slightly raised. All in all it look pretty similar to before. Your hair is still shiny and bouncy and looks healthy.

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