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Curly Nikki

What dumb stuff have you done lately?

By January 27th, 202128 Comments

Please recall my recent shampoo styling snafu ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d like to hear what mistakes, if any, you’ve made recently involving your hair care or beauty routine. Your confession could save another curly from venturing down the same path!



  • LoveLaughLiveLife says:

    LOL yall REALLY got me laughin out loud on some of these posts!! To add–my embarrasment, I was on vacay with a long-time (ex) boyfriend when I decided it was time to take my braids out. Well this was the first time I had ever had braids but was confident that with a wide-toothed comb and little conditioner all would be well. Needless to say after undoing ALL the braids without combing/detangling/NOTHING for hours, I jumped in the shower with a comb and conditioner and jumped out with a combed crown, ball of hair, and MATTED MESS in the back. I thought I was bout to be bald. After calling an experienced friend, we spent the rest of the vacation detangling my hair strand by strand. Bless his heart but it still didn’t work out ๐Ÿ™

  • Newly Nappy says:

    Lol!!! oh my goodness ladies the things we suffer sometimes. Well, I was lazy. Did all the good things, co-washed/detangled. rinse out condish’d then dt for an hr under dryer. 4got my leave in condish decided to use my mothers indian hemp scalp grease stuff. Was thinkg ‘oh well im just putting it back in a bun it’ll b fine’. oh no, can anyone say HECKY NAH!! the vry first ingredient is petoleum. normally my hair is very easy to comb through after all the conditioning and things take place, and i dont really have any hairs in the comb or anything. Not this time! learned my lesson i’ll tell u that much…..eep!

  • Esther Griffith says:

    wore it out way too much, then pulled at the knots that formed causing a ridiculous amount of breakage :(…….

  • Kalamari says:

    I was really tired one night and mistook my water spray bottle for a bottle of febreze and well… let’s just say I didn’t notice for several spritz. I had just washed my hair and I had to shampoo just to make sure I got it all out ;__;

  • Anonymous says:

    Well one thing was a complete accident. I got my water bottle mixed up with my water/setting lotion bottle. Sooo I sprayed my head liberally with water and setting lotion. It was the smell of the setting lotion that let me know something was amiss. My hair was so hard the next day I had to wash it again.

    My other BIG mistake was not detangling my hair or doing some kind of pre-poo conditioning process before washing my hair after taking out my kinky twists. Not ONLY did I not detangle…but I wore my hair “as is” when I took them out b/c it was cute. Then I slept on my hair without wearing a scarf or anything. Woke up and decided to wash my hair like an idiot. My mom had to help me detangle my hair. It was so bad I finally kept saying…Just cut it!! We didn’t cut it but it was broken off really badly on onde side. Never do that again.

  • The Substantive Stylista says:

    I used way too much heat on my hair over the last two weeks. My hair won’t revert back to it’s natural curl ๐Ÿ™

  • Kerr-Ann Dempster says:

    ok. this is really dumb, but last month I got so excited about the benefits of honey that I added it to ALL my products after only one try. let's just say i had to wash my hair 3 times in 2 days, & i had to go to the store and spend over $20 replacing a few stuff. I mean I don't know why I went cuckoo lke that, I shldve tried it in small batches b4 wasting it. the only thg I did learn is that cantu shea butter, mixed with olive oil and honey turns out to be an awesome DC on my hair, so one good thg came out of it. but that honey is sittg in my kitchen silently mocking me now!

  • Binti's Mom says:

    Let’s just say SOUL GLOW! LOL. My first KCCC experience did not turn out so pretty. I guess I used way too much of the product and when it dryed I seriously had the look of a well defined Jermaine Jackson 80’s Jheri Curl. Man, was it shiny!! LOL. Needless to say I have since then retired my KCCC gloves. Heehee.

  • Je'Kendria says:

    This is really silly, because I’m a chemistry major. So, I read about acv rinses and washing your hair with baking soda. I decided to try both out, since it was time to re-vamp my routine anyway. In an attempt to be more efficient, I combined both of them in a bottle and well, you guys can figure out the rest! Lol, I had a minor explosion in my kitchen!

  • Anonymous says:

    ahem…i should know it better but…using too much product (weighs my very fine, thin hair down), using too much butters( see above) oh, and did i mention using too much gel( see above)…. i must be crazy;-)
    normally i do this when i am concerned of my hair and i am concerned recently because it seems to get thinner and thinner.:-(

    luv, Monika

  • tetbelle says:

    Colored and highlighted my hair now it’s all stringy when wet struggling to come back… It curls when it’s completely dry so there is hope that there is no permanent damage.

  • D.Dawnia Bell says:

    I did not do anything to my hair for 3 weeks – including my faithful weekly DT, No Co-Washing, No detangling no nothing!
    Needless to say I had shedding and shedding and shedding and shedding – did I mention I had shedding?

  • NappySince10/01.08 says:

    Im protein sensitive. So I thought that using mayo would be healthy and “light” enough for me, to strengthen my hair a bit.
    There was only Miracle Whip in the pantry. To this day Im not sure diff between mayo and this spread named Miracle Whip. But I hear it’s that Miracle is just less fattening (for some reason or another). I figured it’s ’bout the same thing so, “What they hey”
    THAT stuff stinks so bad! One of its main ingredients is ACV and mixed with the other ingreds, it is not pretty. No matter what “smell good” stuff I put in my hair after rinsing, it stunk for about two days. I was so pissed at myself b/c not only did my hair stink (even after cowashing a few times) but it wasnt stronger.

