That’s what my hair is telling me right now. I haven’t done a good deep condition in more than 3 weeks. It’s also telling me:

  • Seal me!: I’ve been a bit lax lately on the sealing and day to day maintenance of my style. My ends aren’t splitting or breaking, but they are dry and tangly. I need to do something ’bout it!
  • Fatten me up: It’s been nearly a month since my last henna treatment, and boy can I tell! My once thick, and bountiful mane is a bit more scalpy and on the thin side. For me, the effects of henna last about 3 weeks. After that, the thickness, intense shine, and subtle loosening diminishes. My hair returns to its thin, fine, and dainty self.
  • Water me: Although I complained about a 45 minute detangling session a couple of weeks back, and vowed to NEVER EVER let my hair go that long between stylings again…I keep doing it! I’ve only been styling my hair once a week, and I’m paying for it! On one hand, it’s less manipulation, and more time to do things unrelated to hair. But on the other hand, it takes FOREVER to get the knots out, and I lose more hair than I should.
  • Take your vitamins!: I need to do this on a much more regular basis.

If you get really still, and listen, your hair is telling you what it desires. What are your curls telling you, and whatcha gonna do about it?!