First of all I want to thank Danibella for acronymn’ing me out ;~) Check it out:

Hi Nikki. These are the reasons why I love your site:

C – Creativity at it’s highest
U – Unique: There is definitely no other blog
like this one
R – Receptive: You are open to our comments and
L – Loyalty: You continue to post these
wonderful topics without fail everyday
Y – Yielding: You give us the opportunity to
learn from others (eg. CN testimonials,
substitute teacher, journey to natural etc)

N – Necessary: Your blog provides so much
useful information and you have helped me
so much on my natural journey
I – Interesting: The content on this site is far
from boring. I have spent hours perusing
every single topic
K – Knowledgeable: You know exactly what you are
talking about, be it cones or combs.
K – Keen: You are extremely enthusiastic about
natural hair and positive lifestyles.
I – Intelligent: You display good judgment and
you give great advice in your posts

How awesome is that?! Thanks chica, and thanks to the rest of you for the comments on the 900 Follower Post.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be pumping out product reviews…I’ve got a crap load of them to do, so consider this “Product Junkie Week”. If you’ve recently tried a product and would like to share your experience, please submit it to [email protected]

In other news, today is the first day of my new healthy lifestyle! Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and suggestions 😀 Now I’ve got a plan and I hope to stick to it.

I’ll be walking (not jogging, lol) 3 times a week, either on my treadmill, or around the neighborhood depending on the temperature. Wish me luck! Eventually, I’ll incorporate harder cardio and toning…but I’ve gotta start somewhere!

I’ve again adopted the 6 day menu out of Eat This Not That … essentially you shop once, and eat for a week. The meals are easy to cook, and consist of lots of veggies, and lean meats.

I’m drinking more water, started taking my vitamins again, and have finally found a milk replacement– Almond Milk!!! I’m lactose intolerant and I detest soy and rice milks. I tried unsweetened Almond Breeze for the first time on my morning Cheerios and almost wept, lol. Finally, something pleasant to pour atop my favorite cereals…and to dip the occasional Oreo in 😉

I’ll keep you chicas posted, and thanks again for your comments…you’re the best!! You guys are truly nutrition experts!

Later Gators,