I can’t wait to see how you curly girls weigh in on this one!

M. Samples writes:

Hi, Nikki:

I know you sometimes ask for topics for discussion and I had one that just came to mind while watching TV and doing some reading for a graduate class:

It seems to me, that a lot of TV ads that feature black people use black models/actors with natural hair. I think it’s overwhelmingly so to the point where I was surprised to see a black woman with permed hair in a Special K commercial. Why do you (and fellow readers) think that is? I’m wondering who does the casting and how they pick these black models/actors? Also, who decides that they represent the beauty ideal that the rest of us (and even the permies) will identify with?

Keep in mind that I’m very happy to see natural hair represented in these commercials. Was just wondering whether anyone else has noticed this trend too…

Thought provoking, huh?! What do you think?