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Curly Nikki

Tyra on Good Hair

By January 27th, 202171 Comments


  • Anonymous says:

    I saw a clip of this episode, and it seems like it was a good idea, that spiraled into a hot mess. Tyra did not seem to approach this topic well. I also think that she should have focused more on women who are natural and are able to have such awesome hairstyles and versatility. All the arguing that i saw just made black women look ignorant. Sadly the guest with "White Girl Flow" sounded the MOST IGNORANT of all. It's really sad that we have such a hard time accepting ourselves. To all the educated naturals out there: Rock Your Hair Fiercely so that we can show our sisters how to care for their hair. It does not have to be matted and tangled, once you know how to care for it.

  • curling irons says:

    It's sad that such shows even exist
    Tv is full of crap in our days ..

  • black ops multiplayer crack says:

    nice hairstyle

  • Anonymous says:

    CRazy Magnet-I agree with your comments

  • Curly Gigi says:

    Crazy Magnet, I have to agree 100% with your comments. Thanks for expressing them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Check out this company. They have a wealth of information and DVD's on how to do different techniques on hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ricky’s NYC has a lot of affordable name-brand makeup available in store and on their website (, including their exclusive makeup line called Mattese Elite. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested.

  • Unknown says:

    I saw the episode. It was ridiculous ! The worst part for me was Tyra and those fake ass cornrows she was wearing. How you gonna do a show on natural hair and then wear weave braids. C'mon Son ! Then the next day she went right back to a lace front blond wig. The straw that broke my back with Tyra is when she had white models painted black for a photo shoot on ANTM. She had modern day black face goin on. Too much ! I'm so through with Tyra.

  • hair salon says:

    I didn't see the episode but this is sad

  • Jazmin says:

    Where I come from curly and I mean any type of coil means you have good hair, and not necessarily healthy. Un-naturally Straightened hair is looked down upon as conformity. Tyra should know better, she has fought for change. I can't believe she agrees with this atrocity.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks b. said that meant alot that you took time to respond and understand my frustrations. I find that 2stranding helps the growth and I don’t have to worry about it. I definitely have to remember that with natural hair I do have to work with it and not against it.

  • b. says:

    MeelaJE…LOLOL!!! @ “Get them to stop thinking if they use water and Pink Oil Lotion and it doesn’t look like a French Deep Wave Weave when they’re finished, then they slap a perm in it.”

    You ain’t lied…

  • MeelaJVH says:

    Thank you so much, Nikki for posting this for me. What encouraged me to go natural was having my daughter. How could I tell her in the future to not relax/straighten her hair if I was still relaxing it myself? And homegirl is only 2.5 yrs old! It’s that serious because apparantely she is supposed to need/have a relaxer by her 3rd birthday. Didn’t y’all know that it’s the new Negro rite of passage to get Draino put in your hair before you even begin kindergarten so you can be beautiful?

    Seriously though, I wish more women wound ask me about my hair so we could have a good dialogue. So far, I’m getting through to some ladies at church that have daughters on what they should try for all of their hair. Get them to stop thinking if they use water and Pink Oil Lotion and it doesn’t look like a French Deep Wave Weave when they’re finished, then they slap a perm in it.

    Each one, reach one, Baby!

  • b. says:

    I admit, styling can take awhile. But I hope you can find some great ideas from the sites you frequent. Even styles that are worn by women with a looser curl pattern, they can usually be modified for your texture (believe me I know). In the end, our hair choices boil down to what is acceptable to YOU. Do you find twists acceptable for yourself? Are you able to find the beauty in the way your hair coils? If not, then you can do something else. Keeping (not just getting) natural hair requires a change in beauty perception. If your preference is straight hair, then that’s one choice. Locking is a choice. Splurging on a natural hair salon visit and getting a new ‘do is also an option and may make you revisit your initial desire for natural hair. If you keep your hair natural, remember that you have to work with it and not against it.

