Remember the lovely NaturallyCurlyEnnovy?!

Well, she’s back with advice on purchasing the right Denman brush for your needs. After reading, I’ve decided that a Denman d41 might be in my future πŸ˜‰

I purchased the Denman Brush D3 after reading about the Denman Brushes on the forum. Looking at it live and in person I was very skeptical about using it as it looked like it would rip my hair out of my head. I say this because the rows are so close together. It reminded me of a comb and NOT a wide-tooth comb. I purchased it anyway (knowing I could always return to Sally’s) and tried to use it. Took me about 5 minutes before I put it away after trying to use it on only a very small section of hair. It was pulling my hair out and I know I would have lost at least a fourth of my hair had I continued to use it AND it would have probably have taken over an hour to detangle. So I went back to using my trusty Paddle brush.

Now after doing research I realize that I should NOT have bought the D3 nor the D4. Those particular brushes are for STRAIGHT hair and are typically used for blow drying the hair for a smooth look. However, the D31 and the D41 are typically used for THICK or CURLY hair AND used for DETANGLING. The rows are spread apart to allow the hair to actually flow through the brush and the pins are spread apart as well. The D31 medium size brush has 7 rows and is for all lengths of hair. The D41 large size brush has 9 rows and is for medium to long hair. There is also the D1431 which has 5 rows and recommended for shorter hair. It is small and more compact so you could put this in your purse.

Of course, I ordered the D41 online for $9 with $5.95 s/h and will let you know. I’ve never heard of the place I ordered it from so I don’t want to provide it at this time. However, I will once I have received my product and see if it is authentic. I got it for $2 cheaper (this includes the shipping) than I could have at the Beauty Store and Salon in my neighborhood. It’s $16.99 there plus tax. So, I am kind of wondering if it is a TRUE Denman!!

Anyway, I thought I would post for those ladies that said they felt they lost too much hair with the Denman. Perhaps it was because it was the wrong Denman!!

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