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Curly Nikki

Curlynikki Testimonial- Kristy

By January 27th, 202129 Comments

CurlyNikki –

I want to thank you bunches for sharing your hair tips and the love you have for the natural hair God gave you. Your blog has helped and inspired me to continue with my hair goals. I just wanted to share my results of your bunning technique. Since I have gotten serious about the health of my hair, I’ve tried different variations of the bun, I’ve tried the twist outs, braid outs, wash n gos but I haven’t had much success. My hair is F-I-N-E. And after attempting different styles I became very frustrated because they just come out limp and scrawny looking. I tried your TnC back in October or November of 2008 but I didn’t have much success at that either (so I thought at that time). I think in part it was due to my hair being shorter than I had liked and in part I was expecting my hair to come out looking just like yours…LOL! My thoughts were “I have fine hair and CurlyNikki has fine hair” and “CurlyNikki’s and my hair are real similar in texture so surely my results should come out just like hers”. When they didn’t…talk about a let down! But the more I read the stories of other ladies’ different hair journeys and learned that no two heads are alike and don’t expect your hair to turn out like the picture you saw and love your hair for what your hair is, then I really started to fall in love with my hair. I’ve always liked my hair to some degree. I now truly love my hair!

I have been bunning for 4 – 5 weeks now and I will probably continue with it consistently through the summer months. I just love the way my hair looks. It has volume, moisture and shine. My hair is so soft. Thank you…thank you…thank you. :-).

The first pic is the very first bun I did. The second and third pics were done over this weekend. Now, I didn’t use DevaOne Condition but instead used Pantene Pro-V R&N as my leave in. I used my homemade Shea butter mix consisting of Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Emu oil, Biotin, and Vitamin E. I love…love…love my Shea mix! I also used Silk Elements Revive and Restore Anti Breakage Creme. I love this stuff too!

Thanks again CN!
KristyzHair – HTL

Curlynikki Testimonial- KristyCurlynikki Testimonial- KristyCurlynikki Testimonial- Kristy


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