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Curly Nikki

Locks of Love for Afro Textured Hair?

By January 27th, 20215 Comments
After reading and posting T. Kimberlyn’s Spotlight, I got that ‘twilight zone’ feeling when the below email popped into my inbox. I had never thought about Locks of Love for Afro Textured Hair until now. Hopefully some of you (and T. Kimberlyn) can shed some light on it!

Hi Nikki and Wes,

Hope you’re doing well! I have a question that I was hoping you could post to the CN and HBS community. The more exposure, the better as I don’t know if many kinky-curlies have done this. I have been wanting to donate my hair to Locs of Love or some similar organization for a while now, and I finally think that I have enough length to be able to do it. So I wanted to know,

(1) Have any other afro-textured kinky-curlies out there done this before? If so, what organization did you go through?

(2) Do you know for sure that your hair was utilized? I ask this because I don’t want to cut my hair for no good reason, and when I see the type of hair that is being donated on the websites, it is usually straight or more loosely curly/wavy. I have a nice tight curl pattern (lots of 4a and some 3c).

(3) For those who have done it, please offer any advice you may have.
Guess that was more than one question… =0)
Thanks a bunch ladies!


  • Anonymous says:

    Everyone should research locks of love before donating. Most of the hair gets sold for profit. They don't donate wigs unless the hair loss is permanent. Otherwise they sell the wigs (sometimes at a discount). They do NOT give free wigs to kids with cancer as many think. (Because the hair loss with chemo isn't permanent). Go figure, huh?

  • Tina W. says:

    I once heard LoL doesn't only use the hair for wigs, but they sell some of it too 🙁 Might wanna research that…

  • T. Kimberlyn says:

    Hi C,

    I donated mine to Locs of Love. I too thought that maybe my hair wasn't long enough, but after reading on their website I found out that they take donations shorter than the recommended length. They also stated that they would use all hair textures and I believe the hair that was of a shorter length, they sell and use the money for the organization.

    I'm not sure how or if they used my hair but I just figured I was doing my part to try and help someone else. So that's my advice to you, if you do cut your hair and donate it, just know that your intentions are good and that's all that matters.

  • Jamie says:

    I plan to donate my hair oce i reach waist length too. It would be really could if you could see the finished product and meet the recipient.

  • MochaTai says:

    Hello There! Locks of Love will take donations of all hair types as long as its at least 10" of donated hair. Each section of your hair has to be braided and then snipped. I didn't donate my hair BUT I do know of a friend's young daughter who rec'd a natural wig. It was mostly 3c with a finer texture though.

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