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Forced to BC- On the Couch with Bianca of ANTM

By January 27th, 202124 Comments

Forced to BC- On the Couch with Bianca of ANTM
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — reality TV is one of my many guilty pleasures. From BET’s College Hill, to VH1’s Charm School, I TIVO every promising show– keeping up with the ones that have the most drama, and the one’s that have natural contestants/cast members.

While I’ve never been a faithful viewer of America’s Next Top Model, I caught every episode of Cycle 9. I love drama, and the beautiful Bianca most certainly brought it! She was the girl everyone loved to hate, and her makeover went down in ANTM history. Tyra’s peeps cut off Bianca’s chemically damaged tresses, and she was made to rock a fierce TWA. For those of you that need a refresher, check out the video clip below:

As you know, deciding to go natural is a HUGE decision and involves not only a physical transition, but a mental one as well. Think about it, if you were forced to chop off your hair two years, or even two months before you were mentally prepared, where would you be today? I recently caught up with Bianca, and was able to ask her my burning questions.

CN: You had a really emotional makeover on the show. You were literally forced to Big Chop — forced to go natural. How did you feel initially? How did you feel as the show progressed?
Bianca: Omg! I was shocked and scared. I didn’t know how everyone would react to me when I got home. Where I’m from, long hair is a sign of beauty. As the show progressed I got used to it and embraced it. There were times where I felt like a guy but it was all mental. I would look at my pictures and be in awe of how I looked because of my hair cut.

CN: Although you were gorgeous with straight hair, you looked absolutely FIERCE with the cut. Are you still natural today?
Bianca: After the show, I chopped off my hair again, and stayed natural for a year. I recently made the decision to get a kiddie perm because my hair is so thick… I mean super thick, LOL.

CN: What were the biggest challenges you faced while rocking your natural hair? Would you try it again in the future?
Bianca: For me, the biggest challenges were mental. I had to understand that hair doesn’t make the woman. I had to develop another idea of what beauty really is. Oh, and I had to get a lot of earrings, LOL — to camouflage my big head!

I’d love to go natural again and get locs. I think they are absolutely beautiful and elegant on a woman… I talk about getting them all the time.

CN: Your skin is ridic! What’s your regimen?
Bianca: Everywhere I go people compliment me on my skin. I don’t use any products and my diet isn’t the best, so I have to thank my parents and God for this blessing, LOL. I did, however, realize I would get blemishes if I didn’t carefully remove my makeup after a shoot. I would typically just swipe the wipes across my face without paying much attention. Now, I take my time and make sure I get deep in, and carefully remove every bit. Makeup removal can be kinda tricky but if you have patience, it should be easy.

CN: What are you currently working on?
Bianca: I’ve been staying very busy traveling the globe. You can check out my new nationwide commercials for CiCi’s Pizza. And you can always catch me on the Tyra show doing correspondence work. My biggest project is an appearance as a judge in the upcoming Miss Bahamas pageant, being that I come from a West Indian background. I’m so excited to be apart, and show my support.

Thanks so much for keeping up with me guys!

Forced to BC- On the Couch with Bianca of ANTMForced to BC- On the Couch with Bianca of ANTMForced to BC- On the Couch with Bianca of ANTM

Bianca’s pic for!

Forced to BC- On the Couch with Bianca of ANTM
To keep up with Bianca, follow her on Twitter, or check out her Myspace!

Although I was never relaxed and didn’t BC, I still went through a 2 year long mental and physical transition. I was very self-conscious and felt awkward and un-pretty.
I can totally relate to Bianca’s comment about the long hair identity — my once armpit length hair was only hitting my chin, and I was not feeling it. I had always been that ‘skinny black girl with long hair’, and my new, shrinky kinks and curls were definitely not fitting into my self-concept. As I slowly learned to style and care for my natural hair, I became a bit more comfortable in my own skin.

It was hard enough going natural on my own terms — if I had been forced to BC or forced to stop straightening, it would’ve been an even rockier journey. The motivation to explore my new curly-qs and to learn to care for them, would’ve been absent.

Think back to when you were still relaxed…not even considering going natural. How would you react or adjust to a coerced BC?


  • Jeannette says:

    For some reason I'm not able to view the video but thats okay. If I were forced to Big Chop, that would have been jarring for me as a Big Chop is a mental state of mind and if one is forced into it, they may not be fully ready to embrace it. Although I love me some Tyra Banks, I don't fully understand why she chooses some of the styles for some of the Models (I'm quite sure she has her reasons). I do think she should have been considerate to Bianca's feelings. Tyra is relaxed and at that time I believe Tyra was wearing weaves herself, so she should have been able to identify with how difficult it could be for Bianca. I must admit, Bianca looks fantastic with a TWA!! Apparently Tyra did know what she was doing. Maybe Bianca will go natural again. I know that Bianca says that she got a kiddie perm after being natural for a year but that's the joys of being natural. My hair is also thick and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tyra should have had a natural hair counselor for Bianca. It wouldn't have been a big deal if they were just cutting hair. But we all know that those stylists that do models hair know nothing about how to maintain Black hair and even less on natural hair! Even if I had the looks that she has I would be very leery of becoming a model, because they always damage our hair and our eyebrows! Just sayin