    It’s my sincere hope that you learn to love the beauty in the hair you have, even if you change it later. There is nothing innately wrong with our hair. The changes we make to our hair should be borne (in an ideal scenario) from our desired preference, not because the God-given alternative is so “bad” or “unacceptable”. But that’s in an ideal world. I wish you all the best.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am soo tempted to just get a relaxer! its getting frustrating just to do it! Having natural hair is new for me, its been approx. 2.5 yrs and normally I just wash it and cornrow it or 2strand and put a wig on. But since stumbling upon all these natural sites which have been helpful it seems like nothing is working for me. Maybe I should just start over and chop/shave it off or just get a relaxer!

  • JuliAna says:

    IMO, most naturals and ladies that process their hair, will agree there are possible if not definite problems linked with chemical relaxers.

    Fact: Black hair is fragile; one of the main problems that relaxers can cause is dryness of the scalp, increased fragility of the cuticle of the hair, and problems surrounding the skin.

    Furthermore, the elasticity of the hair is decreased after it has been subjected to processing.

    According to lacking information, knowledge and the unenlightened on the tired, tacky, Tyra Show, Dummy #1, a single word can’t express my lack of respect accompanied by my feeling of dislike for this changeling. “White Girl Flow” what a joke!!

    What is Good Hair?

    For some reason dummy #2 consider “technically” straight hair better and more socially acceptable.

    Statistics show, pick any source you choose, the hair industry in the United States is worth $1.6 billion annually, and 2% of every black persons income goes towards hair care.

    We should keep this in mind when we think about why black women go to so much trouble to straighten their hair.

  • Ms. Silky Coils says:

    Wow – “white girl flow”……we have got to do better my people!

  • Life in the Desert says:

    I am currently transitioning by default. Once I decided to decided to really take care of my hair a relaxer would no longer process. I have since embraced by natural hair and think everyone else should as well.

    The white girl flow chick is delusional. Why does she think having chemically altered hair makes her hair “better quality” SMH.

  • D_luv says:

    A few things… the show was a hot mess.

    Like someone else mentioned, the kernel idea that started the show was a good one — let’s expose the Tyra viewers to something they don’t know. I’m sure Tyra even felt passionate about bringing the issue up in the public discourse. And that’s where all the positivity ended.

    At some point, commercialism, sensationalism, and shallowness settled in. They went out trying to find the most vocal and controversial guests, the most extreme examples. For goodness sake, the “white girl flow” girl had more problems that just being dumb — she was obviously a narcissistic personality type at the very least! Even the way that Tyra threw some random cornrows into her hair and then tried to project her “daily hair struggles” out there was tired. The truth is many of the celebrities who wear lace fronts and sew-ins have natural hair. It’s easy — you just do nothing and it grows and grows… just like a dead person’s fingernails. I would argue that it’s hardly a choice at all. She underrepresented naturals, had no lessons to teach, did not bring any people of the opposing viewpoints on to talk about why they hate relaxers (we know those people are out there.. probably reading this blog!:).

    All in all, a hot ass mess. I still shared on facebook though, and am looking forward to all the discussion it will provoke to have it up there.

  • Queen says:

    This is exactly why I do not subscribe to her. She is ignorant and acts like she’s so stunned when guests say things on her show. Tyra has said numerous times that she has good hair, Eva Pigford Marcelle whatever that child’s name is now..has good hair…Tyra even went so far as to suggest that her hair was one of the reasons Naomi hated her. Booooo!!

  • lorrnae says:

    Bet you next time I see her, sh’r sgoing to be rockin soo much weave…

  • Fashion Maven says:

    Oh my gosh – though I appreciate her pointing out the realities of ‘reality’ tv, she STILL compared someone’s hair to pubic hair on the video and then laughed about it. What an ignorant fool. I cannot stomach ignorance like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Next to South Africa, The USA looks like the most rasist country in the world (to me).Black people and white people are really seperated. It is weird because it North America a country who claims to be the best in the world. But it is way behind in accepting each other.


