Hi Nikki,
Hope all is well. I read on your blog for readers to submit their successful detangling process.

Mine is extremely simple and works really well on my mostly type 4A hair.

I wear my hair in some type of twists 90% of the time. My twists range from CHUNKY to small. However, I tend to prefer the medium to large sized twists. I hate spending a lot of time on my hair and my hair tends to tangle easily when worn loose for a period of time. I also found that brushing and combing was a bit too harsh on my strands, so I have eliminated them from my routine.
So here is what I do. Pictures 1-5 show my steps.
Pic1. What my hair looks like dry in large twists (about 25).
Pic 2. Wet my hair w/ cool water until it’s completely saturated.
Pic 3. Once hair is completely saturated, apply about 1-2 TBSP of favorite condish (mine is Herbal Essence Hello Hydration-blue bottle) throughout hair. Must be a condish that provides great slip. This condish will be used as a leave-in. I then untwist my hair 1 twist at a time and in a slow downward motion (about 5-6 times), I loosen up my strands and remove shed hairs. Once done, I apply Qhemet Alma Oil Nourishing Pomade to my strands and re-twist. I also use my favorite homemade Shea butter mix for this process. You just need to use something that provides your hair w/ additional moisture–it helps if it can double as a sealant. I then proceed to the next twists until all of my hair has been detangled and re-twisted.
Pic 4. I lose very little hair detangling this way. I also make sure to work through any tangles/mattes with my fingers so that tangling isn’t an issue. My hair stays nice and moisturized for days. If I desire to make smaller twists, I just untwist my large twists 1 at a time and divide them into two. And if I want to rock a cute Twist-n-Curl, I just apply rollers to the ends after I detangle/re-twist, and untwist in the morning.
Pic 5. I love the versatility of my hair. Here is what my hair looks like after detangling and retwisting. The process takes me about 20-30min. I can do this every 2-3 days or once a week.
Hope this helps!!