Mechelle submitted the following in hopes that it can help us all to be better role models!


I have been natural for four years, but I have flat-ironed the entire time. I had surgery in March 09 and was unable to get my hair done, so I decided to be truly natural and opted to wear a Twist-n-Curl (TnC). I became addicted! I got more and more compliments with every TnC set. I was almost at the point that I never wanted to go back.

Well, earlier this month I was in my best friend’s wedding and decided to get my hair flat ironed. It had grown so much. Those few months of pampering my hair had really paid off. I enjoyed the straight hair and seemed to get a lot of attention with it. But it all came at a cost.

Yesterday my naturally curly 4-year old daughter asked me to straighten her beautiful, thick curly locks. She has a head of hair many of us would fight for, and she was asking me to make her hair look like mine and the people on the television. I spent the rest of the morning convincing her that her hair was beautiful, much more beautiful than my straight hair. But my husband reminded me that I had been flaunting my straight hair and it may have affected her. My heart was broken.

I then realized that I actually missed my curly mane. It was so much easier than this straight hair that I decided to sport to be in the wedding. I missed the sisterhood I felt when I passed another curly on the street or in the mall. Most of all, I had led my little girl to want to leave her lovely curls behind.

I learned a lesson by getting my hair straightened and it is one that I do not plan to repeat again any time soon. Thank you for helping me learn to love my hair and in turn giving me the opportunity to teach my little girl to lover hers.

Mechelle B.

Baby Girl Tyler