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Curly Nikki

Tips for Flawless Twist-Outs

By January 27th, 202125 Comments

Hola Chicas,

While twisting my hair for the week, I realized that there are several things I do to ensure that the next Monday through Thursday can be classified as good hair days. Check out the list below…I’ll be sure to add to it if I can think of anything else.

  • Apply your leave-in conditioner while you’re still in the shower to assure thorough distribution and slip. Also, be sure to pass your head back under the shower stream one last time before stepping out. Good, even distribution results in a consistent wave pattern that is relatively frizz free.
  • Keep the hair soaking wet while twisting — this keeps the hair super slippery and pliable. You’ll lose less hair during the process, and it results in a smooth, shiny twist-out.
  • Start twisting as close to the root as possible. This is CRUCIAL! Until recently, I used to just grab the hair and start twisting…not paying much attention to the roots. Now, the shape and pattern of my waves are much more consistent. Also, be sure to secure the roots with duck bill clips– it keeps the hair from unraveling.
  • The bigger the twist, the looser the wave (8 to 12 twists). Smaller twists yield a tighter wave pattern (12 to as many as you have time to do!).
  • Make sure the twists are COMPLETELY dry before taking them down. Damp twists result in fuzzy, un-defined twist-outs.
  • Style the twist-out with your fingers to preserve the wave pattern and prevent the frizzies.

Add your helpful tips in the comment section!

Later Gators,


  • KayMam says:

    Does anyone have the problem or has ever had the problem where they wake up and there twist are bending in all kinds of directions??
    how do you fix that??

  • Unknown says:

    I use a sheer-silk scarf after twisting my hair to sleep at night. It adds ventilation while protecting the hair, and more times than not I wake up with my twists completely dry. I usually spritz a little olive oil on them before I tie them down as well.
    ||Nuff Love|| – Kimi

  • Anonymous says:

    hi i got my best ever tnc today because after washing and applying myleave in, i plaited my soaking wet hair into 10 plaits (5 each side ) i left them for a few hours until 95% dry then i added a light slick of castor oil mixed wit aloe vera and proceeded to tnc. this morning i have the softest bounciest moisturised gorgeous DRY curls ever!!! i live in the uk and my hair does not fully dry overnight, if i tnc soaking wet i get frizz frizz frizz, i suggest you try the tnc on 95% dry hair and post your results. peace

  • Anonymous says:

    I am currently transitioning (12mths)and I am going to try this tonite.
    The only problem that I know that I will incur is my drying time,my natural hair takes longer to dry. Should I sit under the dryer prior to leaving in overnight?

  • Anonymous says:

    I comb my twist outs; it makes the curls look natural. Am I the only one to do this?

  • Laura says:

    Great tips Nikki! I will be trying these for my next twist-out!

  • CakedUp says:

    Ok, so I tried the twist out with my Curls products, the Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner and milkshake. With the help of CN's pictorial and the flawless tips, it came out great. I got a lot of compliments. Thanks!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Delorese, I use Curls Products. I use the Coconut Sublime Conditioner and Curls Souffle and all my styles come out great. I've tried switching to other products and I have yet to find one that gets my hair as perfect as the Curls.

  • Anonymous says:

    Delorese i used curls products and i love them.I use curls milkshake as my leavein and then I use curls souffle for my twist. My twist dont come out right but i dont think its the product i think its my technique. I dont use the quenched curls makes my hair frizzy. You are right no one talks to much about curls products here but i love them

  • Mzbush says:

    I believe I got this tip from you, Nikki. If you absolutely must take out your twists before they are completely dry, go ahead and open the twists but do not separate, fluff, or manipulate your hair until it is completely dry. Once your hair has dried, fluff as usual and you're good to go.

  • AlongCameStacey says:

    You can also start with a braid and then start twisting instead of using the clips. Some people might find the clips uncomfortable to sleep in.

  • Anonymous says:

    Does this method work with 4b hair? Or do you need to leave the twists in for at least a day to prevent frizz?

  • Anonymous says:

    After your twist have dried, try to separate each twist into 2-4 sections only. Separating them more than this can result into frizz.

    When do you apply the duck bill clips before or after you twist? I've tried to do them both ways and my hair is thick at the roots it still unravels. I end up having to put my twist in bantu knots to eliminate frizz at the roots which results to longer drying time. Any suggestions?…

  • CakedUp says:

    I can't wait to try this. Does anyone else use Curls products? I haven't seen anyone talk about using their product before. Have you ever tried it Nikki? What are your pros and cons of it? Usually my twist outs come out horrible…. a big frizzy mess. I want to try it now with these tips and my Curls product, but I want to make sure this is the right product to use. I want to pin-point my mistakes.

  • KeetaRay says:

    I totally agree with your tips! I have found this to be true for me, as well. Hair MUST BE completely dry first, or my twists WILL frizz up.

  • E_v says:

    My hair always stands out instead of laying down a little bit faster. What should I do? I try to twists the front of my head down facing my bangs but even so, it just looks funny. I guess I really need to concentrate on my roots.


  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! I forgot about the clips…I'll add that up at the top.

    I sleep under a ceiling fan, that is the ONLY way my hair dries from soaking wet. I use a bonnet dryer a few times a year when I'm in a rush. I air dry 99% of the time.

  • Mimi says:

    thats what i started doing, except i go the extra step to comb through once and after i'm doing twisting i pin down my roots

    I have curly coily kinky 4a hair and pinning down my twists at the roots with a bobby pin keeps them from going every where with thier own curls and twists

  • Anonymous says:

    IA re soaking wet hairI keep a spray bottle handy and keep the damp hair Im not working on under a shower cap. I add more water, whatever leave-in/condish I'm using and run my denman brush thru the section I'm about to twist. Then I smooth a dab of avocado butter and twist. To eliminate puffy roots I clip each twist with a duckbill clip and I remove them the next day when my hair is completely dry before unraveling my twists. The clips kinda help stretch my hair and my twists come out bouncy, silky, moisturized and defined.

  • Afrocentric Mocha says:

    Nikki…How are you getting your totally saturated twisted hair dry the next day. My hair is still damp in some parts no matter how early I start the process. Do you use heat to aide in the drying process??

  • Anonymous says:

    Don't forget shea butter on the ends for a frizz-free look all the way to the end of your hair. Also, I faithfully follow CN's advice to use duckbill clips at the roots of the hair to make the twists stay and it also helps my hair stay wavy vs. puffy at the roots!

  • Namun says:

    I like to smooth a dab of the shea butter, almond oil mix I prepared on each section of hair before twisting. It leaves my hair soft and well moisturized.

  • Patrice-The Soap Seduction says:

    Great tips. I've never twisted my hair soaking wet. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  • Anonymous says:

    It takes forever for my twists to dry. Are there any tips for a faster drying time overnight. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • afrikurl says:

    the ENDS! Make sure they are coiled or curled. This will make an otherwise perfect twist out a hot mess.

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