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Curly Nikki

Salon Rec’s(GA, AL) for a Fellow Curly

By January 27th, 202127 Comments

Hey Nikki!

My 31st birthday is coming up in July and I want to have my natural locks straightened for the first time. Only problem is I don’t know any GOOD natural hair care salons in my area. I live in Alabama(central). I am even willing to travel to the ATL. Would you do a blog post asking your readers where their favorite Natural hair care salon is, as well as why they like getting their locks styled there. (having the name of a stylist would be EXTRA great!.hehehe)



  • ryanrolls says:

    Don’t worry Curlynikki, There is a many salons in your area you should visit selected salons & inspect their services buy customers, if your any friend have a good experience of any of them so you can also discuss with her. don’t try any cheap /local salons this may harm your hair by using local brands . I Know you will looks princes before your 31st Birthday

  • Anonymous says:

    That is great that you want to do some natural locks straightened. I hope your birthday goes well for you. Another way to go also is to use natural hair care.

  • ~Toy~ says:

    Happy soon to be birthday! I hope you find a stylist that you're crazy about. ATL has many great ones.

  • Lindinha says:

    Too Groovy is awesome! I went weekly for 2 years before I started doing my own hair. It's pretty expensive (as are all the Atlanta options) but you will leave with model hair!

  • RUCreole says:

    Ditto on Too Groovy but they are only good for straightening! But you will definitely have that bouncy blow in the air hair "grease free"!

  • kwm537 says:

    I would like to recommend Genneal King… she is at a Ultimate Styles Salon in Stockbridge (just south of Atlanta) She has natural hair herself and most of her clients do as well… and when I tell you she does a FLAWLESS job… OMG… a pic is worth a thousand words though… she has some pics on facebook and I could send you more if you are interested.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had a good experience with Taz at Curltopia. They have lots of products for natural hair as well.

  • Mechelle says:

    Too Groovy is great! They made my transition period much easier.

  • Anonymous says:

    Curltopia is cool, but I think Taz choped off a little too much! my curls look great, but I know that my ends were not that bad. He wanted to cut my mid size afro into a style, but my hair wasn't even long enough for all of that yet. I don't think i would go back.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ditto on Too Groovy!!!

    These Three Kings: There is only one location of Too Groovy now. That location is on Ponce De Leon, the other location at Lenox closed on May 24, 2009.

  • Anonymous says:

    I didnt know so many ppl on curlynikki lived in the ATL lol

  • These Three Kings says:

    Okay..had to ask this before I went to bed.. Jettiemae..what location is Natasha in??? (Too Groovy) I hear there are three locations but what are they?? I dont see them on the website..they are only giving me the 265 Ponce De Leon location

  • These Three Kings says:

    ALL SNAP!!!! you guys ROCK!!! thanks again! I will carefully consider my options.. I promise to send Nikki pics after my big do 🙂

  • Unknown says:

    Too Groovy has totally transformed my hair for me. They made the transitioning period for me much easier to deal with and are working with me and my student budget now that I am natural. Sheena and Tahira are my go to gals. They brought all the stylist under their flagship location in Midtown on Ponce.

  • Anonymous says:

    I concurr Too Groovy Salon is the master of the straightening process! The are really good and don't damage the hair. Try Selenthia, she's good. There are at least 3 locations…you MUST go there.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was a Too Groovy gal, but now I get my hair done by someone who left their salon and branched out on her own. One of the main reasons I left Too Groovy was because of their prices. The girl I now go to charges $45 for wash, blow out and flat iron, $20 for deep treatment (hydration), and $20 for a trim. Her name is Kayla. If I'm in a bind, I will go to Too Groovy and see Kenya. You can't go wrong with Too Groovy…your hair will be awesome! Team Too Groovy all the way…TRUST!

  • Anonymous says:

    Try Shine Salon and Spa in downtown Atlanta. I don't know the website off hand, but you can google it. Ask for Kendra, the owner. She's great. My hair (blowdried and flat ironed) lasts for a whole week before my edges even start to puff up! She does a steam hydration treatment, wash, blowdry and straighten for $70.00. It's located on Peters St.

    Good Luck

  • MsLady07 says:

    Giselle at Curltopia is GREAT!

  • MsLady07 says:

    Giselle at Curltopia is great as well!

  • Kookie says:

    I recommend Sharon at Salon Balisi.
    She works on ALL hair (relaxed and natural).
    She is a member of a reputable hair forum: LHCF (and thus, represents "healthy hair").

    She is the ONLY person I've trusted to straighten my hair. She is VERY patient and takes her time and let's you know what she's doing every step of the way. Her total cost is under $100!

    Oh and…."happy birthday to ya" in advance!! 😉

  • Anonymous says:

    I second Curltopia w/ Taz

  • tryn2figureitout says:

    Although I will admit I haven't tried any of these, but here is a good list of those in Birmingham, AL.
    Also, Robin Smith at Salon405 is great, but she doesn't solely work with natural hair. She does care about the health of your hair and will not do anything that she feels would not benefit it. Good Luck!!!

  • jettiemae says:

    Too Groovy is another good salon located in Atlanta. All of their clients are either completely natural or transitioning. Everyone who walks out of the salon walks out with what I call "swish-swish" or "blow in the wind" hair. They charge $75 for the shampoo, condition, hydrating steam treatment, and style. Everyone in there does excellent work, but I recommend asking for Natasha – she's bomb-diggy! Here's their website:

  • Kenya Brantley says:

    Urbanbella, of course, in Atl, but quite expensive. Also, ditto on Curltopia!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Taliah Waajid Hair Salon in Atl by the airport. Pretty expensive in my book (Im cheap and expect to buy the salon for $10!)

    the website is

  • Queen says:

    Curltopia in Smyrna, Georgia ( – ask for Taz!!! I paid $100.00 for a shampoo, condition, deep condition, trim, hydration treatment, and straightening.. my curls reverted back after I shampooed and my hair is much more healthier since I went to Taz 🙂

  • These Three Kings says:

    YES!!! Thanks NIKKI!! COME on Ladies!! I need ya help…a girl wants to look fly!! 🙂

    thanks again all

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