    LOLOLOL. The world? LMAO not really, theres lots of countries that have bad race relations its not just the USA & SA. You either need to read or get out more. The whole world is behind in accepting each other.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was looking on youtube for bits of the show and came across the personal vlog of the asian woman that was on the show (who said her friend had hair that looked like pubic hair). This is what she had to say:

  • Anonymous says:

    To Mave,

    Thank you for your reaction.
    Next to South Africa, The USA looks like the most rasist country in the world (to me). Black people and white people are really seperated. It is weird because it North America a country who claims to be the best in the world. But it is way behind in accepting each other.
    I hope Obama will change this for you.

    Much love from Holland


  • V dot says:

    I want to interject here and add to some of the comments being made.

    1. Relaxing a babies hair is a no no. A grown woman can do what she wants but a kid should not be forced to have harmful chemicals applied to her head. As others have said, Tyra should have had a dermatologist speak about the harm of relaxers.

    2. I honestly see nothing wrong with relaxers. If a woman wants to wear one so be it. I have seen relaxed hair that is strong and healthy and – honestly – pretty. So we shouldn’t down a sista for her choices and comment that her hair is brittle, etc. etc. We don’t know. And if its brittle, if she’s okay with it, so be it.

    3. Lastly, I’ve gotten some really negative remarks from other natural sisters. I have light skin and green eyes and a 3b/3c curl pattern. I’ve been told “I’m not natural” or “mixed hair doesn’t qualify” (for the record, I am not mixed! Shows how ignant folks are for assuming things. When I had drealocks, I was told by other women with locks I was too light for dreadlocks. So while we talk about folks needing to be more open minded and accepting, we also need to acknowledge the fact that not all natural sistas are earth mothers who love and accept everyone around them.

  • SHADOW says:

    JuliAna!!! OMG! Your post had me ROLLING!

  • samurai says:

    I just watched the clip…I was @ work and couldn't watch the show…(and I'm drunk, but let's pretend I'm celebrating your birthday or something lololol) but I think Tyra is the dumbest person in America. 1) for acting like she didn't know what the white girl flow was (cuz I'm slow as hell, but in regards to hair, I assumed what white girl flow was and was right) and 2) why she act like on the finale of ANTM she knew the weird looking black chick was gonna win cuz she was special?

    Come ON man! Tyra u out here rocking the most lace frontingest weave outta everybody on the planet, and you wanna act like u don't know what people are talking bout on ya danggon show with white girl flow? Then to be "PC" she showed up that day with cornrows so she could be as ethnic as possible???

    Come ON man! Nonobdy on the clip I saw even had a natural! Unless they pressed their hair for the show or something!

    Again…my bad…liquor & Tyra & hair don't mix probably lol


  • Anonymous says:

    I didnt see the show but i am mad from just reading the posts here . I definitely think Tyra should have included more natural beauties on the show. I hope she does another show on this subject. Maybe we should all drop her a line! Nikki would be an excellent guest and so would any of us who follow this or any natural hair care blog! People need to be educated and their is a wealth of info available.Thanks to all who share because i love my natural hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe its because I kinda *like* Tyra…(she seems to really try sometimes) but I didn’t find the show that awful. YES, she needed to educate herself a bit more before trying to host various guests, and YES the representatives were ignorant and YES the show should have show-cased healthy hair habits and how to take care of hair/debunking myths about kinky hair…but I think what we saw on t.v. is sadly what is still fairly popular amongst our community. the show definitely should have a follow up with less ‘panels’ and more hair experts- dermatologists/chemists/natural hair professionals, beauticians that can HELP the general audience instead of further inciting discord and highlighting the issues of the black community.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t watch Tyra because I’ve got better things to do with my time. It’s clear the kernel of an idea that set the show in motion was a good idea. It’s just Tyra didn’t have enough smart people behind the scenes to pull it off. My goodness, look at all the natural hair companies and naturals they could have called on. Maybe it’s me, but I feel like natural hair is a movement of sorts. I’ve had people try to pull me over to talk about my hair and have been hemmed up in corners telling folks what I do, and I’m no CurlyNikki. Sadly It didn’t appear Tyra tried very hard to produce a thought-provoking show.