  • Angie says:

    EVOO for makeup removal. See Michelle Phan's YouTube vlog. She offers great beauty advice along with DIY beauty treatments that keep the dolla bills in your pocket. I can relate when it comes to skincare. My recent move from the south to the west turned my oily skin to oily-dry and gave my wallet a run for its money. I found a brand by the name of Sanitas (natural for the most part, so much so that my esthitician won't sell me the product full-sized due to the fact that it will go rancid) which is locally made here in Colorado. This product cleared my skin in a week's time. The effectiveness of this product originates from it's pH balancing properties. This newby a winner on my list. Other than that I try not to use them regularly due to price, but it's nice to know what to turn to when you're skin is driving you crazy. I love to resort to my kitchen staples: baking soda, honey, apple cider vinegar, green tea, olive oil, yogurt, oatmeal, and sugar to concoct basic cleansers, toners, masks, and treatments. So if these are in your kitchen simply google different ways to use them and start saving your dolla bills.

  • Stephanie says:

    at Kweenie: Bianca's family is from Turk & Caicos.
    Anyhoo, Bianca was one of my all time favorite Top Models. She is aboslutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • Tiffers says:

    I would've cried my eyes out. I probably wouldn't still be natural.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love her hair! Great job CN

  • Kookie says:

    I loved her twa–I especially LOVE the second picture (with the the pant suit)–can we say: FIERCE!!!!!

    I even love the short straight look on her!
    I think I just love Ms. Bianca with short hair–period!!!

    I was always on a mission to try and have the longest hair too. But after I got my perm at age 9–my BSL hair broke off and never really grew too much longer from: about 2 inches ABOVE shoulder length.

    Every stylist I would go to would call a cut…a "trim". Before you knew it….my hair was "trimmed" all the way above my ears (at 22 years old). The stylist claimed my hair would grow back in healthier and stronger.

    Mind you…my hair wasn't THAT bad off–I just had some scissor happy stylists all my life!!

    It was shocking for me at first…because I had NEVER imagined having hair above my ears…and shaved down in the back–similar to the old Toni Braxton hairstyles from back in the day. BUT…it grew on me rather quickly. And I LOVED it! And even kept it short for a long while!!!

    So yeah…I can imagine a forced "cut" (not a BC). As long as it looked nice…I was okay wiht my hair at any length. I think the fear is: that you may not look as attractive w/ shorter hair. But in my early 20's, I realized…I must juuuust be a pretty girl because hair surely didn't define my beauty. Long or short–I felt like I looked FAB!

    I went completely natural while working on my Masters degree in my late 20's. Even with shoulder length natural hair (a length I never achieved with relaxed hair), my BC was a HUGE adjustment. What makes it that much more difficult is NOT having support at home.

    I think for me…"going natural" is much harder than simply having a "short hair cut". In my surroundings…they'd rather see you with SHORT relaxed hair–than short natural hair. From my experiences…it was never really a battle of Long vs Short hair. As long as your hair was "straight" you were accepted.

    We all just yearned for LONG straight hair…but it wasn't a requirement to define me as "woman". But STRAIGHTENED hair did.

    I'm so glad time matured my mind and helped me to think outside the box! I'm so happy to be the natural me I am today.

    And Bianca….you are a beautiful woman–no matter the hair.

    I loved the natural do in the above pics–again, the one with the pant suit makes me say FIERCE x3!!!! Makes me wanna buy everything you have on in that picture and cut my hair down to a TWA! I wanna duplicate that WHOLE look!!!!!!

    Good Luck to you in all that you continue to do! 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    To be forced to go into a BC when I wasn't mentally ready is something I would cry over to. Till this day I still haven't worn my afro because I'm in that in between stage and my hair looks like an helmet. lol It's definitely a mental process as well. Great interview and Bianca, you were rocking that TWA!!!

  • LBell says:

    I remember that episode and my jaw dropping in amazement at how GORGEOUS Bianca was with the TWA. I know she has the right to do what she wants with her hair but sweetheart…like the other person said, you are GORGEOUS with a garbage bag and no makeup!

    To the question: I'd have to go back to my freshman year of college or thereabouts because it was in my junior year that I did my first drastic haircut as a permie and I did it by choice. It's kind of hard to say how I would have felt about a forced BC because I wasn't hung up on hair texture or length like a lot of women I knew at the time. I'm grateful that I didn't grow up with a hate and disgust of short nappy hair like what I see sometimes online. I think if I'd been forced to do a BC I would have cried for a bit but then I would have kept it moving.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice interview, her hair looks awesome.

  • Laquita says:

    Another great interview. Her skin is beautiful :o)

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    I was "forced" to BC my jehri at 6 years old. My mom told me she was cutting my split ends and when I got up, I had about an inch of hair left. I'd go to school and the classmates would say "you look like a boy" and I BS you not, I thought I looked like a boy up until my senior prom and tried on a prom dress. After that, there was no stopping me!