    Mayo is mayo (I guess) and Miracle Whip is Miracle Whip (I suppose). Either way, Im not using it ever again. Neither one, after that stinky experience. I dont care what the ingredient diff is. Next time, I’ll go for full fat yogurt if I wanna cheap protein fix (mixed with olive oil and essential oils)

  • D.Dawnia Bell says:

    I did not do anything to my hair for 3 weeks – no DT’s, no Co-Wash – no nothing I recycled bun everyday – like I’d lost my mind or something – needless to say when I finally cowashed i was shedding hair like it was my job to do so ๐Ÿ™

  • Maria says:

    Using too much oil and playing with my hair all day. I greased everything up! To make matters worse, I even messed up my Blackberry’s pearl in the middle! It wouldn’t move because it was full of oil LMAO nasty!

  • D Alexandra says:

    I recently cut the front of my hair… the little frizzy “baby hairs” that rebel. horrible idea.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just bought KCCC and KTKC a little over a month ago. I was so exicited to use it I just couldn’t wait. I usually put two strand twist in and then pin curl each individual twist every night to achieve my curly fro look that I have been rocking lately. Well after I took my hair down, my curls weren’t on point like I like I wanted them to so I slapped 8 QUARTER SIZE amounts of KCCC all over my DRY hair. Needless to say it just made my hair appear wet and just crazy. So I slapped a headband on and went on to work thinking it will dry and leave me wit some curls. That was a absolute NEGATIVE!!!
    I went to work and my collegue noticed white gooey crap of all over my head. My co-worker and the help me rub it in really good and get all the excess product out of my head.

    By the end of the day my hair turned into a dry, crunchy frizz ball. ๐Ÿ™

    I definitely learned that u have use on WET or DAMP hair. Also use in addition to KCKT and I only need very little to moisturize hair.

  • TailorMade84 says:

    detangle my hair in HUGE sections…..gather my hair into one big (tangle prone) lump when i henna (and yes, i have been doing this foolishness for MONTHS now….sigh)

    Im learning that as my hair gets longer, it must stay in medium sized sections/twists during my washing/comditioning sections….it saves me pulling out my hair…

  • Afrikan Latina says:

    I have just become an ACV rinser and rather than rinse it out after a few minute I fell asleep with it on my hair. I woke up and rinsed it out and my hair felt pretty stripped. I had to nurse it back to health with a deep conditioning consisting of Tresemme conditioner, shea butter, peppermint oil, and moes growth oil(for my nappturality sistas). My hair feels wonderful now!

  • marlana says:

    I noticed that some people co wash their hair, moisturize it, and bun to retain lenght.
    I decieded to try it… and of course, all hell broke loose!
    After making the extremely stupid mistake leaving a bun (which was at the top of my head) in for THREE DAYS straight, when I took it off- oh man. It was horrible! My hair was falling out!
    I had to cut my hair from APL to shoulder lenght. It was absolutly horrible!

  • sblazer227 says:

    When i conditioner my hair i make a mixture of hair mayo, olive and avocado oil, and honey. I usually put it on really late at night and sleep in it. Well last week i actually put it on, put a wig over it and went to work. Middle of my shift my friends come up to me and is like what is on the back of your neck. Somehow the mixture had coagulated and slowly rolled down my neck( i was wearing a short bob wig) and looked like is had thick pus on my neck. It was disgusting, thank god my girl told me cause i was thinking i was look real cute that day. major FAIL on my part.

  • keisha says:

    used a protein conditioner like a moisturizing conditioner. fortunately, my hair did not feel too much like straw and my usual moisturizing stylers counteracted the effects of the protein. i definitely read labels of new or hand-me-down products to make sure i am using them for their intended purpose!

  • Za says:

    I decided I was too exhausted to moisturize & twists my hair (aka my coolio look) before going to sleep…and woke up looking like Kunta Kente…dried matted down fro & all…I had to wash my hair &start all over :/ Never.Again.

  • Kris says:

    My first attempt to style my hair was horrible! Sometimes, I get heavy handed with applying product. Lets just say it ended up a greasy mess! So, I washed my hair and went at it again. It didn't just happen once, but twice in a row. I still do it every now & then.

  • A. says:

    I was on a NO COMBING streak.. I slipped up and went two weeks – just co washing and bunning. One day – DREAD LOCK in the middle of my head. Had to cut it out. I won’t go more than four days without combing now.

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    I got my hair flat-ironed by a woman who had never dealt with natural hair before. After walking around smelling like burnt hair for a day, I washed it and some parts remained straight and the rest was a hot frizzy mess.

  • balancingharmony says:

    Going for months with out shampooing my hair, then wondering why it was shedding after a trim. That was really dumb, I use unrefined shea butter mixed with a melange of essential oils, carrier oils and butters. I washed my hair Monday night, each of the four sections needed to be shampooed twice. My hair was heavy with oil and dirt, of course. Now my hair is, no longer over burden with oils and such, fuller the texture has regained to normal strong, frizzy and slightly coarseness.

  • Anonymous says:

    I decided to do a wash and go scrunching only with EVOO and amla oil. Needless to say…my hair shrunk up like no other and my face and hands and everything I touched was greasy all day. Never again…

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