  • Nika says:

    OMG!! I need to see the whole video. These women are ignant!!

  • MsLady07 says:

    This clip appalled me. It’s hard to believe there are African-American women who lack self-esteem THIS much that they consider hair with “white girl flow” more superior and beauty-enhancing than natural tresses. I recently did the BC after transitioning for 11 months and I truly L-O-V-E it! I am so glad that I don’t have to conform to the “European standard.” Natural girls ROCK!

  • JuliAna says:

    OMG, Tyra, what a BUM!! This weave wearing rat has never represented black women in a positive light. She is a 100% JOKE!!! As far as the black women on the show, they have the IQ of a STUMP!!! IGNORANT. WHY WOULD I WANT “WHITE GIRL FLOW” STRINGY, STRAIGHT, BORING, DRY, BRITTLE, BLEACHED, OVERPROCESSED CAN’T HOLD A CURL HAIR. THE HELL YOU SAY!!! I ROCK A MEAN HEAD OF HEALTHY, LONG NATURAL CURLS!!!

    This is why I don’t watch the Tacky, Raggedy, ASS Show!! (TYRA)

  • SweetT says:

    Yeah I agree with everyone else that she should have shown more women with natural hair and allowed more time for them to explain why they chose to go natural and etc. To have one woman w/locs versus two w/relaxers was not enough. I did not see the rest of the show outside this clip, but judging from these comments I didn’t miss much. :(

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    *gives Mave a standing ovation*

  • Fashion Maven says:

    To the anonymous poster from Holland: You asked why the hair issue for AAs is such a big deal in the USA.

    To answer your question, I invite you to actually go and study the history of racism and slavery in America and to read up on how we as African Americans reacted to the oppression and racism with self-hatred of what God naturally gave us.

    Attributes that are (considered) more Afro-centric, like kinkier hair, darker skin, broader noses, etc.. are generally looked upon with derision in the black community (sadly). That’s because back during slavery times and immediately after the abolition of slavery, blacks received uneven treatment based on how ‘white’ or ‘black’ they looked. The more ‘white’ looking blacks were allowed to work in the homes of the master, whilst the darker blacks who looked more ‘black’ worked in the fields.

    It was the beginning of a caste system so to speak in America based on how non-black you looked. After slavery, the blacks who could (well, some of them) pass as white often left the black race and blended with whites in order to reap those benefits. That caste system still exists today. And while some here suggest that no one else cares about these issues we have (how we manifest our self-hatred), there is ample evidence to show that blacks are still discriminated against due to how ‘black’ they look. Look at Hollywood and see how it’s the more white-looking AA actresses who get ahead. Look at any commercial where there is a white, black and other ethnicity and you’ll see that the black girl is always shunted off to the side, as though she couldn’t possibly be the center of attention.

    We get these subtle ‘eurocentric beauty is the only real beauty’ messages every single day in this country. And we both absorb these messages and then perpetuate them in our own community. At this point, it’s up to us to reject the lie that white girls set the beauty standard and start embracing our own God-given beauty.

    I now rock a natural and I get so many compliments on it. Part of the the compliments come from people being fascinated with my hair and the other part comes simply from how confident I now feel. It is liberating to reject the eurocentric beauty standard as the only standard and DARE anyone to try to tell me that I’m not beautiful just as God made me.

    Additionally, if you want more information on why black hair is even a political issue in the US, and where the ‘black hair is not professional’ attitude came from (it started in corporations who were reacting to the black power movement of the 70s), you should go and research the black power movement of the 70s. In particular, start with Angela Davis and work your way forward.

