Hola Chicas!

Need a new hair accessory? Check out Ododo Originals! I recently had the pleasure of reviewing their gorgeous beaded flowers. I’m most certainly a flower girl, and these beaded ones have helped me to step my accessory game up…way up! Very unique. Check them out!

They’re intricately hand crafted, durable, and have an easy to secure alligator clip on the back. The only flaw in my opinion, is that the pointed edges may snag on your curls if you’re not careful.

Later Gators,

By the way, this is 4th day hair that was worn in a high bun for 2 days, and a low bun for two. It was originally styled using HE Totally Twisted Conditioner.

To preserve the frizz-less low bun style, I take it out of the bun at night and secure it in a loose, higher bun on top of my head (with a satin scrunchie). I then don a satin scarf (to help the edges lay) and retire. The next morning, I take it down and pull it back down into a low bun. Viola! Easy peasy 🙂