I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Marcia Hamilton, Hair Artist to the Stars. She was recently cast as a celebrity hair stylist on Style Network’s number one rated show Split Ends.
Marcia has created looks for Jada Pinkett Smith, John Legend, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Minnie Driver, and Venus and Serena Williams. She’s definitely the ‘it girl’ of hair!

CN: Tell us all about Jada’s hair! What products do you use? Styles she likes?
Marcia: Taking care of Jada’s hair is pretty simple. As you know she’s a naturally curly girl with a busy schedule and lifestyle. Our favorite shampoos to use are Carol’s Daughter and Rene Fuerter. These two lines are perfect for curly textured hair. Each line has a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. And Rene Fuerter has the most amazing dry scalp shampoo.

When Jada’s not on set or the red carpet she prefers to rock her natural curls, she’s very low maintainence. To achieve this look her curls are shampooed, conditioned, then a leave-in conditioner is added for polish and her hair is left to air dry. Most of my celebrity clients are natural girls and follow the same routine, Serena Williams being one of them. For intense moisture, I highly recommend an overnight Extra Virgin Olive Oil treatment. First you shampoo, then saturate strands from scalp to ends with the extra virgin olive oil, leave under a plastic cap or wrap with towel then rinse out thoroughly the next day.

CN: What is your favorite ingredient, and why?
Marcia: One of my favorite ingredients is Shea Butter. I love it because it’s all natural & very moisturizing.

CN: What made you decide to specialize in naturally curly/kinky hair?
Marcia: I wouldn’t really label myself as a stylist that specializes in natural hair however I am against relaxers. When I get a new client that has relaxed tresses my goal is to educate her on the dangers of sodium hydroxide, which is the active ingredient in all relaxers. I don’t twist arms I just preach the knowledge. Having natural hair just opens the doors for room to color safely and healthy, shiny, bouncy hair that is full of life.

CN: How do you care for your transitioning clients?
Marcia: When my client is convinced and ready to transition she is placed on a once a week scheduled visit for intense moisture and protein treatments. For the “growing out” period the hair must either be maintained in a straighted form which it is accustomed or kept in a curly textured style which is its destination. Daily pressure should not be applied to the strands while in transition because you will experience extreme breakage. Also the hair must be trimmed every six to eight weeks.

CN: Tell us about your salon and how the Average Joe can get an appointment with you.
Marcia: I do accept new clients! And I can be contacted via email, [email protected] I work by appointment only at The Juan Juan Center, in Beverly Hills California.