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Curly Nikki

Hair Candy- Ododo Originals

By January 27th, 202115 Comments

Hola Chicas!

Need a new hair accessory? Check out Ododo Originals! I recently had the pleasure of reviewing their gorgeous beaded flowers. I’m most certainly a flower girl, and these beaded ones have helped me to step my accessory game up…way up! Very unique. Check them out!

They’re intricately hand crafted, durable, and have an easy to secure alligator clip on the back. The only flaw in my opinion, is that the pointed edges may snag on your curls if you’re not careful.

Later Gators,

Hair Candy- Ododo Originals
Hair Candy- Ododo Originals
Hair Candy- Ododo Originals

By the way, this is 4th day hair that was worn in a high bun for 2 days, and a low bun for two. It was originally styled using HE Totally Twisted Conditioner.

To preserve the frizz-less low bun style, I take it out of the bun at night and secure it in a loose, higher bun on top of my head (with a satin scrunchie). I then don a satin scarf (to help the edges lay) and retire. The next morning, I take it down and pull it back down into a low bun. Viola! Easy peasy :)


  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki your hair is beautiful. Love it!

  • erika says:

    comprei 4 cores diferentes!! não vejo a hora de poder usar!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki I love your blog, it has been so helpful. I know you used the HE Totally Twisted Conditioner I was just wondering how much you use because my hair never stays that moisturized after 4 days. Thank you.

  • These Three Kings says:

    CUTE!!Where else do you purchase your hair accessories??! I cant find any anywhere..going to try the link you gave! Thanks again :)

  • nicole123 says:

    Wow, this is so cute!!! I can't wait til my hair grows out like that… I will ahev trieed all of the styles that a person can possibly think of. Thanks for the insporation.

  • puff says:

    haha i have the exact same ododo clip! i love them for the days i want to look a little more girly.

    and gorgeous bun!

  • Anonymous says:

    Too cute :) I'm going to the site now! I just wish that my bun could look as fab as yours.

  • Lovelyrett says:

    That is too cute! I have to get some!

  • Anonymous says:

    UGGHHH Darnit I was tryna get through June but the PJ habit is back.. I just ordered two of these.. Too cute they are! Thanks for sharing Nik!

  • TBB says:

    Very cute!

  • OMB says:

    I love the flower clip (and you are certainly rocking it!) I'm excited to see that Ododo Originals is on etsy (I've added her to my favorites)!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Tiffany says:

    Gorgeous flower and hair. Your hair is stunning.

  • Anonymous says:

    Keep rockin it Nikki- I love the flower, being a flower girl myself even with my twa! When my hair grows up- I want it to be just like YOURS!

  • Miss Dior says:

    So cute! I want it! I think the link is broken.

  • No1blkbeauty says:

    Wow … BEAUTIFUL! I can't do a good-looking messy low bun yet (believe me, I've tried). I don't have enough length yet. But as soon as I am able to, I'll be a flower in the hair type of girl!

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