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Tasha B’s Review of Aubrey Gel

By January 27th, 20215 Comments

Back in April, Tasha B. won a free bottle of Aubrey Organic’s Mandarin Magic Hair Jelly. Well, now she’s back to tell us what she thinks!

Okay, I tried out the gel today and I followed the directions and applied it to damp hair. I used a little bit more than a quarter size amount that was directed. Very soft results. It didn’t really give me any shine, but I didn’t expect that either as my hair doesn’t really shine to begin with — it has a sheen. I applied it over a conditioner. I HAVE to have some conditioner in my hair when I style it, as my hair sucks up moisture! I know that most naturals turn to gels for curl definition, but I don’t think this is the product’s purpose. So I wasn’t going to be surprised if I didn’t get any definition. I would use the gel again because it leaves my hair moisturized (I don’t need to add anything else on top) and it doesn’t leave a white film like most other gels or even conditioners can leave on the hair.

I threw in pics of what my hair texture looks like. I figured this would help bring some solace to some of the ladies who have a hard time dealing with frizzy hair. In the pictures, you can see strands of hair that are very loose coming from hair that is curling up tighter. My hair is like a 4a/4b/3c mix. The bulk of the 3c is at the nape of my neck, but it is also mixed in with the rest of my hair, in smaller quantities. Because this hair curls, but very loosely, I think this is why I do get the “clumping” of curls or hair whose frizz just can’t be tamed. I’ve come to accept that this is just the way my hair is. It also lets me know that straightening my hair if at all or often is something I need to be really careful with. This 3c hair is fine and not coarse like my 4a/4b strands and because of that, it reacts to heat differently. Hopefully that little tidbit helps out some folks!

Tasha B's Review of Aubrey GelTasha B's Review of Aubrey GelTasha B's Review of Aubrey Gel

Here’s my review of the AO Gel:


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