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Curly Nikki

Curlynikki Testimonial- Jalana!

By January 27th, 202112 Comments

Hi Curlynikki,

So I’ve been stalking you since before you started your site, and I just want to say WOW! You’re amazing and so motivating, congratulations on all your success! Anyway, I wanted to say that I’ve learned so much since following you on Naturally Curly, Nappturality and now Curlynikki. I did my big chop years ago but had no clue what I was doing. I re-permed for corporate jobs (because I thought I had to) and dyed to loosen curls in the beginning.

I was in a huge state of denial and not used to seeing my natural hair. With your help, I stopped dying about a year and a half ago (but my last perm and BC was in 1999) and the change in my hair is amazing!!!!! I wanted to share some pics – please feel free to post if you’d like. They’re dated so you can see my progress (I’m still struggling with trimming so the growth could probably be better, but the thickness and health are friggin’ amazing but I’m at the mercy of scissor happy hairdressers for now). Thanks again – you’re such an inspiration and not just for hair but for being fearless, creative and limitless with your biz!

February 2008
Curlynikki Testimonial- Jalana!
September 2008
Curlynikki Testimonial- Jalana!
February 2009
Curlynikki Testimonial- Jalana!
May 2009

Curlynikki Testimonial- Jalana!

Jalana will be submitting a Hair Idol interview in the next few weeks! Stay tuned 🙂


  • Dania says:

    Her hair is gorgeous!

  • Bilqis says:

    beautiful hair. nice n shiny! whats ur routine like?

  • KinkyCurlyMagazine says:

    thats my college homie! hey jalana. looking good. and her hair is even more amazing in person!

  • Anonymous says:

    you've got beautiful hair miss lady 🙂

  • JollyJoy says:

    The hair is gorgeous! It looks incredibly healthy. I can't wait until I get that kind of length.


  • Mslizzia says:

    I would like to know what hair type she is. I have been stalking CN for quite some time now. I just want to say i love this blog and im thinking about starting my own because of it.

  • Renegade Behavior says:

    Beautiful hair….looks so shiny and healthy

  • Cygnet says:

    I dislike stylists intensely and avoid them like the plague. I find that I'm a lot more willing to live with the mistakes I make on myself than with those others make on me, so everything I've ever wanted done to my hair I learned to do myself. That includes trims, which I do as infrequently as I can get away with it, as my hair already grows too slowly for my liking. The only other person I trust near my head with a pair of scissors is my mom, because she learned early and quickly how much–I more rightly should say how little–I'm willing to lose at once.

  • Anonymous says:

    Having recently BC'd, I am so looking forward to the growth of my hair. It is so unfortunate that we have been taught that our thick nappy hair is not good.
    While in college (and perming every 6 weeks), I had a roommate from Kenya that would sport her fro and say I have good hair- no perms and no chemicals. At the time, I would tell her she needed a perm.
    Well, today I realize that yes, she has good hair and so do I!
    And Jalana as well as all the other natural sistas are living proof that "Nappy is all good!"

  • Tiffalicious says:


  • Anonymous says:

    what do you use on your hair? what is your daily routine also!!! inquiring minds want to know b/c i stopped perming my hair in 5/07 and my hair is no where near that length!

  • Liza says:

    That is some amazing growth in one year! She is also a very beautiful sista!

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