First off I want to thank you for taking the time to make such a great site. I love it! I’ve learned so much about my own hair I just can’t get over it. I don’t have a transition story because I’ve never permed my hair. We were always taught as girls in my family that your hair was your glory and you should do all you can to keep it in the best condition possible. So no chemicals but I’ve had my hair pressed many, many times. And I have to admit that I’ve never really taken good care of my hair. I just basically let it do what it wanted to do. I’ve worn it very long, very short and everything in between.

My decision to be consciously good to my hair and a true curly girl came after my father made a comment that my hair looked thinner after not having seen me in a while. I knew I was having breakage (a lot!) but I hadn’t really allowed myself to think about it until he made that comment. I came across your blog after looking for tips to stop breakage on naturallycurly.com. I cannot believe what I difference I have seen in my hair in the last 6 weeks. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing weekly henna/amla treatments and that has made the most difference in the texture and strength of my hair in my opinion.

I also wanted to thank you for posting about the twist and curl. I was generally a wash and go girl. I didn’t like taking the time to do twists when they were only lasting me one day. Way too much work. I’ve since learned about the pineapple and this is how I sleep to get 2, 3 even 4 day hair. I’m also getting much better curl formation now that my hair is healthier. One modification I made to the style was to use curl formers on the ends of my twists instead of rollers. The first set I bought were way too short for the entire length of my hair so I just put them on about halfway up my twists. I find this a lot easier to sleep in for me and my hair seems to dry faster in the breathable curl formers.

Thanks again for all the info on products and styling tips. Now I just need to get my daughters hair in tip top shape as well and all will be good in my household 🙂 I’ve included some pictures of her as well.


Twist-n-Curl Day One


Daughter Tina!