Hey Nikki,
This is BermudaBeauty. I am just responding to a post I saw requesting styles for the TWA and I wanted to share some of mine. I am currently 2 months post my BC. I transitioned for 3 months, so I guess I am natural now for 5months. Here are some styles some ladies with a TWA like me can try.

My Fro Hawk

The “Billy Dee” hair do

Head band hair do. I added 1 clip on extension for volume. I made the extension myself with Batik jehi curl weave hair. I hot glued wig clips on the weave track.

Hair decorations. Always a nice touch. I added 3 clip on extensions for length and volume.

For straight hair without the hassle of straightening. Buy a short wig. Also a great protective style.

For longer curly hair. Half wigs are a great alternative to weaves and are also a great protective style.