  • Anonymous says:

    How in theeee hell does she not know what ‘the white girl flow” is, Tyra is always rocking the long blonde down her back weaves. Lolz, she makes me sick.

  • Anonymous says:

    All I could say was WOW! White girl flow?! How self-deprecating is that? Ignorance for some truly is bliss.

  • Anonymous says:

    the lil girl with all that hair was so prescious….

    the mother that relaxed her babies hair …WTH!!!!

    The white mom that relaxed and weaved up her daughters hair….ARGHH!!!!

    All in all tyra tried, but as people have said she could have gone much further

  • Ronné says:

    Wow! I was just working on this very subject for a paper concerning the lives of ethnic minorities in the US. Didn’t see the show, but watched the clip and while I think the “white girl flow” chick is merely suffering from the effects of the creamy crack on the brain, what’s more sad is that this should’ve been an oppty for 1) some natural heads to show-off our true beauty and 2) a chance for a deeper discussion on the self-hate we got going on as a people. She could’ve done a week-long (heck, a month-long) series and probably have gotten some mad crazy high ratings too. Hopefully somebody is whispering in her ear about it right now…

  • Jonesy says:

    Sad! That’s all I have to say about some of the women on that show. I felt bad for those babies.

  • Anonymous says:

    ita with the lady from holland. although there is a really great amount of colorism among the black peolpe around here the “hair discussion” is not this big as it obviously is in the US. But–it is not all roses and pearls in good old it just differnt, more subtle. and the question of being naturall in the workplace is there, no doubt. natural hair or locks are considered as not professional, even dirty and unkept, mostly from the white society in general. sometimes it is annoying , time consuming and sad to argue with them, ut at least you can argue withn them and there was even a case years ago when the Adlon hotel in berlin (famous around here) has to pay compnesation for firing a black woman for wearing braids. there is a lot of work to be done to make clear that every woman should be accepted as she is in her natural glory. i am willing to work hard on this racist/sexist problem with my head high in all my natural glory. is anyone of your beautiful ladies with me? Live, Monika

  • Mallorie says:

    acutally…. I just watched the clip you provided (thanks for that), and I am at least glad to see that she did wear the cornrows… hopefully (after this show) she will consider wearing natural looks more often on the air :-)

  • Mallorie says:

    I didn’t watch it, someone told me to turn to it… but I couln’t. I love Tyra (big fan), but I don’t want to watch her talking about “good hair” when she won’t even show a peek of her “real” hair… relaxed or not!

  • natashamck says:

    I can’t bellieve that she said that she had “white girl flow”!!! GTFOH…

    In that case my hair has black girl flow and it is freakin’ fabulous!

  • Anonymous says:

    The “white girl flow” comment had to be the most ignorant comment ever. I cringed, and I was waiting for the camera to pan out to the audience, but of course they did not. Wasn’t there a girl who said her sister was jealous of her because she has “good hair” and doesn’t have to perm it? Who “has” to perm their hair??? I do believe the show was well intended, but as another poster mentioned, it should have had more parts to it, and she should have gone more in depth.
    This is proof that no other race cares about our hair. It is just us who are struggling with it. The audience was soooo lost! We have got to get it together.
    I almost cried when I heard those little girls talk about their hair, especially the one who said that she hates her hair, and that it is nappy (hmm…I wonder who told her that???) and likes to wear the Hanna Montana wig all the time. Oh, and the expression on the woman’s face was priceless when they removed her wig and gave her a natural look. You could tell she was unhappy and would be slapping another wig on after the show. So sad…

  • Anonymous says:

    I posted this comment below the video:
    I live in Holland and have been natural since May 2006. I had more compliments about my hair when I went natural! The relaxed hair was terrible!

    White girls come up to me and they are really interested about my hair!? They all love it because it’s is original. Some said that they wish they had hair like mine.

