My name is Cha Ross-Estes from Washington, DC. I am a Mother, Wife and a lover of life! I laugh often and smile a lot! I stopped the “LYE” over 8+ years ago but always wore braids so over the past year or so, I’ve just been totally rocking out with my own hair and GEESHHH, I’ve been having so much fun! I’m FREE (singing)… LOL. From Two strand-twist to Twist-outs to Bantu knots to my FRO, I love it all. This site is such a wonderful place to read and see other naturals and I love it. Thanks Nikki!

I never did the BC but sometimes I think about cutting my hair off and trying something new and here lately I’ve considered Sisterlocs but ummmmm, just not sure. My staple products are Shea butter, vegetable gylcerin, coconut oil and I co-wash like crazy. If you get a chance, please check out some of my youtube videos (chamogul) and a few pics below. To all my natural ladies and gents, continue to enjoy your natural unrefined beauty!

For more videos, check out her Youtube Channel.