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Curly Nikki

Ebony- A Story of Transition

By January 27th, 202120 Comments

CN: Were you a long term or short term transitioner, and why?
I was a short term transitioner. I was a SLAVE to the salon from the age of 9 until about age 24, (I’m 32 now). I was getting my hair done EVERY week to 2 weeks depending on the style I donned. It was cool when I was in high school and my hair was my main focus, but after I started working and having children, being in the salon all day on my off day from work was NOT the business.

I had never really thought about going natural until I made friends with someone who had locs. I thought they were all of that, but I wasn’t even thinking about going natural because, “that wasn’t me”. I had gotten fed-up with my stylist of 7 years because she kept me waiting one day and I missed a very important appointment trying to get my hair laid. This had become a regular problem along with sitting 8+ hours weekly. I vowed while I was sitting there that it was my last time doing so. When my style faded, I went to my best friend at the time who was a barber and told her to scalp me! She thought I was playing, so I took the clippers and shaved a big a*! chunk down the middle of my head! I didn’t know what I would find under the perm, but it had to be better than wasting my life in a salon. Surprisingly, my texture of hair wasn’t “bad” at all. I hate the whole good hair/bad hair thing, but that’s another story. I wore 360 degree waves for about 2 years and I LOVED it!!! I felt sooo free! A trip to the barber for 30 min. & 20 bucks was on time!

CN: When did you BC? What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
I didn’t know how to handle my natural hair, so I kept it very short for 2 years. I didn’t want to deal with it honestly, so keeping it short helped me re-focus my energy on other things. It was just easy. One day I decided that I wanted to let it grow and stopped cutting it and let “her” do her thing.

CN: What was your transition routine?
My transition routine was very simple…head wraps…lol I had every color and style imaginable! I rocked those bad boys to death. I just washed/conditioned my hair whenever I felt the need and didn’t do anything extra. I was also getting zillions every 3 months, but because I hated sitting for that long, I stopped doing that too after a while. In Detroit where I’m from, you didn’t see many natural people often. Either you had locs or a perm and there was really no middle ground, so I was scared to let my natural beauty show. Once I got comfortable with me, I said F-it and let “her” loose. This is me! It’s been a very rewarding experience to go natural for sure. It made me get in touch with myself an what I like instead of emulating things around me and not just with my hair, but with all aspects of my life.

CN: What was your staple hair style during the transition?
I didn’t have one… Did I mention the head wraps??? It was by accident that I stopped wearing the head wraps. I had gotten some comb coils one day trying to do something different, so when they got old I had started uncoiling them so I could wash it. The result was AWESOME!!! It was like a curly fro and I loved it. From then on, the head wraps were banished and I started experimenting with my natural hair. I tried traditional locs a couple of times, but I didn’t have the patience for that. My hair texture and my need to wash my hair daily wasn’t conducive to that process, so I tried Sisterlocks. All I can say about those is HATED THEM!!! It was a waste and time and money for me. I like to change my look up too much, so I decided to just stick with my natural hair.

CN: How did you moisturize your hair to prevent breakage at the new growth line?
I’m just starting to focus on that. I was never concerned with retaining length until a few months ago, so I’m still learning. Now, I want that big long hair! After being natural for almost 10 years, I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of the journey…good and bad. I’m free after all and I’m not a slave to anyone or anyone’s salon. The health of my hair is directly linked to my hands! I dig that!

Pic #1- Me with Sisterlocks
Pic #2- Zillions
Pic #3- The fro
Pic #4- My hair today

Ebony- A Story of TransitionEbony- A Story of TransitionEbony- A Story of TransitionEbony- A Story of Transition


  • Diarra says:

    I loooove the last picture Im only 17 and i went natural and i love it but its hard in high school because expectations are so high to be like everyone else but stories like your really help me.. so thank you so much!:)

  • Nappy Naturally says:

    Are the Detroit naturals getting together to celebrate ourselves? This is the most noise I've heart from D-Town on this site!

  • T. Kimberlyn says:

    I knew you looked familiar! We went to high school together…lol Girl, your hair looks great! Your ponytail is how I'm waiting for mine to be. And yes, being natural in the D is rare… I get a lot of strange looks when I come home..but hey, I'm used to it…and I love my hair : )

  • Unknown says:

    yes us naturals are rare in detroit. ur hair is beautiful !

  • momo7 says:

    That last pic is like a piece of artwork especially if the background is cut out OMG!!! FIERCE!

  • Anonymous says:

    does she have a fotki ?

  • Maria says:

    Wow I love the last picture! Beautiful puff and waves! Oh and I love the earrings too.

  • BlackButterfly says:

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments!!! I can't believe I'm featured on CurlyNikki! WOOP!!! lol

    I was inspired one night to finally submit my story because I've learned so much from this blog even after 10 years of being natural. This is the ONLY hair blog I read anymore, so I thought that maybe I could inspire someone as many have inspired and helped me.

    I just cut my hair again last night. I think I went too far, but it will grow back. I do a lot of different styles with my hair now, so when I start a Fotiki, hopefully Nikki will post the link.

    Again, thanks all for your beautiful comments!

    Peace, Love & Light


  • Anonymous says:

    girl that afro puff in the last pix is the BOMB!

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    to Anonymous (posted at 1:23). yes we call them Zillions here. lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    So zillions = micros? I have never heard that used before? Is that a detroit thing?

  • OMB says:

    I love the fro!!!! Gorgeous hair and an awesome story!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Love that puff and all those waves! I think you may be my hair twin! Also, those earrings in the last pic are fiyah!

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    heyyyy Detroit in the house! lol. it's true. We naturals are SCARCE here. It's ridiculous but she's reppin us well. Her hair is beautiful!

  • Chanel says:

    get it! looking like jill scott in that third picture. fabulous

  • LBell says:

    The first two paragraphs of this story could have been mine almost word for word. To this day my primary motivation for staying natural is to no longer be a SLAVE to the salon.

    I BCed knowing good and well I was going to have straight-up nappy hair (4b). If it had been anything looser than 4b I would have been shocked. It saddens me that women still think only certain hair types can be worn natural.

  • Ms. Silky Coils says:

    The last picture is absolutely gorgeous! Again, another inspiration for my hair when it grows up! Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kweenie says:

    I want to see more of her pics! 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    (standing and applauding like mad!)

    Brava Brava!!

    Love your story and your hair is beautiful!!!

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