    Don't even ask why I had a jehri curl at 6 lol

  • Anonymous says:

    i love bianca!!!!!!!! you are beautiful no matter what!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was forced to cut off my locs when I was in the military. I had almost bsl length locs and they were beautiful. it was difficult to keep my locs because I was going through basic training. during basic you only get like 30 seconds to shower, brush your teeth and use the toliet, so trying to do your hair really aint happening.

    it was while we were doing some really difficult exercises involving march, crawling through the mud, etc… I saw that my hair was a mess. I couldn't really care for it like I wanted to. so my TI made a comment and I kind of agreed that it would be best if I cut my locs off. took some time getting used to but my ceasar looked fierce and I rocked it for like 2 years.

    maybe one day when I'm not so camera shy I will share my journey with the curly nikki readers.

  • Unknown says:

    I do love Bianca…and ITA with the previous poster that with no makeup and a garbage bag- she is absolutely gorgeous! answering the question: I probably would have only worn wigs (even though I don't like because I would not have been able to accept myself without hair (forced b.c.). It took me about 10 years to build up the courage and actually start to transition so much less actually BC!
    btw:I didn't realize she was a judge for Miss Bahamas – VERY COOL…(I live here but don't keep up with the various pageants).

  • ChiChi says:

    If I was in Bianca's shoes, I would've felt a horrible about them cutting my hair off like that. In the past, the thought of going natural was always fleeting for me. Now, though…I never knew I could love my own nappy hair so much.

    I agree that Bianca's hair looked better short, even if it wasn't natural.

    She handled that cut like a G! Most of the other girls, from every cycle, were a HAM when it was time to snip.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am really glad i Bc with 1 inch of growth. I think it is something you have to choose and be ready for but it did free me. I AM NOT MY HAIR!! it is fierce:) but it does not define me. Women need true self esteem and that comes from within. My head is heald high fat, thin, bald, hair, makeup or none. It is sad when women define themselves by things they have no control over like breasts, fertility, hair and genes. Love you no matter what. Remember the ugly duckling ladies? If the swans had never come along he STILL was beautiful he just didn't know it. Bunk to what others think. DO YOU!!!

  • Claudia says:

    OMG, seeing them do that to her, I swear I would cry so much harder. She bore it with pride.

    If I were forced to BC before I was ready, I'm so sure I would've killed someone. That hair is.. It's not just hair. Not to us.

  • Kim says:

    I totally missed that cycle of ANTM. After watching the clip I felt horrible for her. It's crazy how Tyra will just lop people's hair off! she'd be hard pressed to get me to cut mine.

    Bianca you are stunning and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Bianca! She is absolutely stunning and is beautiful with both short and long hair. Do ya thang mamma!!!

  • Maria says:

    Ugh oh God watching them just buzz off her hair like that just made me nauseous! That was so unfair. I felt her pain as I saw the tears go down her cheek. Its better to BC on your own terms and I really hope she decides to go back to natural. With the help of so many forums and blogs she can at least look for online support. BTW Bianca looks absolutely fierce in the first picture!! Loves it!

  • Kweenie says:

    Just wanted to add that Bianca is one of the most naturally BEAUTIFUL women they've ever had on ANTM! Without a lick of make-up and wearing a garbage bag, that girl would be ready for the runway!

    And I'm glad she's of West Indian heritage too. Wish I knew what island(s)…

  • Kweenie says:

    I was 'forced' to cut off my permed hair (like to a fade) b/c of damage back in 2002. Needless to say, I got a weave after 1-2 month…I lasted maybe 4 months before slapping on a texturizer an then going back to a perm.

    I definitely did not feel that attractive. I didn't have as much support as I do now–my hubby is amazing–and I didn't know anything about taking care of natural hair.

    After spending a year with a curly perm, I recently big chopped in May: This time around I have a little more growth, but still have days were I feel ugly because of my hair. But I refuse to go back to a perm–I have my sister who started before me and I can see the possibilities when I look at her huge afro.

    I might still get a weave–only my second one ever–in a few weeks time, but this time I won't go running for a perm…

  • Alicia says:

    I was never relaxed and never did a BC, but I do know how it feels to be 'forced' to cut your hair. I used to straighten my hair excessively, and my usually thick, shoulder-length hair was breaking off with damaged ends and thinning in the back. I went to a stylist and she told me that my ends looked chewed-up and highly recommended that I cut them off…ALL of them. So, I let her do it and came out with a cute (didn't think so at the time) layer/bob look. The longest of it was only to my chin, but I had to keep reminding myself: It looks thicker, its healthier, and it will grow back with proper care. It was very hard for me to cut my hair before I was ready, but I just closed my eyes and let her go to work. Afterwords my friends and family told me how much better it looked, so I started to feel good about it. Around that time I began my 'natural' journey and stopped with all the straightening. I figured, let me start off (again) with a fresh cut and healthy hair.

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