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Curly Nikki

On the Couch with Georgia

By January 27th, 202126 Comments

Hi CurlyNikki,

I just came across your post requesting women with 4a/4b hair to enter your CurlyNikki Spotlight, and I got super excited. Although we do not share the same texture, we share the love of hair, health and life.

Here is a little piece of my story. Shoulder length was the longest my hair has ever been, instead of getting longer it was falling out in clumps after a horrible relaxer. After that, I had to weigh my options. I chose to go the natural route. :o) I transitioned for two months with kinky twist extensions. I was surprised to see the curls forming in my hair once it was wet, so I started to cut. You can see my big chop here
I am a proud 4a 4b natural sista :o) I’m so glad I made the decision to go natural, never going back!

Thanks you for being an Inspiration!

Below are a few pics of my hair after the big chop and while I was relaxed.
On the Couch with GeorgiaOn the Couch with GeorgiaOn the Couch with GeorgiaOn the Couch with GeorgiaOn the Couch with Georgia


  • Dominique says:

    Wow! Absolutely stunning woman! Thanks for shaing your pics and story. Your hair looks great

  • Anonymous says:

    the short hair looks better because i can focus on your gorgeous features. you make ME wanna BC.

  • Merci says:

    Gia u look really pretty however u have ur hair!! I like the big chopped hair better tho honestly lol…u look beautiful! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • Tiffer says:

    She is such a beautiful girl!!!

  • Amina says:

    wooooow! you look absolutely amaazing!

  • Czarina says:

    Ok I have never been on this site and was looking at info on henna and ran across you and your amazing beauty! I have mid back natural hair when straight and am ready to chop it again to see if I can look as beautiful as you do! I did the big chop while pregnant a couple years ago and rocked a big curly fro and have gone all natural with color as i did not relax my hair. Dang girl you are gorgeous. Rock it and don't ever go back, ok? I cant wait to show my baby girl how much more beautiful she can look being natural with the God given glory she was given!

  • D_luv says:

    I have to take it back to In Living Color and say.. "You GO GIRL!!!" 4a/4b rulz!

  • Anonymous says:


  • mama of a natural beauty says:

    That's what I want to see more sistahs with 4a/4b hair types. This is my daughter's hair type. I would like to hear more from sistahs with this hair type, how they care for it and what products they are using. My daughter is 6 going on her it's all about length and big hair. Sites like this is really helping me to help her loveee her hair. Seeing as she loves to wear her hair out, keeping it moisterized and tangle free is a challange.I would also love to hear from other mothers, and their hair routins. Thanx Nikki for giving us this forum and keeping us in the loop

  • Anonymous says:

    The hair cut really brings out your features. You look great!

  • K.B. says:

    You were beautiful before and extremely beautiful now. Your curly twa is so hawt!

  • Unknown says:

    Yaaaay! 4a/4b sistahs in the house! You look WONDERFUL gurl, keep up the great work!

  • sewdope says:

    goodness girl you should really consider modeling or acting. you are beautiful! love the natural look on you.

  • Gia says:

    Thank You Curly Nikki and everyone that commented…*smiling from ear to ear* You all have beautiful hearts and I appreciate you!


  • Unknown says:

    this is awesome! Mine looks just like that now too! I'm going to share my story in the spotlight now too! 4a/4b sisters represent!

  • Unknown says:

    absolutely gorgeous. and that was my first time watching a BC on youtube. You rock! That cut is super cute on you. It's a wonder more women don't go natural… it brings out cheekbones and eyes.

  • Anonymous says:

    She's so beautiful! The short hair just accentuates it.

  • A. Spence says:

    it looks great. I got cut my hair off last night. the thought of another long process of conditioning and rolling my hair was too

  • Unknown says:

    beautiful!! you are truly rocking that TWA!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow…I hate echoing everyone else but this is something we need more of from our fellow women, praise. Your hair looks great and you know it :@) Also, I must ask, what is your skin regimen. Please, you shared the hair now share the skin!

  • KeetaRay says:

    You look gorgeous, girl!!! I agree with mothereartha — natural hair really DOES accent everyone's beauty!! You can see ur bone structure much better now.

  • modest-goddess says:

    the short hair showcases your pretty facial features

  • Suniismom says:


  • Ashley Smith says:

    Wow, she looks gorgeous with a TWA!

  • MahoganyCurls says:

    YAY!!!! GIA!!!! I am so happy to see you on CN! You look beautiful! Where have you been girlie, havent seen you on yt for a minute!

  • mothereartha says:

    gawhgeous! natural hair really accents everyone's beauty! she should model.

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