    I think Americans make to big of an issue of being natural. But why?? What is the big deal about our hair?? Really I really don’t get it.


    But my question is.. why is this such a big deal in USA? A lot of black people live in Holland to. And no one ever came to me and told me that a should relax my hair.
    I noticed that a move has come to Holland because more and more women go natural.

    One of my girlfriends inspired me in 2005 to go natural. I transitioned from September 2005 to May 2006. When I had the big chop, I was so happy! My hair looked great! I had much more confidence! (boys noticed:P)
    I inspired a girlfriend to go natural, I am working on my mom now. But she is scared that the transitioning would make her look old. It is to expensive to have her hair braided.
    I think the generation of my mother is to scared.

    And Nikki I love your site!

    Greetings from Holland!

  • SHADOW says:

    I don’t watch the Tyra show (for the numerous and obvious reasons people could list), but I did plan to catch this episode yesterday. (Un)Fortunately, I was out and forgot all about it, but that clip you linked shows I probably wouldn’t have gotten through the entire episode anyway. But big shout out to Youtuber, BlaqueIndigo though! I saw a shot of her in the audience nodding her head, and I was like, Oh wow, so happy! I wish they had let her up on stage to speak! She is so real and speaks some heavy truth. If you guys don’t know her, please check out her youtube page. Her videos are out of this world informative:

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or did this hsow a bit of a “jerry springer” quality to it? I’m no Trya fan…and I’ll readily admit that I think she needs to stick to “easy” topics (banging weaves, makeup tips, that sort of thing) because she doesn’t research enough to really address the underlying issues assoicated with most of her topics.

    It would have been good to have a doctor/dermatologiest talk about the caustic and harmful chemicals that relaxers contain (espically for the ladies that relax thier BABIES hair) or even some of the historical issues assoicated with “good hair” in the AA community, which would have helped her audience in the studio and at home understand her guests a bit more.

    All in all…Tyra gets an epic FAIL from me.


  • No1blkbeauty says:

    I already commented on this and even added a post to my own blog but I feel the need to comment further.

    I did notice BlaqueIndigo in the audience along with a number of other women with beautiful (natural) hair. Why weren’t women with beautiful natural hair a bigger part of the show? Like I said in my post, the show they aired should have been condensed and the additional material should have been women showcasing beautiful natural hair.

    That moronic girl with the “white girl flow” comment accomplished nothing more than announcing to everyone what a complete idiot she is. But then again very few people who spoke during the show said anything that wasn’t nonsensical. The girl who deliberately had a baby outside her race to guarantee her baby wouldn’t have nappy hair, the mother who relaxes the hair on her 3 year old, the little girl with the waist length hair who desires nothing more than to have her mother hack it off … This just shows the range of reactions to black hair issues.

    I guess we, people who read this blog and others like it, need to realize that LilHoneyLok said above, once we turn off the computer, we are hard-pressed to find people who are confident with and accepting of the hair on their heads!

  • curlyyogie says:

    It was sad! There was too many topics going on- “Good Hair”, “Relaxer vs Natural”, “Children’s views on Hair”, “Why I date outside my Race”. It didn’t touch on what the primary subject should of been.

    I thought is was horrible that this little girl thought she was pretty wearing her “Hannah Montana” wig (why would you buy your daughter that mess!). and Tyra trying to convince her the girl that her hair was beautiful- but with the exception of yesterday- Tyra is ALWAYS rocking her lace fronts and weaves- she should embrace her own hair (relaxed or natural) before she trying to educate a child or an audience on self acceptance.
    Seemed like “nappy” and “kinky” was thrown around negatively. I’m proud to have kinky hair as most naturals are and we’ve taken the venom out of those words. I wish they would of had some of the ladies of Youtube and Fotki- Rusticbeauty, Curlebella, Autumn, Tremelle, Zhara- if any of those ladies would of been on that stage- I dare panel to describe their hair as ugly, unattractive, unmanageable!

