Hola Chicas,

While twisting my hair for the week, I realized that there are several things I do to ensure that the next Monday through Thursday can be classified as good hair days. Check out the list below…I’ll be sure to add to it if I can think of anything else.

  • Apply your leave-in conditioner while you’re still in the shower to assure thorough distribution and slip. Also, be sure to pass your head back under the shower stream one last time before stepping out. Good, even distribution results in a consistent wave pattern that is relatively frizz free.
  • Keep the hair soaking wet while twisting — this keeps the hair super slippery and pliable. You’ll lose less hair during the process, and it results in a smooth, shiny twist-out.
  • Start twisting as close to the root as possible. This is CRUCIAL! Until recently, I used to just grab the hair and start twisting…not paying much attention to the roots. Now, the shape and pattern of my waves are much more consistent. Also, be sure to secure the roots with duck bill clips– it keeps the hair from unraveling.
  • The bigger the twist, the looser the wave (8 to 12 twists). Smaller twists yield a tighter wave pattern (12 to as many as you have time to do!).
  • Make sure the twists are COMPLETELY dry before taking them down. Damp twists result in fuzzy, un-defined twist-outs.
  • Style the twist-out with your fingers to preserve the wave pattern and prevent the frizzies.

Add your helpful tips in the comment section!

Later Gators,