CN: How long have you been natural?
In November it will be 8 years. I did the BC on my 25th birthday. It was a great journey with lots of ups and downs but the best decision I ever made. Went through a small period of why did I cut my hair. Ladies at work would ask, “Baby, why did you do that to your hair?” Now they ask, “How did you do that to your hair?” I love it!

CN: What is your regimen?
4b girls like my self need lots of moisture. My favorite products are Carol’s daughter hair milk, healthy hair butter and Mimosa hair Honey. I also like Pantene relaxed and natural hair mask. Right now, I co-wash my hair every week or wash if I feel like my hair isn’t acting right and I need to start over. I typically double strand twist with Shea butter and a setting lotion, sit under the dryer and pick it out the next day. I also twist sometimes with aloe vera gel or Barry Fletcher Twist Like This. In the Summer, I can do a wash n go with Kinky Curly Custard. I just started using Hello Hydration and Shea Moisture Leave in this week (Thanks Nikki) and so far so good. Bobby pins are my best friend for the days that my hair needs some help. I get my hair flat ironed and trimmed 3 times a year, and I also do sets on flexi rods from time to time. I am starting to explore new products again and want to try henna soon.

CN: What is the one thing you’d tell a newbie to help her on her journey?
Be patient. Learn your hair and the many textures you have. Embrace them and love them and they will love you back. When you find a product that works for you, stick to it and train your hair to behave like you want it to.

CN: What do you do to your hair at night to preserve your curls?
I re-twist any frizzy pieces with water and aloe vera gel or Shea butter especially the front, and wear a bonnet or put it in a pony tail.

CN: What’s the best thing about being naturally glamorous?!
Everyday my hair is different. I feel comfortable in my own skin and my natural hair gives me confidence. I am proud of every sprout, crimp, coil on my head.


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