  • b. says:

    I love this response on YouTube…

    Just had to share. She basically sums it up for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I watched the show and was indeed appalled by the women in the show. Especially the mothers who perm their daughters hair -one at the age of three. I agree there wasn’t really a balance of naturals on the show to really show versatile our hair is in its natural state. As for the girl talking about her ‘white girl flow’ only showed how daft and ignorant she was. I do agree there should be a follow up to this and the forum should be opened up to more naturals like us which hava voice.

  • Anonymous says:

    PS. There is a difference between “bad” hair and unkempt hair and if a person isn’t going to take care of their hair, it doesn’t matter if it’s bone straight or curly as hell. “Bad” hair my ass.

    Eboney, the Newbie

  • Anonymous says:


    I just watched that clip and I’m seething! I’m not an angry person AT ALL but the ignorance was so profound that I can’t help but to get upset. These women have no idea what their talking about. It’s ok to like to have relaxed hair but the beauty of natural hair shouldn’t be diminished because certain people don’t know how to take care of it.

    Some people definitely need to be educated. Tyra is going to have to do another show on this topic and Nikki, you MUST be on it to represent us.

    Eboney, the Newbie

  • Anonymous says:

    she could have done better. It was just a confusing show.

  • Michelle says:

    i didnt watch the show, but i saw this clip yesterday.

    i know the whole good vs bad debate has been out there forever, but my question is how long has the whole natural vs relaxed debate been around in serious form as it is now?

    maybe its just because of the interwebs being faster and cheaper than its ever been, but i feel like serious debate about this is relatively new, and really on the up. as such, *as disheartening as it is* maybe we should look at this show in terms of exposure for natural acceptance; ie, even bad press is still good press… the prize is making natural the norm. the show convinced at least one lady to make the change, so…

  • Mzbush says:

    I just finished a research paper on the history of Black Hair in America. This little clip made me so sad.

  • Unknown says:

    Not much was accomplished. Tyra did get on that woman for relaxing her 3 yr old daughter’s hair though. But overall, it was left like the way the common debate started.

  • Love, Life, Happiness says:

    Tyra Banks can’t do any serious topics. This episode started off funny because Tyra decided to take off her lace front and rock cornrows for a change. I think this should have been a 3 part series with the history of black hair, healthy hair for both natural and perms and then hairstyles for both. The sad part was the children who parents push their views on their children. I think Tyra could have done better.

  • Tiffy Rose says:

    I like tyra but she is corny and I wish you were on there to show “good hair” or even me! these girls w/ “white girl” flow are lame lol

  • LilHoneyLok says:

    I watched it yesterday and I have to say although I normally do not watch Tyra, she won me over with this one, Tyra's natural? =o but I shed a tear seeing the young girls (aged 3-8) talking about how kinky hair looks low class and etc, the ones talking about 'white girl flo' said she had the best hair in her city I'm like >.> <.< theres so many things I could say in response but it's too early in the morning to bust out that 'aw hell naw' side of me :) but to be honest I could care less what you do to your hair long as you don't insult and stereotype your sistaz for wanting to embrace their natural hair. That's what bothers me most. It's not enough some of them walk around with overprocessedness, they think everyone else should too. It's odd because if you met a female with healthy relaxed hair, she could give a damn how another woman wears hers. But normally those that criticize–well (counts to 10) lord forgive me for even thinkin it but yall understand where I'm headed with this. You get on the hair boards and you'll come across a lot of open-minded women who compliment and accept each other whether they are relaxed, texlaxed, or natural, I tend to forget when I turn off my computer that everyone is not that accepting in the real world and some people have yet a lot of growing up to do.

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    That was so disgusting to watch (that clip) Im glad I didnt watch the whole show. Just that bit pissed me off. On a brighter note: Am I the only, who noticed BlaqueIndigo (from YouTube) in the audience? That was her, right? lol. I’ve watched a few of her vids and she’s awesome. fyi you brain washed, stuck in your ways bimbos: i have “good quality hair” NOW, b/c it’s what God gave me and He ALWAYS knows what He’s doing. Have a beautiful day ladies!

  • No1blkbeauty says:

    I watched the last 40-45 minutes of the show. I wanted to give most of the people on the stage a collective slap across the face. They are so deluded, so full of ish. I couldn’t believe the nonsense! I was frustrated, angry, sad … I wanted to SCREAM go on youtube, look at hair blogs, open up your eyes and look around!

    “White girl flow”?! WTF?! It makes me sad to think that such ignorance still exists about hair. I hope this girl realizes that there ARE people who don’t give a rat’s ass about her hair and some that wouldn’t want her hair if it was being given away for free!

  • Anonymous says:

    “White girl flow”? These women have been brainwashed. I think “good” hair is healthy hair no matter how you wear it.

  • Je'Kendria says:

    I watched it, because the subject intrigued me, only to be disappointed. What really made me sad was the little girls on there talking about how much they hated their hair, or loved it because it was relaxed. And the woman who had a baby by a Latino man just so her child could have “good hair!” WHAT?!?!? Is this really life?! But yeah, it was pretty anti-climactic also because she didn’t really help anyone, she just exposed their true feelings about hair. Natural beauties were misrepresented also…there were about 2 or 3 (with 2 having locks, which counts as natural, but still different) while the rest (maybe about 8) were relaxed. Overall bleh! I do applaud Tyra for her effort and the good thing is, it has people talking. Hopefully this will lead black women to debunk this myth of “good hair” and accept their own natural beauty! Ahh…wishful thinking….

  • MissCurly says:

    Comments like the “white girl flow” and ” nappy or natural hair isn’t professional enough” makes it hard for people to be comfortable wearing their natural hair. I’ve been natural for 4 years now and still struggle with wanting to straighten it. I still do get comments like that when I wear my natural hair. People telling me that it looks better straight and bla bla bla. It’s like some people have been brain washed. Wow

  • B. Reed says:

    I saw the entire episode and WOoOOoOwWwWWW!!!!!
    Absolutely sad….I am glad the Tyra had a show about this topic but I wish she would have focused more on women who can “rock the hell” out of some natural hair. (Nikki you could and should have been on there) :)

    There was too much focus on why women don’t like their natural textures and how it’s not professional, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    And the women who couldn’t even accept their daughters own natural textures because it “was hard the manage and it was nappy,” OMG!!! Then the woman who permed her daughter’s hair at the age of 3…WOW. Then she tried to justify it by saying that if they sell perms for kids then it must be fine. They sell cigarettes to people over 21 but smoking cigarettes prove to cause cancer……come on girl get it together!!!

    This subject hits home for me because I was constantly told that I had “bad hair” by family members and even by hairstylists (how unprofessional on their part) There were times I wanted to cry when I heard those comments and then I just became numb to them (sad to say). Then around the age of 26, I had a moment of acceptance for myself. A momemnt of clarity if you will. It was never about “how my hair look” or what my natural hair texture was, it was people who couldn’t accept what THEIR natural texture look like. Yes my hair is wiry, coarse, and porous…so what?! It’s mine and that’s how God made me!!!
    I just pray that those little girls and possibly even their mothers will be able to have a moment of clarity as well.

  • LuvMeLuvMyFro says:

    Watching Tyra makes my brain hurt. I didn’t watch the show and I don’t think I would have. As soon as I got to work today a co-worker asked if I had seen the show and I didn’t know what she was referring to.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didn’t see the episode, so I have no clue about any of the details. BUT I do want to say that whatever was said, it convinced my younger sister that it is time to go natural :) She called me yesterday and said she saw the show and it made her really decide to want to go natural and wanted to talk to me about the best way to transition. So even if ignorance was spoken, somehow, someway, a good message got out to some people.

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